jingle… jingle..jingile jingle jingle jingle…. jingle..

The Avon Lady has on a bracelet with jingle bells. Like 142,000 bells that jingle every time she moves any part of her body. When she wiggles her toes, her bells ring.

I’m talking the kind of bells you see on those cute little sweaters with a big Santa face and twinkling red and green lights for eyes. The kind of sweater a kindergarten teacher wears the entire month of December annoying the sanity right out of every one of her students with the flashing eyes and the jingling bells…

It started getting annoying at about 8:00AM. Right now I’m counting the seconds till the jingle stops. If she has them on tomorrow morning there’s a good chance she’ll be passing them by bowel movement tomorrow night. And I might be looking for a new job. Or in jail. One of the two.

My “infected” random facts

1. Engaged: At the age of 19, I was engaged for three months before I realized I had asked her to marry me due to her pressuring me. I talked to her about it, and decided that I was revoking my marriage proposal (I know, I know, very very wrong). She said she understood, but she didn’t. We broke up three months later. (during those three months, I found her on the sofa with her good female friend, when I got home, in an embrace that seemed well suited for…other…purposes)

2. Friendship: I lost two of my closest friends in the last few months, mainly, because I had previously arrived at my own conclusions about their maturity, and was way off. When my own happiness began to suffer severely due to their lack of maturity, I ended it. It was one of the toughest things I’ve had to do in a long time, I still very much feel the loss, and probably will for years to come.

3. Role Models: I want to be as good a driver as Hans Stuck, who can drive on Nurburgring like this

4. The Violin: My first Musical intrument was the violin, but my music teacher pissed me off, and I quit. Less than three months later, I wanted to play the Trumpet in Mr. Alison’s band class…….but had to agree with my dad that I would finish the year with the instrument.

5. Financial Priorities: I don’t own a house yet, but I have a race car that should be trailered to the track.

I now choose to infect….nobody (heh).


Brittney infected me. This is the first one of these type of things I’ve done. Mainly because I’m generally a lurker but lately I’ve figured I should start commenting on all these blogs I read which has lead to more people ending up here. Go figure! Anyway, on with the fun!

How does it work?: Write 5 random facts about yourself, and then list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected.

My Random Facts:
1. I’m a wanna be girly girl. I like to get dirty working on cars and fragging boys online (that means killing, Dad.. as in gaming ;)) and… yeah. I’ve been getting more and more creative with my makeup and getting clothes that aren’t jeans and t-shirtish so maybe I’m on the right path.
2. I have a completely irrational but very real fear of death and the knowledge that I will no longer be here and everybody will go on without me and I won’t be here to join in the fun. Instead of trying to “fix” this fear I choose to ignore it as much as possible. And it’s not like I DWELL on it but it comes up occasionally.
3. I am obsessed with chocolate. Like, there is never a time I’ve said, “That’s too rich.” Or, “That’s too much chocolate.” I want it all the time. And when I’m PMSing it turns into the same kind of feigning that I assume a crack addict goes through. I lay in bed and shiver at night thinking about it and wondering when I can have my next “hit”. My mom got me those little Ghirardelli Squares for times like this but I make Ben hide the package from me…
4. I’m about 40-50 pounds over what my “target weight” should be for my height and age. Depressing. But with the latest trend of feeling like I’d be better off dying than eating anything that contains ANY kind if fat or dairy product, I’ve been dropping weight. And I practically died on the treadmill today so hopefully that is helping too. I’m considering more and more dropping just meat from my diet altogether because all it does is make me physically ill. 🙁
5. My most favorite time of the entire day is that 15 minutes before I fall asleep when I press myself up as close as I can to The Benjamin and wrap my legs all around his and I have to reposition myself 15 times the first five minutes and I’m sure this annoys him to no end but he just holds on and lets me drift off. And he does all this knowing that when I fall asleep I’m going to snore loud enough to rattle all the walls in the room. That’s true love people, True Love.

Who am I infecting? Julie, Kristen, Lisa, Jessica and BEN!

Make it stop.

There is a demon in my tummy trying to eat his way out. Make it stop. Make it go away. Make it so that I can eat my Tryptophamtastic Thanksgiving Leftovers and not feel like my insides are rioting in protest against all that is wonderful and good about gravey.

Do you see that, Ben! I used your word TWICE!! +1,000 points for me. 🙂


We ate. And we ate. And we ate. And despite the loving doubts of my mother, the turkey I made was juicy and yummy and wonderful. We have enough leftovers to feed us for a week and I sent about half of them home with my mom and Cameron. I guess a 20 pound turkey was a bit overkill for 8 people.

Being back in the kitchen again with Amber was better than I could ever have imagined. I really missed being in the kitchen with her and gabbing and laughing and working around eachother like a well oiled machine.

I’m going to go watch some TV and try and convince myself I’m not STARVING WITH A REFRIGERATOR FULL OF GODDAMN LEFTOVERS. Ultrasound is at 3:00PM and I can’t eat till then…

I’ll leave you with the cuteness of Best Friends Forever:

*click to enlarge*
Best Friends Forever


(I’m writing and posting this today because tomorrow I will have a house full of people I love and a 20 pound turkey to cook. :))

When somebody asks you what you are thankful for what do you say? I think people have this built in response mechanism that just lists off the obvious and expected answers. Health, life, love, dairy foods… But today those things seem like such blanket statements.

I am, for the most part, healthy and I am thankful for that. But what I really am thankful for is that I think I’ve found out what has been making me sick for the last six months. I’m thankful to know that after I eat something I’m not going to feel like all my internal organs are trying to violently mass exodus out the bottom end of my digestive tract.

I am thankful for my life. This has a great deal to do with my completely irrational fear of death, I’m sure. But doesn’t “life” encompass so much more than the fact that we’re still breathing? Life. Work, chores, laundry, cooking, morning coffee, shopping… All things I get to enjoy because I’m alive. I’m thankful for clean clothes. I’m thankful that I get off work at 2:30. I’m thankful that I inherited my daddy’s cooking gene. I’m thankful for all the little things that I seem to forget about in the grand scheme.

I am also very thankful for love. The love that has been the glue that’s held my relationship together. Because without it, I’m not sure where Ben and I would be today. And although I am very thankful for it, I’ve been neglecting it lately. I wish I could blame this on falling into a complacent life. That’s not it though because.. that’s not an excuse. There isn’t one. So I’m going to change that. Because I am very thankful for Ben. I’m thankful that he’s smart, and so extremely giving, and funny, and has magnificent green eyes. And I want to remind him everyday that he is The One.

Lastly, I’m thankful for having such a wonderful daughter. I’m thankful for toothless giggles. I’m thankful for Saturday morning wake-ups at 7:00AM to her smiling hungry face. I’m thankful for her willingness and want to share all her food with me. I’m thankful that she shattered my Sidekick2’s screen yesterday and not her foot instead. I’m thankful that when I yelled at her and was so angry I felt my blood pressure rise with volcanic intensity that she looked at me with tears welling up in her big blue eyes and said, “You still love me even when you’re angry, huh? I’m sorry, mommy.” I’m thankful that she knows and understands that even when I’m mad, I love her so very very much.

I’m thankful for all these things and so much more. And I hope that instead of thinking about this once a year, I can learn to start focusing on all these things every day. Positive. Energy.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

‘Lil Blogger

Cassidy made her first blog post yesterday. I typed EXACTLY what she wanted me to say. She knows that either I have to write for her or she has to show me in writing what she’s going to blog first. I can’t wait till ten years from now I when I get to show all her friends what a goober she was. heh

I also got some fantastic video of her dancing like a mad child in her room when she didn’t know I was there. Hopefully you all were Seinfeld fans and can remember when Elaine danced and it was more of a total body spasm because then you’d know what Cassidy dancing looks like. She didn’t get that from me because my name means GRACEFUL and at one year older than her I was in the Nutcracker and CLARA HERSELF told me how talented I was. *gloats a little*

I’ll get some video up later. It’s too funny not to share.


EDIT – HA! I started screwing with flickr’s code and worked it till it was fixed!!! So the index is now VALID!! as can be noted at the bottom of the sidebar with W3’s VALID XHTML gif. Sweet! And effing hell I’m a geek!! 🙂

My links, contact and layout pages are all VALID XHTML!! *feels proud*

The index is SO FREAKING CLOSE. But the flickr badge is not validating and I’ve done the fixes suggested on the forum and that fixed about 15 errors but it’s still adding an extra tr, td, table tag. They have to be there or the page breaks but the beginning tags must be in the javascript it points to so the validator is not seeing that and spitting back 4 errors.

I’m not even going to go into the 200 errors that the stock WordPress template tags returned. I had to change parameters in the archive, category, register, etc tags. Pain in the ass and if you are a noob or not code savvy you’d probably be lost. At least now they have the codex so you don’t have to depend on their ridiculous nazi-isms on the forum.

In other news, I’ve drastically changed my diet. Pretty much no meat except for chicken and I’ve hardly eaten that. And no dairy at all. I’m feeling much, much, much better. Except when I drank a Frappucchino today which sent me to the restroom about 4 times in an hour and lingered for a few hours in my gut. I’m going to have to find some alternate ways to intake protein. I’ll spend some time looking up tofu recipes tomorrow.

And I’m off!


New Hair

Ben has been telling me about this stylist since I’ve moved up here. He’s given me her number several times and FINALLY I decided to make an appointment. Her name is Debbie and she is FANTASTIC! 😉 We gabbed the entire time. It was fun, AND I got nice STYLED hair again. I love the way the color turned out. I walked in and told her I needed more depth and “funkyness” so she showed me a pic and I told her to go for it.

I love the color and the cut and I really think that bangs look SO much better on me because of the massive expanse that is my forehead. 🙂 She evened out the back too making the layers not so drastic.

Now I just need to find a way to permanently tame my brows…

Kids these days

Teen charged in parent killings ‘confused’

“He was a really good guy,” said Frederick, a college student. “He was friendly and joked around. I considered him to be a good Christian — he brought his Bible and read it during breaks.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how the media treats this. The normal cop-out excuses like video games and Marilyn Manson are out, although I’ve heard MySpace come up in conversation. I’ve been to his MySpace though and honestly, he really didn’t seem like a bad kid from what little he had on there. The left wing could totally lash out and go bonkers and blame God. What sucks is that is not so unlikely.

Anyway, I’m curious to see where he got the gun. And I really hope that if it’s his parents, they get punished in some way. Endless ridicule by the media at the very least. I’m all for gun ownership in American. But RESPONSIBLE gun ownership.

*climbs off soapbox and goes back to work*