Sunday morning conversation.

Me: Looks like things aren’t getting any better in Egypt.
Ben: You should get on that.
Me: I should get on fixing Egypt?
Ben: Yes!
Me: *nod*

I wish I could say conversations like this weren’t the norm around here. πŸ˜‰

Also, we think the hot water heater is dying. It’s only making a small amount of hot water at a time and the life on them is between 10-15 years. Our house is 12 years old. I’m really NOT looking forward to my shower in a minute because I’m going to have to be FAST and COLD. I like showers so hot I come out with bring pink skin, not BLUE.

And to finish off this little ray of blogging sunshine, I’m pretty sure I have a pinched nerve in my upper back between my shoulder blades. If I look up, left of right I have an intense shooting pain. It’s good and bad.

Bad: Pain.
Good: Getting to be lazy and not move at all.
Good: How It’s Made marathon on TV!
Bad: Ben is about to show me how blunt instruments are made. By hitting me on the head with one. Dude just doesn’t appreciate HOW THINGS ARE MADE! I mean who WOULDN’T want to know how metal toothpaste tubes are made!?
Good: Vicodin induced sleep.
Bad: Vicodin. I HATE that groggy pain killer feeling.

It’s a little better today than yesterday and I’m REALLY hoping that by tomorrow I’m well enough to not be miserable at work all day because calling in sick right now is not an option. Mama’s gotta bring home the bacon!

Wow, that sounded cheesy. I better stop now before things get really out of hand!

Happy Sunday, friends. πŸ™‚

Taking a nap now.

It’s 4:14PM now. I wrote this at work and for some reason I can’t log onto my WP control panel there because technology hates me. The day has been good to me so far. BECAUSE IT WAS WARNED.

That will make sense in about six paragraphs…

I am SO tired. Had an argument with Ben last night, went to bed with puffy eyes, got horrible sleep, woke up with a MASSIVE headache and with a STUPID blond mistake. I woke up at 4:00AM and realized that I hadn’t turned on my alarm clock so I set it to 4:30AM and went back to sleep. Except I didn’t set the ALARM, I reset the TIME. I woke up later and the clock said 5:26AM and I have to leave the house NO LATER than 5:15AM to get to work on time. I yelled shit, literally jumped out of bed and jammed my knee into Ben’s dresser. PAIN! Then ran around the room, somehow managing to get pants on, found my bra, looked at myself in the mirror, SHUDDERED, brushed my teeth, grabbed my phone to check the time… 4:58AM.


That’s when it hit me what I had done. FUCK!

Then I reset the clock to the correct time so Ben wouldn’t wake up to see the wrong time. Dude only has .75 good knees right now, he can’t be banging them into dressers or doing any kind of jumping.

I have a “nervous stomach” have I ever told you all that before? It can create bathroom drama on demand. When I get nervous, excited, scared or the wind blows south, my stomach is somehow immediately able to make it necessary to find a bathroom RIGHT NOW. So I finished getting dressed, went downstairs and packed some food, then started to head out the door when it hit me in a way that told me to go now before a 45 minute car ride. And then I ended up leaving the house at 5:17AM. Then I got in the car and realized I needed gas. I’m not exactly sure how I made it to work on time but I am thankful that by some miracle there was only ONE other car in the carpool lane all the way to work and he got over when I came up behind him and let me pass. THANK YOU Mr. Carpool lane guy, I don’t know who you are but good karma, YOU HAVE IT!

And there you have it. It’s 8:50AM now and I’m DETERMIED that the rest of the day will not be taking the same path last night and this morning did. YOU HEAR THAT, DAY!? YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

ALSO! My laptop got a virus because I’m awesome and think that anti-virus software is for WEAK PEOPLE. WEAK! Oh, and it won’t go online. Or let me sync my iPhone. So at some point I guess I’m going to have to fix that so that my 365 friends don’t think I’ve abandoned them. I’m still taking pictures, just going to have to wait till I get it all fixed to upload them.

I think that’s it for now.

Have a good day everybody!

Princess Danica has the flu.

I know that you are probably SO SICK of hearing about our dogs but… I’m going to talk about them anyway and I mean, THIS IS OUR LIFE!

For instance, Saturday! Saturday we met a bunch of folks at the dog park to celebrate the birthday of two of our favorite puppies, Max and Reyna. There was a special cake for the dogs and I picked up some cute gifts for both of them. After that we dropped the dogs off at home and met some of the dog park folks at a local restaurant for a late lunch.

Then Sunday! Sunday we met some amazing friends, Kim and Melanie (who we met AT THE DOG PARK), at a local breakfast place. We are dog people now. Especially weekends like this one where Cassidy is out of town at her dad’s house.

Also, Danica is sick. I noticed last Thursday that she felt a bit warm to me but didn’t think much of it. Then Friday I slept till almost 2:00PM because I was in a Benadryl coma to get rid of the HORRIBLE sinus headache (which is back by the way YAY!) and the last half of the day was driving Cassidy to her dad’s house so didn’t really become concerned till Saturday morning that she seemed to have started some odd eating practices.

We are VERY routine with the dogs and they have grown very used to that so when something is different, it’s pretty easy to spot right away. At dinner time they have to sit and then down in the blue room, wait for us to fill their bowls, then when we say “take it” they know they are allowed to eat. They will not eat till you give the command. I’ve accidentally left the room without giving the command and come back like 10 minutes later and they are still laying there and Danica is three feet deep in drool.

One thing that is VERY routine is Danica’s appetite. When you give that command, she is like LIGHTNING on that bowl of food. She also steals chickens off the counter and eats them. And blueberry muffins. And defrosting ground turkey. And the girl has never met a treat, carrot, ice cube, spoonful of peanut butter or piece of chicken she won’t eat. And by eat I mean swallow whole. She has no time for any of this CHEWING stuff.

So when I gave the command Saturday morning and she just sat there I knew something was wrong. Even when I was able to coax her over to her bowl she wouldn’t eat. I got her to take a few bites by hand feeding her a single kibble at a time. Sometimes she’d take a mouth full of kibble and then just drop it all on the floor next to her bowl. We’d finally coax her into eating about 1/2 to 3/4 of her food in the morning then at night and when she got treats at the dog park she ate them but slowly. Like, she actually CHEWED them instead of swallowing them whole.

Then Sunday she started to be really… odd when eating. I can’t even explain it. Luckly, this morning Ben grabbed the camera and got some video:

He called and made an appointment for this afternoon.

Now, I will say that we changed her bowl about two weeks ago and getting her to use it was a chore (ROUTINE! DON’T MESS WITH IT) and so I thought maybe she just hates this bowl! But even when I put her food into her old bowl, she’s still not eating well and it takes a lot of coaxing her to eat it.

Then at the vet today the first thing they did was take her temperature and she had a fever. πŸ™ 103 and normal for a dog is around 101. I felt like an ASSHOLE because I immediately thought back to Thursday when I thought she felt hot and dismissed it as being overly cautious. They said they could give her some broad spectrum antibiotics to cover any infection and keep an eye on her or do a blood test to pinpoint exactly what kind of infection she has. I could tell by his voice that he was trying not to push it on me because it’s expensive and I was like DO THE TEST, STOP TALKING! I couldn’t get the words out fast enough. No question, it’s money which sucks but FIX MY PUPPY.

He took her back for the blood draw, gave her a shot to take down the fever and then got her some water because he could tell she was dehydrated and of course she wouldn’t drink any of it.

Then I sat there.

For 15 minutes.

Scared out of my mind. He seemed concerned, the nurse seem concerned, she won’t drink, she won’t eat the chicken baby food they are offering her, something is really wrong. I am in the room alone with Danica looking at me like this for 15 minutes and it takes every ounce of willpower not to cry. I am scared.

Poor sick Danica.  :(

He finally comes back in and… she’s just dehydrated. Other then those results, she is a REALLY healthy dog. One of the healthiest he’s seen in awhile! It’s probably just a virus. Get her to drink as much as you can, mix some boiled chicken in with her food, keep an eye on her stool and don’t get concerned unless she has bad diarrhea or can’t keep her food down and if she’s still not eating and lethargic on Wednesday, bring her back.

I feel so bad for her. πŸ™ She’s not playing very much and she’s not drinking. I did get her to eat all her food tonight for dinner and I’ve been tricking her into “drinking” by giving her ice cubes which she loves but she hasn’t gone over to try and drink out of her dish on her own at all. I just wish there had been SOME definite answer other than “she probably has a virus, keep an eye on her”.

And I’m SUCH a worrier. I don’t like it when a family member is sick and I can’t be there to watch over them every second of the day. I’m sure like he said she’ll be fine in a few days but the overprotective mother in me is not going to be happy or get any sleep till I see her stealing chicken breasts off the counter again. And not chewing. And chasing Kumo around the house driving him crazy.

And I promise next time I post it there will be NO DOG TALK.


Yeah, that was probably a lie.

The End.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

For as long as I’ve know Ben he’s wanted dogs. But we started out living in an apartment, then rented a house with a tiny back yard, then moved to Gilroy in a house with a tiny back yard, half of which was a pond. Then we got rid of the pond. Then a quarter mile from our house they built a big dog park. Then I didn’t really have a good excuse to NOT get a dog anymore. See, I’ve always been a cat person. I LIKED dogs, they just weren’t the pet for me. I knew how much Ben wanted a dog though so I agreeded to go LOOK ONLY at some dogs at the Salinas Animal Shelter.

And that was the end of that.


Because then Ben made me go and fall in love with this fool.


And while we thought he was cute as hell, that’s about the time that Hans decided we were complete assholes

Fuck you all.

I don’t know what his big problem was. How could you not love that face.

BFFs already.

Even all the dogs at that awesome new dog park loved him. I can’t believe when I look at this that he was as small as Max once! Max is so tiny!

Kumo and Jack

We started taking him to puppy training classes and we learned SO MUCH. He’s a great dog today because our teacher Amy was FABULOUS! She told us that Kumo was the best dog EVER and even though she probably tells ALL the parents that we are pretty sure in our case that it was true.

Amy and Kumo

One time I gave him a bull’s penis to chew on. Ben was not amused. It took a long time for him to stop giving me dirty looks.

That's a bull's wiener...

We started spending a LOT of time at the dog park making amazing friends… and playing in the water dish.

Water Dog.

Kumo spent a lot of time keeping Ben warm during winter naps which is a dog’s greatest job in life.

And then my heart exploded from The Cute.

He also spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the hell I always had a camera shoved in his face. How could you NOT with that face!?

Whatcha' doin?

I discovered that he makes an excellent scarf model.

Noro striped scarf

And Cassidy, who spent years being scared of dogs after an unfortunate bite incident, opened up her heart and fell in love with him too.


Kumo has become a VERY proficient ball catcher and chaser and hoarder. He loves the ball. THE BALL IS KING.


And then something crazy happened. One day, out of the blue, this thing showed up at our house.

And so it begins.

And although he still tries to act like he doesn’t care, he totally does. Because who else are you going to torture with and endless game of keep away with a stick than a younger sister?


I discovered that Kumo is also an excellent Christmas decoration.

What about dogs?

And I think he’s pretty cool because he never gets tired of my camera STILL being shoved in his adorable face.


Because it’s a pretty adorable face.

Dog Park: 02/13/2010

Although, he’d still MUCH rather be doing this than posing for me.


I was pretty sure when we brought this home, he was going to write us a two page letter, pack his bags and hit the road.

I think I'll sit RIGHT HERE!

As it turns out, Kumo decided we could keep her. He likes to lick her head like an ice cream cone. An ice cream cone with claws.

They were asleep this way. <3

Today, our puppy, our baby, our emo boy turned two years old. And although I NEVER intended to fall in love with this fool because he was supposed to be BEN’S DOG, I have. I am utterly and completely and hopelessly in love with him.

Happy Birthday, Kumo. We love you.

014/365 - Happy Birthday, Kumo.

<3, Mom, Dad, Danica, Hans, KC & Samus

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

On the way to have Ben’s surgery today we were listening to an NPR session featuring TED2008 winner Karen Armstrong about the Golden Rule and how it applies across pretty much every religion. Particularly awesome to me was the point made about how every religion seems to think that they have it right when really, just the act of thinking that your religion might be The One is breaking that rule since you wouldn’t want somebody else to tell you that YOUR religion is wrong, you should in turn never think that about another.

Did that make any sense at all?

Anyway, a lady called in and pointed out that she is an atheist and she raised her children without religion but still taught them The Golden Rule. Karen Armstrong was quick to say that it’s a concept that really has no boundary. Religion or not, it’s universal rule that EVERYBODY can live by, and should.

And all of this was a very long winded way to bring me to what I wanted to post about today which is the question Ben and I inevitably get when he tells people he’s an atheist and I tell people that I’m agnostic: What do you teach Cassidy about religion and what will you do if she grows up to be *insert person’s religion here*?

We teach Cassidy that she should always ask questions. Question everything, even us! If you don’t encourage that then kids learn at a pretty young age to just accept what people say to them as fact and I don’t ever want that for her. I think it’s important to teach her about religion, ALL religions, and let her ask questions and make the best decision for HER about HER beliefs. One of her BFFs is Episcopalian and she’s been to church with her a handful of times. She also goes to church with her step-mom when she goes, and to Bible school when she’s there in the summer. If she wanted to go to mass with a Catholic friend I’d encourage it and if she wanted to go to worship with a Muslim friend I’d encourage it also.

Ben and I have discussed it and think that an important part of her being able to make her own decision about this is to actually experience different religions and since we obviously aren’t going to church, going with friends or other relatives is the best way for her to do that. Yes, we as an atheist and an agnostic, ENCOURAGE OUR DAUGHTER TO GO TO CHURCH. This has elicited the most interesting responses in people you could possibly imagine and I have to giggle to myself each time we explain WHY we do this and shatter the most common misconception people have about us; that we (non-believers) hate all religion/church.

If Cassidy grows up to be Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Wicca or any other religion, I will love her. As long as there is a mutual respect about our feelings and opinions, her religion will not matter to me and I think that is something every parent strives to teach their child regardless of what religion they are, or aren’t.

Whatta day!

Whatta day. I’m going to write this and then I’m going to pass out.

6:30AM – Leave house, drive from Gilroy to Mountain View for Ben’s orthopedist appointment at 7:45AM. Doctor is pretty damn certain that Ben has another torn meniscus in his right knee.
8:10AM – Drive from Mountain View back to Gilroy to get Ben home.
9:00AM – Leave Gilroy to drive to work.
-Get to 101/85 interchange when Ben calls. They have expedited his MRI, it’s going to be either today or tomorrow. Tell him I’m going to still head to work, call me if things change.
-Get to 85/Almaden, phone starts to ring, immediately know they’ve scheduled for today, start to pull onto offramp. Ben starts converasation with, “Don’t hate me.”
-Get off freeway, turn around, head home. Appointment is at 12:30.
10:15AM – Arrive back home.
11:30AM – Head back to Mountain View for MRI.
1:30PM – Head to Santa Clara to pick up VPN keyfob for Ben to access work network from home and eat. STARVING.
3:15PM – Arrive home.
3:25PM – Head to Walgreens. Ben is not allowed to have aspirin, only acetaminophen. We have 78 bottles of Aspirin in the house and no Tylenol.
3:35PM – Home, blog, NAP.

Total freeways: 3
Total miles: 240

It was a long day. Ben has surgery scheduled for Monday at 2:00PM. This is both good (it’s not the tendon we thought was going to take 6-8 MONTHS to heal) and bad (SURGERY!). This is his third knee surgery, second on this knee, plus the back surgery last year. I kind of feel like we are pro’s at this point.

I’m bummed my poor hubby has to go through that painful recovery time again but I’m really happy this is all happening so quickly. Surgery will happen 8 days after the initial injury which is MUCH less than with the first two he had.

So that was my day. Tomorrow I’m driving 100 miles round trip to work, then 226 miles round trip to drop Cassidy off with her dad. This weekend can not come soon enough!

OH! And my Project 365 shot for the day! I take pictures of this Dale Chihuly glass every time go to Palo Alto Medical Foundation. I love it.

006/365 - I take pictures of this Dale Chihuly glass every time we are here.  I love it.

Get your free Zoya Nail Polish!

Zoya is giving away three free [1. You have to pay shipping of course but standard shipping is only $6.95] nail polishes for reaching 25,000 facebook fans (Since starting this giveaway they’ve hit 35,000!). If you want to get your free colors, like them on facebook then head on over to the website, pick your colors and enter FB2011 in the coupon box when you go to check out. Do it NOW though because this special only runs till January 7th at midnight.

Here are the three I got:


Trixie: Stunning light silver with a sparkling metallic foil finish.
Freja: A smoky, shimmering gunmetal gray with hints of blue and sprinkled with silver.

I got those to because I have recently fallen in love with silver polish. The one I have on in that picture is a cheap brand I got at Walmart and I’m having to repaint them every two days which is too big a pain in the ass for me so I’m excited to get the Zoya and see how they do.

Pru: A bronzed plum with flecks of gold glitter and subtle purple and gold duochrome.

I LOVE purple. It’s the color I wear almost every day on my eyes and I think it always looks good on nails, especially a deep plum/purple like this.

Project 365 (2011): 002/365

I know I just posted earlier but I just wanted to get this out there real quick. I’ve decided to attempt AND COMPLETE Project 365 this year. In years past I’ve had a lot of fun doing 365 Days but those are all self-portraits and man, it can get kind of tedious taking pictures of yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so the farthest I ever got was day 168.

Project 365 can be any subject so there are so many more places for inspiration. I’m sure a lot of my shots will be iPhone4 shots but I do plan on busting out the DLSR some days too. I’m hoping this will get my creative juices flowing a little.

As many days as I can find the time I’ll include my shots here and write about them a bit. No promises. I may do a month end recap of all the pictures, or one a week, or one a day, just, you know, as often as I’m not being a lazyass. Don’t expect them every day though because I excel at lazyassness.

This is day 002/365.

002/365 - Technology rules. He used the Amazon app to scan the barcode of the rice cooker to compare prices and read reviews before we bought it.

It was about 20 minutes before I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT because I opened my purse at the check out line at Costco to discover that my wallet was missing.

Me: FUCK! My wallet is gone.
Ben: What?
Ben: What are you TALKING about?
Ben: Honey..
Me: WHAT!?
Ben: Isn’t that it in your hand?
Me: Fuck.
Ben: You… are CRAZY today.

Then about two hours later I was walking around the house gathering up all the Christmas decorations and piling them up on the table when suddenly right behind me the dogs started to get in a fight. We aren’t really sure exactly what happened and they have NEVER even gotten CLOSE to getting this agressive with each other before. It startled both Ben and I and we both yelled HEY! in unison and both the dogs immediately stopped and started to submissively cower. We THINK it might have been because Danica has been REALLY into the laser pointer we got the kitten for Christmas and when she and the cat chase it, Kumo chases Danica (and the kitten) and Danica has been getting a little frustrated with him chasing her. We’ve decided to stop with the laser pointer for a bit but it kinda freaked us both out to say the least. They’ve always played a bit rough but NEVER gotten to the level they got to today.

Anyway, Ben immediately grabbed Danica while I grabbed Kumo and when Ben bent down something in his knee became somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be and he fell to the ground in pain. He said that it felt like the knee dislocated, twisted to the side, something snapped or tore, then it relocated itself.


We were at Urgent Care about an hour after that and he had an X-ray, was given a sort of knee brace, new crutches (he used mine to get there that are for people as tall as 5’6″ and he is 6’2″!) and told to see his orthopedic doctor ASAP. He’s had surgery on both knees before and he’s worried that something in there went really wrong. πŸ™ I have my fingers crossed that he just injured it slightly and it’s going to need time to heal.

Now he’s got his knee propped up with ice on it and he’s fallen asleep on the cough. Poor guy has been on Benadryl since he had an allergic reaction to something New Year’s eve and has been itching all over his body. My poor honey just can’t catch a break!

AND that was my day. Well that and lots of cleaning because somebody dropped a dirty bomb on my house. Christmas and New Year’s are fun but GOOD LORD the amount of trash, recycling and clutter they create is fucking insane. And the kitchen! With all the baking and the eating and the baking and the chocolate! DISASTER!

In closing: I WANT A DO OVER. Monday better be better to me, it’s been warned.

Pee. Ess. – The dogs have been fine since then. We crated them for a bit then got them back together and I encouraged them to start playing and they have been swell since. Playing tug of war, biting legs, sniffing butts and other typical behavoir without an issue but we are going to keep a close eye on Danica since I think it was her being a typical annoyed female that started the issue today.

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick – rewrite it!

So I know that normally at this time of year for people to do the obligatory year end review post but I like to look ahead, not back. And honestly, 2010 wasn’t an especially stellar year. Ben was off work for most of it, we were broke and really a little boring!

So lets move ahead full steam and do 2011 RIGHT! Well, after we get out of Urgent Care where we currently are waiting for Ben to get his knee checked out because it went all fubar when we had to suddenly separate the dogs this evening because for the first time EVER they actually got aggressive with each other.

So far 2011 is kind of fucked up and needs to be punched in the face.

ANYWAY! Anther thing that generally happens this time of year that people make promises the INTEND to keep but generally never do; resolutions. I’ve made a few before and broken most of them and then last year I didnt’ bother to make any at all so this year I’ve decided to do something better. I used Dez’s idea and have made more of an “aspirations” page.

I know that it looks like one of those 101 in 1001 but that seems SO WRONG to me because 1001 days is 2.742495753424658 years and that just doesn’t sit right in my brain. I decided to do a nice round 3 years instead and have opted for 100 things in 1095 days. Also, I realize there isn’t 100 items yet but I figure as these things cause me to learn and grow there are things I’m going to want to add to the list so I’ve left some spots open.

My big “goal” for the year is just to better myself as a whole. My health, how much I give verse how much I take, become more financially responsible and secure and a bunch more boring adult crap.

If you are interested in checking out what my goals are you can go check them out.

I hope all of you had a great New Year’s eve and that 2011 is your best year yet!