Make it stop.

There is a demon in my tummy trying to eat his way out. Make it stop. Make it go away. Make it so that I can eat my Tryptophamtastic Thanksgiving Leftovers and not feel like my insides are rioting in protest against all that is wonderful and good about gravey.

Do you see that, Ben! I used your word TWICE!! +1,000 points for me. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Make it stop.

  1. Well, remember, I now have 2 cell phones and service plans, and will until Cingular gives up the ghost (and lets me out of the contract, ending december 19th). So, until that time, I probably won’t get too attached.

  2. 3 weeks is plenty of time for him to send off his SK to bejewel it, which is probably why he hasn’t become attached…not till he sees that crystal ///M3 glittering back at him.

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