There’s a new layout a brewin’.. Should be up by later today.

I have been turning more and more girly lately. When we went shopping last weekend I was passing tables of jeans and going to look at dresses. That is VERY strange for me. I almost feel silly looking at dresses because I’ve never really done that before. I’ve never bought a dress just to buy one. I’ve always gone looking for them because of some occasion or another and grumped the entire time I had to try them on. And the pink! I want to buy eveything pink.

So anyway, the new layout will reflect that.

Here is the title

I had an awsome weekend.

Saturday AM – Went for my first Bimmer drive with Ben. I had not fully expected what I got. I knew it would be some pretty agressive driving up some pretty hairy roads but I didn’t think it would be ANYTHING like it was. These roads were REALLY trying. And I had NO idea that Ben’s car could take them so well nor that Ben could DRIVE them so well. I never knew what real agressive driving was all about. I do now. I actually got queasy from the hard pull around turn after turn after turn. Great fun but next time I’ll be sure to start the mroning with a Dramimine. 😉

Saturday Afternoon – We spent the day with Chris, Brandon, Heather, Ethan and Brooklynn at the Monterey Aquarium. We had an great time and I loved getting to see the excited faces Brooklynn made at the FISHIES!!!!! I really can’t wait for Cassidy to get to see it.

Saturday Evening – We went to eat at The Tied House. It’s a restaurant/pub/brewery with AWSOME food, a great atmosphere and desert to die for. It was my first time there but I guarantee you it will not be my last. San Jose food ROCKS!!!

Sunday – We spent about 5 hours at the Great Mall with Chris and the kids for back to school shopping. Ben got a really nice shirt like 75% off at Tommy. I *really* wanted to get a bathing suit (marked down from $100 to $20) but I hate having Ben pay for stuff especially when I have no income coming in. I just can’t justify that. The good thing is that that’s the kind of prices they have there all the time. It’s a HUGE (200+) stores that are all outlets so I’ve never NOT seen awsome deals there. I’m sure that as soon as I have a job, much time will be spent shopping there since it’s only about 5 minutes away.

Sunday Evening – The weekend had a perfect finish with dinner at my FAVORITE San Jose eatery… Pasand. That place is just the greatest find since I’ve been here.

And so that leads to – I miss Cassidy like crazy. I feel like I’m counting the hours till I go pick her back up. If I hadn’t promised Troy the time, I’d be in the car on the way there to get her right now. I miss her laugh, and her smile, and her questions, and readinthat they need to take better care of their stuff…like Rebecca. I can’t stand it when a CD jewel case is broken, let alone when the fucking wrong CD is in the wrong case, let alone when the whole CD collection is in the wr

Friday Five..

1. When was the last time you laughed?
At lunch today. How could I *not* laugh at all the geeks!! 😉

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?
Ben. And hopefully it will be a long time before we have another one.

3. Who was the last person you emailed?
I’ve emailed out a few resume’s to random people today.

4. When was the last time you bathed?
Yesterday around noon. Need to get in the shower soon.

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Just got back from Cambodian food at Chez Sovan with Sil, Dave and Ben. It was the first time I’d had Cambodian food and it was YUMMYFUL!

*deep breath* This is going to be quite long… (Just a warning)


San Jose: It’s a breezy 83 outside. It’s… awsome. I got my car up here and am slowly taking little trips out to run errands and learn my way around. I haven’t gotten lost… yet. Give me time. 🙂

Cassidy: I was about to go pick her up Sunday when Ben and I talked about letting her stay with Troy for the last two weeks before school starts. I told him that since I’m living in San Jose I intend to make sure that he gets to see her and keep a realtionship with her and it’s important to me that he knows that I’m serious when I say that. It will also be good for Cassidy to spend some time with him before school starts and her schedule gets hectic.

Work: I sent out about 414,489,652,584 resumes Monday and I got a call back from a contract agency yesterday about a job at Oracle! ORACLE! SWEET! It’s just an entry level position doing HTML and CSS work. Cake work really, but I can get my foot in the door that way. I’d LOVE to get to work at a place like that and meet new people, provide a good work ethic and then try to work my way up to a job that I could really sink my teeth into. Nothing is set in stone yet but I have my fingers crossed!!

Ben: Those of you who know me well know that has been going on on this front lately. I don’t want to go into too much detail in my public blog and will write more about it for those of you lucky enough to have access to the private blog.

General: We ate dinner at Nvidia last night since Ben can eat for free and I eat VERY cheap. For two burgers and two orders of fries and drinks for both of us last night was $4.75!! In an effort to save money we are going to be eating there as much as possible for awhile. Later today I want to do a little map rundown of where we are and where the things around us are so I don’t have to explain it to everybody over and over and over and over again.

Ben vs. Anna gaming showdown:
Ben – 0
Anna – 1 (UT2003!)
*special thanks to Nvidia for giving Ben the job of his dreams and giving me the oportunity to come and shamelessly use their equipement.

It’s been a long long long long day and I am tired tired tired. I’ve been slacking on the Friday Five. I’ll do it later after I’ve gotten about 10 hours of sleep.

Having a good time here but I miss Ben like crazy and I’m ready to be back home and in his arms… Soon.

G’night all.

*passes out from exhaustion*

Well, I made it back to Bakersfield without a hitch. The bus driver let us sit at the very front of the bus even though you aren’t supposed to so Cassidy could look out the big window. He also bought her some cookies. He was a nice guy and she talked his ear off for six hours and he loved every second of it. It was too cute.

Gonna hang out with Lacie and Jim tonight and just kick back and visit everybody while I have the chance. We are going shopping for a friends birthday party that is tomorrow. So… I’m off to shop. Might not blog again till I get home to San Jose so over and out for now and everybody have a safe and fun weekend. 🙂

Day #4 in San Jose.

I could get REALLY used to having the doors and windows open all day long. I love to have the sound of the tree’s rustling, the wind blowing, the faint sounds of children riding bikes and people taking walks. I love to bring the outside in. I sit here at the computer and look out this huge window next to me and see a giant tree instead of the apartement across the way… Our back balcony is surrounded by trees too so even though we live in an apartement, I feel very secluded and like we have a lot of privacy. The front balcony has trees all along it so it’s shaded and cool all day long. It’s soooooo nice. Ben and I discussed getting a bunch of plants for inside the house as soon as we have the money to spare. I’m excited. I love it!

Cassidy and I went swimming yesterday and she met two very cute little girls to play with down at the pool. She’s DYING for Ben to swim with her so we are all going again tonight when he gets off work.

Tomorrow morning EARLY (and thanks to my daddy!) we are going to take a bus to Bakersfield so Cassidy can visit Troy and I can get my car. I’ll be there till Sunday evening. I can’t WAIT to have my car up here. There is so much I Want to do but I feel bad having to ask to borow Ben’s car.

Well, off to put the finishing touches on the packing. I’m like three boxes away from being home!!!!

So, elaboration time:

I got a call from Ben about 12:30 Saturday morning while at a party with my friends. He was driving into town to see me. He told me, ‘I’m driving down and I want you to move this weekend.’ It was a total shock. There were a million reasons I had come up with to procrastinate the move. Some were silly, some were VERY important to me, some were aparent, some were hidden secrets, some were from fear…

I knew that if I didn’t make the move soon that Ben and I were not going to be doing too great. I knew that losing him over 240 miles would be something I would have regretted for the rest of my life. To not lose him because I didn’t love him, or because we didn’t get along, but over… space. So, I latched onto the fact that I trust him, and love him… and I said, ‘Okay, I’ll move.’

I’m not sure I was TOTALLY ready, but I do know that I this was something I had to do. It was one of those times in life that you grasp ahold of the fear and use it to succeed…

Well, I am now a resident of San Jose. We got everything moved in yesterday. I’m going to spend the day today unpacking, organizing, and swimming. 🙂

I want to elaborate on the decision to come up here because it came across kind of the wrong way in that last blog post but I have A LOT to do today so I’ll probably wait till tonight sometime. I’m hoping I can remember to tell Ben to bring home the webcam so I can get a few snapshots of the place and you can all see pictures. 🙂

Well, boxes are calling. More later.