Seven Days…

When Cassidy leaves during the summer I pretend that I’m strong and resilient and… what a lie.

The first week I run around the house naked and drink milk out of the container and leave my dirty dishes on the table and every light on in the house and drink Pepsi at 11:00PM and… You know, all the stuff that as a mom you have to NOT do to set the example.

About two weeks in I get REALLY bored and can’t be strong and I can’t fake the smile anymore and I can’t cover up the hurt. I sit on the couch all night and don’t eat and pout and act like I’m 14. And it’s the most stupid things I miss too. Like the calling her “tooth” (which she hates). And trying to figure out what the hell is all over her face. And brushing her hair when she’s just out of the tub and smelling sweet enough to eat. And as lunatic as it sounds the whiney little voice that goes “MooooOOooOOOmmmm” whenever I embarrass her in a store… And taking pictures of her with pencils in her nose.

Seven Days. I can make it seven days. She should get to see her dad (who hasn’t paid me child support in almost two years and never bothers to call) because he’s her dad and blah, blah, blah… I’m gonna go whine to Ben now and make him cuddle with me.

This phase usually only lasts a day or two and then Ben slaps me back into reality and the Land of the People Who Are Not so Looney.

YAY Canada!!

Canada has passed a bill that will give married gay people the same rights as straight people. What an interesting idea! Equal rights despite sexual orientation!! It’s only the third country to do so joining the Netherlands and Belgium.

In other Canadian News That Proves What A Dumbass President We Have: Bush has appointed a new Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins. He’s been to Canada once30 years ago. He was the chairman of Bush/Cheney’s second term fundraising in South Carolina though which makes him more than qualified to represent our nation in a country he’s been to one time 30 years ago.


WordPress has a new update. According to the site there was a security issue discovered in xmlrpc.php. They suggest updating ASAP or removing the file until you can. I’m not sure what the file does or if it will cause issues within WP so do so at your own risk.

Full details here:

EDIT – So, I just glanced at the xmlrpc file and it is pretty much the entire engine running WP so deleting it will cause a complete breakdown of the app. I’d go for the update ASAP option. Me on the other hand, I’m gonna ignore it till tomorrow because I’m lazy and Ben’s looking all cute and cuddly on the couch. 😉

The tomboy pretends she’s a girl…

So first off I have to say a big thanks to the beautiful Renee for pluggin’ me. I’ve been reading her blog for over a year now. She’s like a younger me only smarter and much hotter than when I was her age! And she’s on the left side of the political spectrum. So you know she has to rock! 😉

So Ben and I just got back from War of the Worlds. Before I get into the movie let me tell you the wierdness that is me. I really went back and forth internally about seeing this movie. Why? Well, because I’m crazy see… I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Scientology since this whole Tom/Katie explosion. I’ve always been a Tom Cruise fan and I’ve always known that he’s a big Scientology freak but I never really cared to learn about it till this huge media frenzy.

The more I read the more I’m like… WHOAH! Scientology is a cross between a cult and a poorly set up pyramid scheme. I say poorly because no matter how much money YOU put in, you never get any money out. Only secrets about the alien’s that inhabit your body. And man do you have to dump some money. Now, we all know I’m an atheist and while I don’t really believe in a higher being, I completely respect your decision to do so. My respect comes to a crashing halt, however, when I hear that to “learn” about your faith you have to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the “church”. It’s just wrong. Faith should never come at a price.

So where’s the movie dilemma you ask? Well Tom’s been all over the news lately promoting this flick and in doing so has also been talking Scientology to anybody that will listen. I just had conflicting feelings about giving my money for entertainment knowing that even a small portion of that money could go towards brainwashing another person… but I came to one simple conclusion: If you are weak minded enough to get sucked into this “religion” then really there’s nothing I can do to prevent it. That and Ben had already Fandango’d the tickets. HA!

The movies was actually pretty good right up till the last 10 minutes which was absolute crap. Really bad, horrible, poorly thought out ending. I’ll not say more than that because it’s opening day and I don’t want to ruin it for anybody. :mrgreen:

Before we went I was chatting with Eu. I’m in love with her eye makeup. Being a complete tomboy I’m somewhat lacking in the makeup skillz department so I pick her brain about it from time to time. 🙂 I just love her smokey eye look like here. After talking to her I decided to play with makeup…

And I got some new shades at the Pride Parade that are pink and OMGCUTE!!

Two more things:

Thing 1: I miss my princess. One more week… one more.

Thing 2: I have this whole long rant/post about the stupidness that is the girls at work and I’m still kinda skiddish about posting work stuff here. I know I shouldn’t but I probably will because we all know how likely I am to keep my big mouth closed. HA!

SF Pride ’05

What an amazing day. I’m physically exhausted from all the walking. Thank God we decided the hop the train into the City then take the subway down to the event because there is no way I could have driven home after all that walking…

The best of my pictures can be seen at Flickr by clicking a picture at the top of the page. All of them are here. Some cool shots from the SFGate photographer can be found here.

Such an amazing feeling to be in the midst of THOUSANDS of people who have nothing in mind except the celebration of love and personal freedom. The vibe was fantastic, the people were beautifully eclectic and Marie and I both had a blast. I’m definitely going to make this event next year… except I’ll pay for grandstand seats so we can watch the entire parade with a better view.


Marie and I are going to the Gay Pride celebration in San Francisco tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to take a trip into The City for awhile so when she asked I said sure! We’re gonna get up early and hop a BART train in since neither one of us want to have to navigate the streets with the rest of the loons and watch the parade. Maybe I can convince her to lunch on the wharf… which happens to be very close to Ghiradelli Square and the BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD.

I’m taking the camera so I’m sure there will be a vast amount of interesting pictures. :mrgreen:

BTW, she had her ultrasound yesterday and it’s going to be a BOY!! YAY! Congrats, Marie. 😀

Good Morning…

I love getting to sleep in on Saturday’s. With Cassidy being gone I don’t even have to remember to put cereal on the counter or remember to buy fruit for her to munch on before I get up. Usually she’s up at 9:00AM and grabs something to snack on till we get up at 10:00AM.

This morning at 10:00 SHARP Ben FLEW out of bed and made a beeline for the bathroom. Now, understand that it takes about a full 5 minutes before my mind wakes up enough to have a coherent thought. So when I feel him jump up and run some funny things go through my head…

*Ben jumps out of bed*: OMG Why is the bed moving can you not see that I’m SLEEPING here!!
*watch him run to the bathroom*: Sweet, naked ass… wait, why is he running?? Oh God I hope he’s not sick from the BBQ last night because my stomach is more sensitive than anybody I know and that means that I’M NEXT.
*waits for stomach to start hurting*: Hmmm No, I think I’m okay.
*bathroom door closes but not all the way*: Surely he’s planning on closing the door because I REALLY don’t need to hear this!!!
*bathroom door opens*: False alarm?
*Ben runs out the bedroom door while tying robe around himself*: What the hell is he doing? Do I finally get to start calling him the crazy one in the relationship!? Because he’s gone completely MAD!
*hear’s front door open*: OMG IS THE HOUSE ON FIRE? Did I forget to blow out a candle? I can’t believe the HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND HE JUST LEFT ME HERE!!!
*hears him talking*: Oh, there’s somebody at the door.
*wakes up*: Oh, he had something overnighted to the house! He heard the door knock and ran to get his robe to answer the door.
*Ben walks in bedroom with box in hand*: “I thought you were going crazy! I didn’t know what you were doing and thought maybe the house was on fire and you left me here!!”
*Ben gives me the sweet, caring look*: “No honey, you’re still the crazy one.”
*Me, feeling better*: Okay, come back to bed.


The Little Person’s room is almost what I’d consider clean. I’ve packed up two more boxes of clothes/toys/blankets for the Goodwill. Started packing a box with her school stuff from this year. Then I started taking pictures of the furniture to sell it. Marie is selling her house and in the process giving away all of the stuff they don’t want to move. So they are GIVING us Alexis’s loft bed. GIVING it to us for FREE. And the desk to go under it to put her computer on. I almost feel bad taking it all for free but she’s going to give it away to somebody else if I don’t take it so I’ll take it! I’ll have to find a way to thank her.

With the money from selling the furniture I’ll need to get Cassidy a dresser. She’ll be going from 8 drawers to none. Well, four drawers since I just packed up all those clothes. It’s amazing the crap that she had in there. *shudders* Anyway, she still want’s this set but in pink:

I don’t know. It’s very… well, pink and rather non-functional. I am pretty sure I’m going with this instead:

I can get both of those pieces for less than the cost of that armoire she want’s above. And if she really want’s pink then I can paint them and STILL be less than that one piece. They also have some really cute drawer pulls to put on the dresser. And I’ll STILL be less than that one piece. The girl had to pick the most expensive one. heh

I’m going to surprise her with all this when she gets home at the end of the summer. I hate keeping secrets from her… it’s so hard! Especially since I promised her when we finally got to her room I’d let her pick out bedding and accent stuff and I’m going to have to be really patient not pick out stuff myself and do it all before she comes home.