Friday Five: Condiments

This Last week’s Friday Five just seemed odd and yet worthy of posting. Because odd is what I do best.

1) What’s something that demands ketchup?
I guess french fries although I prefer mustard with most sides like french fries and onion rings and even on my hot dogs. I can do without the ketchup but DON’T FORGET THE MUSTARD. And onion. And relish. KTHXBYE!

2) What’s the best thing to do with the leftover packets of cheese and red-pepper flakes you get with pizza delivery?
Throw them away. I totally just did that about a month ago. We had YEARS worth of that crap taking up an entire drawer in our kitchen… one that had moved from the last house to this one. Finally I was like ENOUGH OF THIS when I opened it and was physically attaced by some Taco Bell hot sauce. We haven’t had Taco Bell in probably over a year. Shit had to go.

3) What’s something (besides salad) that’s good with salad dressing?
Italian or sesame dressing make excellent chicken marinades.

4) What’s a condiment you’re especially brand-loyal to?
I’m not really brand loyal with condiments. I love to try new things so I’m always grabbing a different brand or flavor combo. With things like mustard? Well, yellow mustard is pretty standard and hard to screw up.

I take that back! Woeber’s makes the BEST horseradish sauce EVER.

5) What’s the weirdest use of condiments you’ve seen by other people?
Mayonnaise as a dip for ANYTHING (like french fries). *barf*

Also, yew I realize it’s Wednesday but it’s a four day week so it’s really like my Thursday which is one day before Friday so I’m really only one day early. Or five days late since it was last week’s FF. Or I’m crazy and you can just read it and stop judging me! SHEESH!

/me winks.

Obligatory stuff.

I am overly tired but have been wanting to blog for over a week and every time I sit down I have this perfectly written post in my head and just need to get it to move from my brain to my fingertips and then… something distracts me. So I do this like 10 times and now I have 10 perfectly written blog posts in my head and then I’m overwhelmed and instead of getting all of them down independently you get one blog post full of runon sentences and jumbled thoughts.

Very much like that one that just happened.

So let’s see. Samus is doing well. Ben only threatens to evict her like three times a day now. She sleeps with Kumo on his bed some nights which makes me smile 1st thing in the morning… till she attacks my feet when I’m getting out of the shower. Danica thinks she’s the best play toy ever invented, Hans is playing pretty nice with her and KC is still pissed there is a creature other than her existing in the same house which is exactly how she’s acted for the last 11 years so I assume it’s all good.

Here’s an obligatory picture of pet cuteness:

Too cute.

Three weekends ago Ben and I drove to Bakersfield to witness something AWESOME. My very good friend for YEARS AND YEARS Julie married the love of her life in a small, beautiful, perfect ceremony. They read their vows off an iPad and had a “Wedding for Dummies” book the officiant (a good friend of theirs) held. PERFECT! I am so happy for her. They wrote their own vows and when Chris said his to Julie, it was just… so perfect! I can’t properly express how happy I am that she found a man that loves her and cherishes her and appreciates all the things I’ve loved about her for all these years.

Here’s an obligatory picture of Julie cuteness I got of her and her boys. She loves them so much and this picture MELTS MY COLD DEAD HEART.

LOVE this shot of Julie and her boys.  <3

Ben is doing well. He’s still contracting back at nVidia and we all have our fingers crossed that he will get hired back on full time. This go around he’s getting to work on the Tegra chipset so he’s getting to play with all the top smart phones and tablets and I’m kind of jealous. He’s also really hot. That’s not new news or anything, I just wanted to throw that in there.

Here’s an obligatory picture of hotness.


Geekmas was great. I now have 2.6 terabytes of data storage available and Ben now has a PS3 which means BLURAY! The day we bought the PS3 I made Ben watch all three Lord of the Ring movies back to back. I’d totally do it again tomorrow.

I think that’s everybody other than that 12 year old tween girl that lives here with us and sometimes even graces us with her presence and on particularly giving days, even talks to us. She is well also. I’d post pictures of obligatory cuteness but she just got back from being at her dad’s for a week and I haven’t been able to shove the camera in her face yet. I have been SO BUSY at work and she’s been busy catching up with her friends because she had to spend an ENTIRE WHOLE LONG WEEK away from them and the HORROR was just too hard to stand it a second longer.

So here’s some obligatory cuteness of ME instead. You’re welcome and goodnight.

Seemed like a good day for a hot bath.

Typical Thursday Night.

Ben asks me what I’m knitting (a pink striped scarf) and I can see in his eyes that he’s very much NOT in love with my awesome pink scarf and he looks down at his laptop (and I assume facebook) and a few seconds later says:

Ben: How do you spell fuchsia?
Me: A-S-S-H-O-L-E And also it’s not FUCHSIA, it’s HOT PINK.
Ben: *searches google for fuchsia and holds up screen*
Ben: Hold it up to the screen!
Me: *holds it up* SEE! NOT FUCHSIA!
Ben: Looks close enough to me.
Me: *holds up label for yarn* Do you see what that says? HOT PINK!
Ben: I can’t see that far.
Me: I hate you.
Ben: I love you too.

Scarf project.