BFL: Day 2 of 84.

My first challenge has started off very well. The meal plan has been very easy to stick to since I made a buch of food ahead of time on Sunday. For instance tonight after the gym I came home and grabbed a chicken breast out of the fridge, added some veggies (green and red peppers, onion, mushrooms) that I cooked ahead of time to it and had that. The best thing I’ve tried so far is a fruit topping you make by blending cottage cheese, some fat free plain yogurt, a small about of sugar free jello and some protein powder. Cut up some fruit and add that and YUM! Of course there have been bars and shakes too. I really can’t believe how hard I thought this was going to be when it’s really not!

The hardest time for me is at night when I’m used to eating a really big meal. But, I’ve trained myself to NOT eat till I’m full and the portions are really the perfect size to satisfy your apetite. Plus, you know there will be another meal in 3 hours!!

The workouts have been great too. Ben and I did upper body Monday. Chest, shoulders, back, bicepts & tricepts. WHAT. A. WORKOUT! Ben really had me pushing myself.. if I started to give up he’d say ‘What’s your goal?’ ‘ARe you going to just give up?’ ‘Think of the end result!’ At first I wanted to slap him but it really helped! I found myself not giving up and doing that one or two last reps that pushed me FAR into the 10 zone.

Tonight we did cardio. That workout is going to be the death of me. I’m SO determined right now that I’m putting 120% into my workouts. Tonight I was SO close to giving up on the last hard phase and then I had a flash back to my before picture and not only did I up the resistance during my 10 goal time but I started pushing as fast and as hard as I could make the damn eliptical machine go. By the end of that minute I was breating so hard and my legs were SO weak! The guy next to me kept looking at me like he might have to catch me if I passed out. It was funny.

But now as I sit here I think back to that ONE MINUTE and think to myelf, ‘You could have done better. Thursday you need to push harder.’ HA!

I’m sorry all my posts seem to be about this right now but it’s just such a big thing to me! I’ll make a better effort to post about non-BFL stuff soon! 😉

5 thoughts on “BFL: Day 2 of 84.

  1. Sounds like you had an AWESOME workout today and yesterday! I am really excited for you because with Ben there to shout at you and your own stubborn self-determination I think your results will be outstanding and quick to start seeing.

    BFL will become part of your life.. it IS Body-for-Life.. and you’ll want to show everyone in the world that is unhappy with their body that they can easily become who they want to be…

    Someone told me this is a cult. Now that you’ve been suckered in, I’ll admit it is 😉

  2. Hey Anna, Congrats on the body for life, i also wanted to warn you of something, i think you may have some one phishing your site for email addresses and spoofing your email name cause i got a spam mail to my aol email addy from who i thought was you. here is the email addy

  3. (grin) just call me Drill Seargeant Hirsch! When we’re at the gym, I’m not there to be Anna’s boyfriend of friend, I’m there to make sure she does all she can do. And, to show her what is possible.

    Hell! I’d forgotten how strong my legs are. This is only the 2nd time that we worked our legs last night, but I’m already lifting 450lbs in multiple sets 🙂

    You can DOOOO it anna! :hello2:

  4. *smothers Ben with kisses*

    I’m still here, Jessica!! I plan on posting tonight. I’ve just had lots and lots going on and not much computer time at night because of work outs and such. 🙂

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