Eu dared me so I had to. Don’t try to click on anything but comments because nothing works! HA! But hey, it’s up for New Years and that’s all I wanted.

It still has a LOT (lots and lots and lots) or work that needs to be done but you get the general idea. 😉

Time for a new layout!

So rather than go back to the stop sign layout after X-mas I have a whole new one designed. I’m thinking I might code it tonight. Maybe. Possibly.


Also, since the Gallery was so easy to customize I think I might do the Forum too. Because you know, the panties have to match the bra. 😉

Fat Be Gone

So… Ben’s dad and beautiful step-mom Kandy got me a gift card for Gap for Christmas. I was in DIRE need of some new pants as my favorite pair now has a hole in the knee due to a stair-rain-fall incident. My second pair suddnly grew a hole in the crotch that’s rather small but since I don’t own any neutral color panties whenever I wear the jeans I can hear my crotch screaming LOOK AT ME AND MY BRIGHT PANTIES!!! That leaves me with about five pair of jeans that my ass has outgrown in the last six months.

*jumps back six months* I started that new antidepressant. I took it for about two months and had to stop because it was making my heart beat REALLY weird. And it would drasticaly lower my blood pressure so if I stood up I’d damn near pass out. It was supposed to help me sleep at night and it did that… but it would make me so loopy when I took it that I’d literally be incoherant. AND it made me gain insane amounts of weight. Like, fast. One of the side effects was breast growth. (Ben actallly discovered that while reading about it. HA!) And they did. That was about the only plus side!

Then I started the new birth control, MORE WEIGHT. Not having a period for three months… AWSOME. Gaining more weight.. CRAP!

Anyway, this combined with going from a job where I was on my feet for 8 hours running all over a store and climbing up and down stairs to retrieve heavy boxes to a job where my ass gets 8 hours of chair time has just sent me into this totally unhealthy state.

*Back to the present and the Gap* When I went to try on jeans I literally freaked out. I could not believe that I had to get a size TWO SIZES bigger than what I bought SIX MONTHS ago. I just stood there looking in the mirror, mouth wide open, staring at myelf in utter horror. I’ve never been real skinny. But I’ve always had a really athletic build. I played A LOT of sports when I was young and I had a ‘fit’ body. I decided right then that there was no way I was going to let this continue. I have to lose weight.

Here’s where it gets good. I went to the gym last night. (IPOD’s kick ASS at the gym.) I get on the treadmill. A year ago when Ben and I were working out regularly (four times a week) I was running for 30 minutes at a time.. easily. Yesterday I did a fast walk for about 10 minutes to warm up and started jogging and after FIVE minutes I had to stop because if literally felt like my heart was going to explode and I got really close to feeling like I might black out from lack of oxygen. FIVE MINUTES!

That was a real wake up call for me. Putting on weight is one thing but to be that out of shape is SO unhealthy. Bad for my heart, my lungs, my digestive system… it’s just BAD.

So it’s not just a matter of losing weight at this point, it’s a matter of for my health and well being, I have to get back into shape.

Eating habits have to change and exercise has to become a priority again. I did okay today. Had some fruit for breakfast, a salad with low fat dressing for lunch, then BAM! they had brownies at the orientation and I gave in. Now I look back and I’m really mad at myself for doing that.

I tried to make up for it by doing 30 minutes on the eliptical machine on the weightloss setting (OMG KICKED MY ASS) for 30 minutes about an hour ago but still! If I had just not had that brownie and still dod the eliptical machine I’d have been MUCH better off now!


I have my orientation tomorrow. It will be my first day as an official (non-temp) employee. I’ll be making more money that I ever thought I’d be making… anywhere. I’m extatic.

We can remove Cassidy and myself off of Ben’s insurance policy which will save a BUNDLE because ‘domestic partenership’ is NOT cheap. Cassidy will be free on my policy. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂


City of Heroes has a respec mission. You have to save the reactor (MUCH harder than it counds) from about 10 waves of bad guys that increase in number and skill. And that’s AFTER you complete two prior missions. IT’s tough.

We got to the LAST wave of guys and my poor team died. Except for me but I’m a healer and rarely draw aggro. So.. sucks. The respec allows you to completely redo all your powers and I’m REALLY needing to do that. I have no endurance building powers or stealth powers. This was the first character I built and I really didn’t know any better at the time. But now that I’m level 27 I’m realizing that I am more than lacking in a few areas.

The team that I palyed with tonight was AMAZING. I’ve never had a team so coordinated, useful and FUNNY!! We are going to meet back up at 8:00PM tomorrow night to try it again with a tanker that can draw more aggro so we have a better chance at the reactor. 🙂


I’m working on updating the Gallery. There’s to much junk in there. Like the Lightbox thingie that nobody uses. Plus, I have a new layout that’s going to go up after Christnas and I want the gallery to match for a change!! It’s a MAJOR work in progress so if you visit there might be some funky things going on. I’ll get it all worked out this weekend. 🙂

Also, for now I’m just going to upload all the phone cam images there. When the new layout goes up there will be a link at the bottom of all posts to get there. In the meantime you can click here.

Mini Tunes

My mommy spoiles me. I honestly was not expecting something like this. I figured I’d get some clothes or maybe a gift certificate… But I’ll TOTALLY take this. Now I can have all my tunes at work and at the gym. w00t!!

Three Strikes.

My cousin and his lovely new wife went on a cruise for there Honeymoon. My dad and I were talking about it earlier:

06:11 PM – TheDad: Did you hear about Jarett’s cruise?
06:11 PM – Antigone078: Nope, I got a thank you card from them
06:11 PM – Antigone078: Did everything go okay?
06:11 PM – TheDad: They had a great time but…
06:12 PM – TheDad: On their way back to LA a woman came up missing (went overboard).
06:12 PM – Antigone078: Oh my gosh!
06:12 PM – TheDad: It was several hours before she was reported missing.
06:12 PM – TheDad: They had to sail back to where they were when she was last seen and then hang around while a serach was conducted.
06:13 PM – Antigone078: The whole ship had to go back?
06:13 PM – Antigone078: For how long?
06:13 PM – TheDad: Yes!
06:13 PM – TheDad: It was several hours back, and then they had to hang around for several hours while the Coast Guard searched the waters.
06:13 PM – TheDad: While that was going on their was a search of every cabin on the ship.
06:13 PM – Antigone078: Did they find her?
06:14 PM – TheDad: No! The FBI is no treating it as a homicide investigation.
06:14 PM – TheDad: The FBI IS treating it as a murder investigation.
06:14 PM – Antigone078: Wow
06:14 PM – TheDad: They were way late getting back.
06:14 PM – Antigone078: Well, it will be as memorable as the wedding!!
06:15 PM – TheDad: So, rained out wedding, Room to remember, and man overboard drills.
06:15 PM – TheDad: Three strikes. Either they will be split up in a month, or married forever!
06:15 PM – Antigone078: hahaha I go with married forever

It started POURING down rain at exactly the time the wedding was supposed start. The only part pf the wedding that was not supposed to be covered was the wedding party. They has to move the entire party to in the isles of the crowd. But it was the most intimate, funny, beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. They smiled and laughed though the entire ceremony. Even though it didn’t go as planned, you could tell they could not have been any happier. It was great.

Then we ‘decorated’ there room. My cousin is SUPER anal. Like all shirts hanging the same way, buttoned, in color order, spaced evenly in the closet anal. And we RAVAGED his room with toilet paper, streamers, conffetti, a tub of ice, balloons, candy.. and in retaliation they toilet papered my dad’s car. HA! I know that the room mess HAD to be killing him but they had a good time with it anyway.

That good attitude is great to see in him and I think Katie is the reason. So I think they will live a long, happy life together. I mean, if they could survive THAT wedding experience, they are SET!