I followed Ben to the body shop today so that he can have the dent on his hood fixed. On the way home Cassidy was REALLY out of it. She claimed she wasn’t tired then was SOUND asleep about 2 minuter later.

Then she fell asleep again on the couch while watching TV with Ben at about 4:00. He put her in bed and I just woke her up about 30 minutes ago. She has a 102 degree fever. 🙁 She’s had a runny nose but it’s been really clear so I was not that worried about it. I gave her some Tylenol right away and have her soaking in the tub now to try and cool her down.

At least I have PTO now… heh

BTW – Chris, I’ll try and answer your BFL question later on tonight.

Winter Performance


Cassidy had her first ever on-stage performance this week at her school’s Winter Performance. They sang ‘The World is a Rainbow’. Ben and I both thought that she would get really shy one up on stage but BOY WERE WE WRONG!! You could hear her above all the other kids and she was throwing in her own improvised hand movements during the song.

It melted my heart. Ben and I both were SO proud of her and got a total kick out of it.

If she had any singing capability AT ALL I’d think about getting her voice lessons but unfortunatley she inherited my singing voice. Which even sounds bad alone in the SHOWER!

BFL: Day 19 of 84

I had a bad week last week. I missed the gym twice because I had a miserable headache. I’m back on track now though. Did arms tonight and MAN, I can’t believe how much more I’m able to lift after just three weeks. I’m love the feeling after a workout.

Because I missed two days, I was kind of feeling bad about doing a free day tomorrow. I was thinking about just skipping it this week… that thought passed quickly. I’m just gonna go in and do a good cardio session tomorrow to make up for the day I missed.

I’m going to take pictures to mark the 1/4 way point early next week. I’ve only lost a pound but MAN, I can really FEEL muscle in my legs. I can see it too. My calves are getting more defined already and I can SEE my biceps!! I never thought that I’d have results like that so fast. So I’m really not feeling bad about not dropping pounds because I can tell that clothes are fitting loser and I am MUCH stronger. I’ll measure my body fat index too.


I now own a 2000 GTI. Turbo. :mrgreen: Well, if you want to get REALLY technical, Ben and I both own the GTI.

I got a loan at Stanford to buy it for what Ben owed on it. But instead of him SELLING me the car, we just added my name to the title. I’m just now responsible for paying the bill. We did this for several reasons:

  • Ben can still have the GTI on his insurance and we can take advantage of a VERY sizable multi-car discount.
  • We didn’t have to pay $675 sales tax which the loan was not going to cover.
  • It looks good on BOTH our credit. Ben has a paid off car, I have a loan that will be paid off early.

I can’t explain how happy I am about this. I’m going to sell my car and pay my dad back the rest of what I owe him for when he paid it off for me because Troy stopped (he was supposed to be paying the car payment instead of giving me child support).

I will have a sizable tax return that is going to fully go towards paying off debt also. I want to be RID of debt and the tax return will put me within a few hundred dollars of doing that.

The weight is lifting and it feel GOOOOOOOOOD. I’m loving this car too! :hello2:

Chicken Noodle Soup

I’ve had a pounding sinus headache for two days now. Last night it was so bad that at the gym I was reduced to almost tears every set I did. Every. Set. The pressure would build up SO bad if I didn’t REALLY breathe whole lifting.

Then I ended up sleeping about 3 hours total because it would just not.. stop.. hurting. I came home tonight and passed out in the couch after driving Ben to San Mateo. I slept WAY past the time to go work out. 🙁 Got on the computer to check my email, then went back to sleep.

Ben just went to Safeway and got me more sinus medicine and some HEALTHY chicken soup that actually was relly good. Now I’m going to bed.

I feel horrible about missing my workout. But there was just no way I could raise my heartrate that high for that long. The pain is just to unbearable when the blood starts pumping that hard. I just need to get really good rest tonight and feel better so I can kick ass on legs tomorrow.


Thought for the day.

You know those God awful cutesy emails that women send you with blinkies all over them and have cute little messages like how special Tuesday’s are… Yeah? Well, I hate them. Hate is not quite strong enough actually. When I get them I have the urge to gouge my eyes out with hot pokers. Yes, that’s more like it.

The thing is, I get A LOT of them from the girls at work. I keep my mouth closed though because I don’t want to rock the boat more than I already have there. These are the types of girls who don’t have time to vote becuase it interfears with a hair appoitment (OMGWTF?!!?), and who think IRAQ is the new pop radio station, and who think that fake pisture of the tsunami is real. HELLO WOMEN! Juet LOOK at that picture. They are also the type of women who don’t talk to you for three days after you mass email the link to snopes after the FIFTH email discussing that ‘awful pisture’. Hey, it was a really nice, quite, email free three days.

I’ve spoken up enough to realize that it’s a better idea to just keep quiet about things like the precious “God Loves You Because You Are Going To Send This To 1354315 Of Your Friends and if You Don’t… Well, Just Burn In Hell’ emails. I just keep the hot pokers ready in the top desk drawer.

And to end this little rant of mine I leave you with some words of wisdom from the end of one of the emails I got today:

Thought for the day……. There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer’s research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

If you don’t send this to five old friends right away there will be five fewer people laughing in the world

Unconscious Mutterings


  1. Yoda:: Litte green man, he is.
  2. Mensa:: Nerd
  3. Pink:: I’ll buy it!
  4. Text message:: Old. Photo messages are the new text message. 😉
  5. Galactic:: Starfighter
  6. Chicks:: cute, yellow, and fuzzy
  7. Quesadilla:: OMFG YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT. *is craving creamy melty cheesy goodness all warm and cheesey in her belly* Bastard.
  8. Backpack:: Powerpuff Girl ( < -The Princess's backpack)
  9. Socket:: Eye
  10. Compromise:: DON’T EAT THE CHEESE!

BFL: Day 2 of 84.

My first challenge has started off very well. The meal plan has been very easy to stick to since I made a buch of food ahead of time on Sunday. For instance tonight after the gym I came home and grabbed a chicken breast out of the fridge, added some veggies (green and red peppers, onion, mushrooms) that I cooked ahead of time to it and had that. The best thing I’ve tried so far is a fruit topping you make by blending cottage cheese, some fat free plain yogurt, a small about of sugar free jello and some protein powder. Cut up some fruit and add that and YUM! Of course there have been bars and shakes too. I really can’t believe how hard I thought this was going to be when it’s really not!

The hardest time for me is at night when I’m used to eating a really big meal. But, I’ve trained myself to NOT eat till I’m full and the portions are really the perfect size to satisfy your apetite. Plus, you know there will be another meal in 3 hours!!

The workouts have been great too. Ben and I did upper body Monday. Chest, shoulders, back, bicepts & tricepts. WHAT. A. WORKOUT! Ben really had me pushing myself.. if I started to give up he’d say ‘What’s your goal?’ ‘ARe you going to just give up?’ ‘Think of the end result!’ At first I wanted to slap him but it really helped! I found myself not giving up and doing that one or two last reps that pushed me FAR into the 10 zone.

Tonight we did cardio. That workout is going to be the death of me. I’m SO determined right now that I’m putting 120% into my workouts. Tonight I was SO close to giving up on the last hard phase and then I had a flash back to my before picture and not only did I up the resistance during my 10 goal time but I started pushing as fast and as hard as I could make the damn eliptical machine go. By the end of that minute I was breating so hard and my legs were SO weak! The guy next to me kept looking at me like he might have to catch me if I passed out. It was funny.

But now as I sit here I think back to that ONE MINUTE and think to myelf, ‘You could have done better. Thursday you need to push harder.’ HA!

I’m sorry all my posts seem to be about this right now but it’s just such a big thing to me! I’ll make a better effort to post about non-BFL stuff soon! 😉