Cough… Check
Phlegm… check
Sniffles… Check
Sinus pressure… Check
Zero energy… Check
Sore muscles from going to the gym when sick which was really really really stupid and just made me feel worse… Check

I should have stayed home. I have the PTO but I’m trying to bank as many hours as possible to build up a “comfort zone” so if I come down with the bird flu or anthrax or want to take a day to watch Ben throw the M3 gracefully around the track I can take as much time as needed.

And I had a big project thrown at me yesterday which required my follow up today. Maybe when the other person finally gets around to emailing me the final info I need I’ll head home… but probably not.

It’s a beautiful day**

The sky today looks like something out of a picture book. It’s hard to believe that yesterday it was cloudy and dull.

Last night Ben and I went to Bella Vista. We’d been there once before and just about died a blissful death while eating the Godiva Chocolate Souffle. Usually for V-Day one of us takes on the planning and keeps everything secret till the big night. But this year we decided together and Bella Vista was one thing we both agreed on right away.

All the food was wonderful. Ben’s Steak Diane was cooked to a perfect rare and my chicken was just. so. good. It was a leg and thigh cooked on the bone with a light white wine sauce with mushrooms and artichoke hearts. *drools* Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We had some veal and prosciutto tortellini for an appetizer and normally I don’t like the sweet taste of veal but this was balanced out really well with the salty prosciutto and alfredo sauce. And the souffle… Oh, the souffle. Light, airy, warm, covered with Godiva chocolate sauce. SO GOOD!!

This another favorite of ours because of the drive to the restaurant. I’ll let you figure out what I mean by looking at the google map. Notice the road after you turn off 280. Fun driving.

The most amazing part of the night was the snow. As we sat down to dinner it actually started SNOWING outside. So we ate this amazime meal overlooking The Bay with a flurry of snowflakes just outside the window. It was a fantastic meal, nice conversation, good wine and beautiful scenery. Once again, in a word, it was “perfect”. : )


**I wrote this yesterday and never got around to posting it.


For Valentines Day I had the choice of a present or putting money away for something I have planned but am not going to talk about here yet. HA!

I picked up some M.A.C eyeshadow a few weeks ago and have since raided the counter every time I get within a mile of Macy’s. They leave those cotton swabs out and all the samples there and I just can’t help it!! I walk away with 40 different colors painted on my hands. Since I got the one eyeshadow I’ve wanted to go back and pick up a little of everything in all my colors but the thrifty side of me has won out every time. So tonight I told Ben that rather than a present or the money, I wanted to splurge on a bit of makeup.

I’m down 12 pounds. My arms are FIRM. There’s still fat, but there is firm, solid muscle mass under there. When I flex I feel kinda powerful. TeeHee. I’m not close to my goal weight yet but I am noticeably more toned, and the fat is melting off. I’ve also been taking REALLY good care of my skin. I’ve been washing and exfoliating and rubbing Mary Kay (found on Ebay for SUPERCHEAP!!) goodness into my face every day and my skin is softer and younger and clearer than it’s been since… well, I honestly don’t think it’s EVER felt this good.

Today I was at Macy’s picking up some smaller jeans(!!) because all the ones I have are literally falling off me, I asked him if it would be okay if I got myself some makeup for V-Day. I chatted up at three of the girls and they helped me pick out some good colors. Love, love, love it. I’m gonna go tomorrow at 4:00pm and get my makeup done. I planned it at that time so I’ll look hot for our date tomorrow.

So there ya have it. Four shadows, blush, translucent powder, an eye lash curler, mascara and some finishng spray. <3


Dear Internet,

If you are here because you are wondering why instead of a picture of a cute child with a pencil hanging from her nose you are suddenly seeing a giant, streatched, festering asshole I want you to know it’s because YOU SHOULDN’T HOTLINK WITHOUT PERMISSION. Moron.

That is all.

Thank you,
Your Fluxing Webmistress

My colon loves me.

Earlier Ben and I decided that since it was Valentines Day I should not have to cook. Well, I decided it really but he totally agreed and we all went to The Burger Pit (actual name, people) for dinner. I got a 14 oz prime rib. I’m not sure exactly what part of me thought I’d be capable of “handling” a 14 oz. piece of red meat after not having eaten ANY red meat in over a month. And the worst part? The meat was so fatty that I had to dissect it into 200 little mini piles of flesh and MAYBE found 7 oz of edible meat. So not only did I eat meat, but I ate FATTY meat. And Ben just SAT there and LET me do it!

Saturday on the way to Benihana’s we were chatting:

Ben: Well, now I know where Burlingame is.
Me: What? You didn’t know where Burlingame is?
Ben: No.

I was in shock. I was always under the impression that Ben not only knew of every city in American but could, at a moments notice, give you exact directions on how to get there in the least amount of time and by the most windy roads.

Me: Oh, wow. You have to drive by it to get to The City (San Francisco).
Ben: Apparently.

Me: They have a big diamond outlet here.
Ben: Interesting.
Me: Yeah, they sell them wholesale. *nods in agreement with myself*

Ben: Do they have a coat factory too?
Me: What?
Ben: A coat factory. Burlingame Coat Factory.
Me: BWAHAHAHAAH BURLINGTON coat factory, fool!! BURLINGTON, not Burlingame.
Ben: Well!!
Me: I’m totally blogging that.
Ben: *chuckles*
Me: I have to just remember. I always SAY that then I never remember to do it!!
Cassidy: *get me out of this car and away from these crazy adults*

I chanted to myself ‘must remember must remember must remember’ for a few miles.

Tonight as I sat on the Porcelain Throne trying to will my body to just rid itself of the toxic 7oz of meat without completely ripping my colon out of my body in the process, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t post that one conversation where Ben made me laugh out loud. And I laughed through the pain thinking about it.

Ben makes me laugh. Everyday. It’s one of the many, many, many things that make me love him as much as I do.

Happy Valentines Day, Lover. Can’t wait for Saturday night… : )

To: Netflix

From: thebestboyfriendever@gmail.com
To: me@gmail.com
Date: Feb 13, 2006 2:42 PM
Subject: Something to blog about




From: me@CTU.com
To: whatthehellareyouthinkingdept@netflix.com
Date: Feb 13, 2006 3:15 PM
Subject: WWJBD

Dear Sirs,

I recently became aware of your policy to “throttle” DVD’s to those customers that you think are renting too many “unlimited video’s” per month. I implore you to flag my account as one of those in which throttling will not occure.

You see, my boyfriend and I have been watching and returning one 24 DVD per night. Which means, by mid March we will have watched four entire seasons of 24 which totals 48 DVD’s. It’s very important that we continue to receive these DVD’s in a timely fashion. The saftey of thousands of people are dependent upon this.

Since I have now watched over 15 hours of 24 in the last two weeks, I think it’s only fair to warn you that I have become very adept in the ways of counter terrorism. My hostile interrogation skills are now first rate. (SEE: I will totally cut out your eye if I don’t get the answers I want.) I have become an expert marksman. I can smuggle a gun, silencer, 2 clips, 2 pounds of C4 and a remote detonator into Secret Service secured convention… all in my left bra cup.

All that being said, I would hate to find out that my “training” is being thwarted by you. Think of the innocent men, women and children you would be endangering if I do not continue to receive my DVD’s as scheduled.

Best Regards,
Agent Antigone

24: Season 1

*sigh* We watched the last episode tonight. I hate endings like that. I’ll just leave it at that.

It’s ridiculous how attached I get to characters in TV shows, movies, books, etc. When I get to the end of the next Harry Potter book I might have to kidnap J.K. Rowling and lock her in the basement and force her to continue the series.. You know, assuming I had a basement.

Anyway, Season 2 Disk 1 should be here tomorrow!!

You know you’re addicted to 24 when…

We watched Season 1 Disk 5 last night. w00t! There are 4 shows per disk.  Each show is one hour “real time” but with commercials cut out it takes about 2.5 hours to watch.  It’s funny because every time an hour is up Ben’s like, “So do you wanna watch the next episode?”

Wednesday night after hour 1:
Ben: So, do you wanna keep going?:
Me: You know we’re watching the whole disk tonight so you might as well just start the next one, there’s no reason to ask.
Ben: *turns on hour 2*

After hour two:
*credits are rolling*
*Ben is not moving*
*looks at Ben, nods towards TV*
Ben: Is that how you signal for your next hit of crack?
Me: Just turn it on, sheesh!!

After hour three:
*credits are rolling*
*hands start shaking a little*
*looks at Ben*
*Ben starts to FUCK WITH MY HEAD*
Me: Just turn it on man!! What are you waiting for?!?! Can’t you see something really important is about to happen!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!:
*whole body starts to shake*
*assumes fetal position*
*Ben starts hour four*

20 minutes later:
*shaking has started to subside, no longer sweating, able to speak coherently again*

Yes people, it’s THAT bad.  At the end of season three I might require some methodone and counseling.

What am I going to do at 13?

Cassidy and I have been butting heads lately. It seems like when she turned 7 somebody pulled her aside and told her that lying to me was far better than getting in trouble for doing something she knows she shouldn’t have. It came to a head yesterday when, for the first time, she told me a calculated lie. Like, she intentionally thought it through and planned it and carried it out expecting me to fall for it…

When it happened I was so caught off guard and frustrated I told her she needed to sit on her bed and wait for me to calm down before we talked about it. We’ve grounded her in the past for lying. We take away Animal Crossing for a week, or limit her computer time to only educational software, etc. But this approach is not working and both Ben and I felt it was time to stop this FOR GOOD. And in order to do that we need to do something harsh and that will leave a lasting impression.

So. Today after school she came home, did her homework and spent the rest of the day in the guest room (where there are no toys) and was only allowed to read. Just sit in the room and read. This will continue till Sunday evening…

And it’s killing me. To know she’s up there in the room all by herself and I can’t hear her giggle echoing throughout the house, or her feet stomping across the hardwood floors, or her rummaging through her snack drawer trying to squash her near constant hunger lately. And we can’t play with her hair, and no knock-knock jokes, and no sneaking in her room to watch her made up dance routine to some current pop song.

I have to keep telling myself that this is for her own good. It’s because she NEEDS to learn this lesson. She CAN’T continue to think it’s okay to tell me little white lies to keep from facing consequences. And I need to start being better about positive reinforcement. When she DOES tell the truth, even though she will still get in trouble, I need to remind her that it’s not as bad as it would have been if she had lied. And I need to compliment her for telling me the truth and being “grown up” enough to do it.

*sigh* I miss the days of her little “oh oh’s” that were so easy to fix and clean up. This growing up stage is hard. And trying. I love how independent she is. And how she has her own taste in music (as bad as it may be), and her own off the wall style sense, and a growing sense of humor… but I’m not ready for her to be this old. She’s moving past the age of innocence. And I’m just not ready for that yet.


Ben being from Washington and my Mom’s whole family being from Pennsylvania with my grandpap having worked in the steel industry in Pittsburgh most of his life has made this Superbowl fun to watch! Ben and I are competing against each other. From the couch! While other people are doing all the work! HA!

To make it even BETTER!! I won $100 from the $5 Superbowl pool I bought into at work. My numbers were 1st quarter winners. And if nobody scores in the next quarter, I’ll win $100 more! w00t!!

And now I’m going to go and try to stop the bleeding in my ears that started when the Rolling Stones started singing…