City of Heroes has a respec mission. You have to save the reactor (MUCH harder than it counds) from about 10 waves of bad guys that increase in number and skill. And that’s AFTER you complete two prior missions. IT’s tough.

We got to the LAST wave of guys and my poor team died. Except for me but I’m a healer and rarely draw aggro. So.. sucks. The respec allows you to completely redo all your powers and I’m REALLY needing to do that. I have no endurance building powers or stealth powers. This was the first character I built and I really didn’t know any better at the time. But now that I’m level 27 I’m realizing that I am more than lacking in a few areas.

The team that I palyed with tonight was AMAZING. I’ve never had a team so coordinated, useful and FUNNY!! We are going to meet back up at 8:00PM tomorrow night to try it again with a tanker that can draw more aggro so we have a better chance at the reactor. 🙂

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