And The Lame Excuse of the Year Award Goes To:

This moron who ran a red light and killed somebody:

Some communities began installing cool-burning LEDs more than a decade ago, and it wasn’t long before drivers started complaining about the problem.

Illinois authorities said that during a storm in April, 34-year-old Lisa Richter could see she had a green light and began making a left turn. A driver coming from the opposite direction did not realize the stoplight was obscured by snow and plowed into Richter’s vehicle, killing her.

“Would the accident have occurred if the lights had been clear? I would be willing to bet not,” Oswego police Detective Rob Sherwood said.
(Full to MSNBC article: here)

You didn’t REALIZE it was OBSCURED BY SNOW!? I mean common sense: you didn’t LOOK AT IT! It’s not the snow’s fault you’re a moron.

This entire article is WTF worthy. You can’t blame a stoplight not working for causing accidents. You STOP, LOOK, THEN GO when you’re clear to. Heaven forbid we all start taking responsibility for our own actions.

And this concludes my premenstrual rant for the day.

In 10 minutes or less.

Kumo: NOM!
And so it begins. (by antigone78)

Danica: Oh yeah?!
You wanna start with me?! (by antigone78)

Danica: I’ll bit your tail!
I'll bite your tail! (by antigone78)

Kumo: I’ll bite your face!
YEAH?!  I'LL BITE YOUR FACE! (by antigone78)

You're going DOWN. (by antigone78)

And you're going to FLY! (by antigone78)

Danica: Wait, what time is it? Isn’t it naptime?
Kumo: We woke up 15 minutes ago.
Danica: We’re 5 minutes late for naptime!
Kumo: *already snoring*
To be continued: AFTER NAPTIME (by antigone78)