Ground Control.

I’m very proud of how often I’ve been updating Cassidy’s Vox. When I had WP set up on her domain I was never motivated to get over there and post anything. But the community atmosphere there at Vox is great. MySpace can BURN! BURN I say!

So, yeah. I know I haven’t been updating MY Vox or here at aflux but I had some silly drama going on in the real life and I knew no matter how hard I tried to keep it out of a post, it was bound to creep in. Knowing my tendency to be able to completely piss people off in 15 seconds or less I figured I’d just keep my trap shut. heh.

But it’s over now and all is swell and BEN GOT ME SUSPENSION FOR MY CAR!!

Story in short form:

We got some BBS wheels because they were a good deal. At the time we bought them we hadn’t yet decided to put them on his M3 or mine. So, I put his SSR’s on my car but they really didn’t look that good. They look HAWT on his blue car, not so much on my white one. So we figured, my car FTW.

THEN! Ben told me I’d have to have my fenders rolled for the new wheels to fit. And I’m blond. When we went to put his SSR’s on my car he was like, “Oh, your back’s are already rolled.” Me, “MmmHmm yeah, shut up and put the pretty wheels on my car!” THEN! I MYSELF tool the SSR’s off the car and put my stock wheels back on Monday and didn’t even PAY ATTENTION. BLOND!

So yesterday I took the GTI to work and he took my car to the shop because it’s pretty close to his work. When he got home this was the my 5 second inner dialogue:

OH! Pretty, pretty, pretty wheels! And LOOK! He got me a stud kit too! And the car looks…. lower? No, the wheels must have a MASSIVE sidewall, No the car is lower… OMG OMG OMG OMG HE PUT SUSPENSION ON MY CAR OMG OMG OMG !!!

It was an early birthday gift and the best gift EVER!! I think that by the time I got to work I had a nice pool of drool on my seat. It rides SO WELL. Good lord the way the car corners now is like… *swoon* It’s a bit bumpy, obviously, but the handling makes me forget about it in quick fashion.

So it’s official, my boyfriend is totally better than yours! ;P Really though, I have to say a MASSIVE HUGE thank you to Ben. This was WAY more than I expected for my birthday and the thought and time and SECRET YOU KEPT FROM ME BUT TOLD EVERYBODY ELSE… was amazing. (k)

Ground Control

M3 Updates.

That motor is no longer on the stand and has made it into the engine bay of Ben’s M3. I can’t really explain just how wonderful it is to see a motor in that car. Just. So. Wonderful. The downhill leg of the race has begun.

The current state of things.

We put his old 18″ SSR’s on my car. What do you think? Too bling? I’m thinking about taking the center caps off to make them more “sporty” looking. Also, will Photoshop the car sitting lower like it would with suspension. That’s the only downfall to these wheels I think, because the sidewall is so small, the gap from wheel to fender is a tad too big really large.


And to end the post with silly cutness…

Pirate girl.

P.S. – I’ve redirected to her Vox account since I actually seem to be updating it there. Vox is fun. Death to MySpace.

Why I love this man.

He’s willing to (virtually) pull my Dad’s finger.

From: Benjamin
To: Mike, Cherie
Date: Aug 18, 2006 8:26 PM
Subject: I thought of you

Mike, one of my friends found this, and I immediately thought of you


The best part is that he pulled the finger at least 10 times. Then, came back to it about five minutes later and pulled it some more. I’m fairly certain that if Ben ever asks to marry me, he totally has my dad’s blessing.



This is the closest I could get to a picture of the cast. If she stops moving sometime in the next six hours I’ll get a better picture. Right after I get on my hands and knees and cry sweet tears of joy.

It’s not fair the amount of energy she has. Can’t. Wait. For. School. To. Start.


P.S. – I swear that cat isn’t as freaked out as he looks. They were dancing. He’s the most tollerant animal ever, I swear. AND! When did he get so big!?


I really thought long and hard about what to do when it came to ranting about work and having a “private” place to blog. A lot of people suggested LJ but there are a few reasons I don’t want to use LJ. One being that I really don’t LIKE LJ and the only reason I have an account is to comment, read other blogs. The other is because I don’t want to call attention to other blogs. That’s vague. But the people will know what I mean if it applies to them. 😉

I recently started seeing people handing out and asking for Vox accounts so I decided to check it out. But instead of asking for one, I just applied directly through the site and figured if I got an email, then it was meant to be.

So my accout is all set up as well as one for Cassidy and just starting out, I can see why it’s become so polular so fast. Unlike other networking sites like MySpace, you can’t go all out with customization. Some people see that as a drawback but I see it as an absolute plus. No blinkies, no horrid music accosting you when you check out a profile, you don’t have to get up and find something to do while the page loads, no lime green text on lemon yellow blinking backgrounds that cause your eyes to spontaneously combust into little balls of firey pain… Really, I could go on and on and on.

It has other cool features like the ability to import pictures directly from your flickr account using a little app.

anyway, check it out. Everybody’s doing it. Don’t be left out! In an attempt to help your coolness factor rise, I have five invites to hand out. So, if you want one, let me know!


Ben got me an amazing, thoughtful, cute, wonderful, FANTASTIC black gift for no reason at all. I’ve wanted one for awhile and when he happened across some money he didn’t think he’d have he thought of me. Reason #2349 why he’s a top contestant for Best Boyfriend Everâ„¢.

Cassidy has her “permanent” cast on. It’s not pink. They only do white. I guess they had kids being pissy and parents throwing fits and little brothers who couldn’t sleep from big brothers GLOWING cast. So, it WAS white but that was easily solved with the purchase of a few colored Sharpies. I’ll snap pics when she gets home from my moms on Friday evening. It comes off on the 28th and will be replaced with a velcro splint. So, only a week of school with he cast. *whew*

Ben’s step mom, Kandy, is staying with us till Sunday while she’s here for a retreat. I really like her. I could talk to her for hours and hours and hours. And she has smart things to say. Things and ways of thinking that come from discipline and clarity. Inspiring.

I have a post 95% written up about the purse. It’s more than just a purse. There is a story behind it now. A feeling. A constant reminder of Ben’s persistant persuit of happiness and love for both of us. The lesson stung but it was one that, in the long run, turned out warm and fuzzy and sweet.

Off to bed.


Temporary Splint

Cassidy was walking Nathans bike back to his house yesterday and fell down. Walking the bike, not RIDING it. She fell down. While WALKING the bike. *slaps forehead*

She didn’t tell me about it till almost 9PM so I iced it and gave her some Tylenol for the pain. Today when I picked her up from being with the ffej’s it was still REALLY swollen and bruised so I figured I better at least get it checked out at Urgent Care. The doctor looked at it for all of 5 seconds before she looked at me and said, “We’re going to need an X-ray”. She was a fantastic doctor. Had Cassidy and I cracking up the entire time.

So, we X-rayed. After they took three shots of her thumb, the X-ray tech had us wait there so she could check to make sure they were clear before taking us back to our room. When she came back in the first thing she said was, “How did she do that?” I wanted to slap her. I’m a MOTHER YOU IDIOT. You can’t IMPLY things like that because then I start to freak out and you DO NOT WANT ME TO FREAK OUT IN HERE TRUST ME I AM THE FREAK OUT KIND OF MOM! I think my facial expression said it all and she very quietly showed us back to our room.

The conclusion from Funny Doctor is that her thumb is fractured close to a spot where the bones fuse. Because thumbs are very very very important and you need them to do things (like cartwheels Cassidy says) it’s very very very important that they heal properly. So it’s splinted for now till the swelling goes down. We have to go see an orthopedist in three days and he/she will put a real cast on it. The nurse hinted about hot pink casts and Cassidy’s eyes lit up like roman candles.

For the first hour all she could talk about was her soon to be pink cast. She’s TOTALLY going to have a pink cast and she was TOTALLY telling anybody that looked in her general direction. After about an hour that wore off. About the same time she realized that she can’t color, she can’t cartwheel, or ride a bike, or scooter, or rollerblade, or swim, or go miniature golfing, or EAT PIZZA, or… the list went on and on and on and on. Like, suddenly, because one half of one arm had a temporary cast on it that she was JUST GOING TO DIE OF BOREDOM.

She was funny while there though…

“Mom, take a picture of my thumbs!” “Mom, take a picture while I have an X-Ray.” “Mom, take a picture of me with the ice pack.” “Mom, take a picture of the lungs over there.” “Mom, take a picture of me sitting here reading a magazine being TOTALLY BORED OUT OF MY MIND.”

Finally I told her, “I’m going to take a picture of you while you are completely quiet and reading a magazine and not talking till the doctor comes back into the room!”

She didn’t think that was as funny as I did. *shrug*

A disclaimer.

I needed something different. Will probably mess with the CSS a bit more but for the most part.. TADA! I changed an image and some hex codes. *pats self on back*

Haven’t worked past the self censorship. Yet. Getting there though. Straw is getting heavy. Maybe just need one or two more.

If you don’t watch Big Brother, skip this part. :mrgreen:

Danielle won HOH. Bleh. Damn Howie for not holding on to that damn net and letting that flip flopping idiot get it. My Janie is in serious trouble now. She better put her game face on and win that POV. Here’s what I see as the only “good” scenerio. Danielle promised Howie she would not put him up if he let go and let her win. HOPEFULLY she’ll put up Janelle and Kaysar. Janelle wins POV, she CAN’T put up Howie so only one S6er stays on the block and I don’t see there being enough votes to take Kayser out.

Either that or she doesn’t nominate Janelle, hope she can’t play POV and back door her. DAMMIT HOWIE!!