Shopping list.

Ben started this list of needed shopping items the other day on the white board by the garage door. Last night I felt him sigh with enough force to rattle the windows so I looked over to see that he was crossing off two of the things that Cassidy and I had added to the list.

Me: Butt Plugs (which would have removed the need for a plunger!)
Cassidy: Twinkies

I don’t understand WHY he felt the need to remove two such critical items but I was happy this morning to see that he’s taking our need for farts very seriously. I added that one too. You never know when you’re going to run out, after all.


Honor Roll!

I know that everybody online is probably like WE GET IT, YOUR KID IS AWESOME because I’ve been talking about it everywhere. But we are really proud of her. So you get to hear about it some more!

Honor Roll!

Cassidy’s BFF Alexis made the Principal’s list which is a 4.0 PERFECT GPA. There were only 8 kids in the class to receive it so we are really proud of her too! Today we went to Costco and bought them some gift cards to the local theater for $25.00 each (you get two $25.00 cards for $40.00 at Costco!) and then took them to the movies. They choose to see Chronicle and Ben wanted to see it too.

Me: When we get there, you two can buy your tickets yourself and food or whatever and we can just meet up after the movie.
Ben: But you don’t have to sit with us.
Cassidy: Okay!
Ben: Actually, you AREN’T ALLOWED to sit by us.
Me: Yeah, we don’t want our friends to see us and be like, “Why are you guys hanging out with those KIDS!?”
Alexis: *giggle*
Me: How embarrassing would THAT be?

Congrats, kids! So proud of you both!

Just not proud enough to be seen with you in public.