The rash is back.

When Cassidy was younger every October she’d get this rash all over her body. It actually looks like chicken pox. Little red bumps all over her body. She scratches till they scab then scratches some more. Every year I’d threaten to cut her fingers off and fear that she’d end up with some nasty infection in one of the bumps.

When we moved to San Jose and out of the Valley Full of Death Spores it stopped. October rolled around and I stocked up on Benadryl, Calamine, and sharp knives and it just… didn’t ever happen. The second year came and went and still nothing.

Then Monday at Star Wars she started scratching her arm. And scratching and scratching and scratching. At one point I took her out to go to the bathroom and washed them with cold water hoping that it would get her to STOP WITH THE SCRATCHING FOR THE LOVE OF YODA! It didn’t work.

I just now (note the time) got her to go to sleep. The bumps are all over her arms face neck and starting to appear on her legs. *sigh* I’m going to take her to the doctor tomorrow and hear the same thing I hear ever year. “What the hell is THAT!? Let’s give her Benadryl and see if it goes away.” Hopefully the school doesn’t have a cow. Twice when she was in preschool they told me she HAD to have chicken pox and sent her home and it’s really frustrating because I can’t blame really them for being cautions. Well, in my lunatic mind I can but I’m trying to be reasonable here.

The worst part is it really was easier to get her not to scratch when she was younger and she actually believed that I would cut her fingers off. Now… not so much.

The night was made much more pleasant by a call I got a few minutes ago saying that the girl that her Dad and Mary are always watching has strep throat and passed it on to Carrielee this weekend when they all played together. You’d think that her dad or Mary would have called to tell me this but that would be like asking for a child support payment after 14 months… ridiculous.

Weekend Recap

Ben just helped level me to 33. That’s my highest level toon. YAY! I’m getting closer to that elusive 50 mark. Ben has a level 50 character and after he got that one to 50 started another one that’s now 37. Yeah, I’m taking my sweet time. Thanks for the help M’Love. 🙂

I cleaned most of the day Saturday. The house was in need of some TLC and with Cassidy gone it’s MUCH easier to focus on getting that done.

Ben and I had dinner with Marie and her husband Keven that night and afterwards they came over and we talked and laughed late into the night. T’was much fun. The next day Marie and I had lunch and went shopping. T’was even more fun. 😉

Cassisy came home yesterday. We both missed her but were glad to have a break for a few days. 🙂

We went to see Star Wars again this afternoon and this time took Cameron and Cassidy. She really seemed to like it. She’s loved the entire series almost as much as she loved the Lord of the Ring’s series. But LOtR seems to still be her favorite. Nobody can beat her Bilbo. Man, we are raising a complete GEEK.

And in conclusion, this week’s Unconscious Muttering:

  1. Crowd:: Stadium
  2. Hamburger:: Fat
  3. Choker:: Goth
  4. Lights:: X-mas
  5. Tinsel:: Ditto
  6. Testament:: Bullshit
  7. Best part of the day:: Bed/Cuddle time with The Benjamin
  8. Election:: Vote
  9. Clarinet:: Stefanie
  10. Cake or death:: Cake. Chocolate, please.


I just drove half way to Bakersfield and back to take Cassidy to see her grandma Amber and Carrielee. The only thing I can equate that drive to is banging my head on a large piece of concrete over and over and over and over…

Especially when Cassidy wants to listen to HER iPod playlist!! Brat. I have that hideous Akon song Lonely stuck in my head and it WON’T GET THE EFF OUT!

Pencil + Nose x Sneeze = Blood

Marie called me today at work. When she got to the school to pick up the girls Cassidy had blood on the front of her shirt. She’d had a bloody nose. The teacher (substitute) could not give her a reason why. :< She had Cassidy get on the phone and this is what followed:

Cassidy: Hi Mommy.
Me: Hi, baby. What happened to your nose?
Cassidy: Aziz put a pencil up my nose and it made me sneeze and it bled.
Me: … … …
Me: What?!
Cassidy: Aziz put a pencil up my nose and it…
Me: Yes, I heard you. Why did you let him sitck a pencil up your nose, Cassidy?
Cassidy: I didn’t want him to!
Me: Cassidy, please don’t let people stick things up your nose.
Cassidy: Okay, momma.
Me: And don’t stick them up there yourself either.
Cassidy: Okay, momma.
Me: You are moving out as soon as you turn 18.
Cassidy: Okay, momma.

Cassidy: Can I go to the park now?

PMS: Confirmed

There was verbal confirmation of PMS last night. I have a boyfriend who is so honest yet so sweet and diplomatic all at the same time. He’s the only person I’ve ever known who can call me a lunatic with such finesse. He’s also a geek. Which makes him VERY desirable. And I don’t mean that in a cute wholesome way.

So for the record I am not responsible for anything I post in the next three to four days due to the above mentioned lunacy. I should make a PMS catagory.

Carry on.

I think I might be Pre-Menstral

One of my Co-workers is a member of White Shrine, Amaranth, Rainbow Girls and every other ridiculous organization like them. She’s even ‘Grand Matron’ this year. Whatever that means. Apparenlty that’s something very important as she spent 20 minutes the other day telling me that it’s very important. She flew to North Carolina to be ‘Inducted’ and showed me the pictures. It was in a lodge (SEE: trailer equipped with tacky brown wood paneling walls) and all the girls wore matching blue taffeta dresses. Think Violet from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory after eating the gum. The men wore Kilts. Being Irish I found this festinating because my mom’s family is mostly Irish and none of them wear skirts to fancy dinners. She started in on some speech that she had clearly given at least 500 prior times (which I tuned out about three sentences in) on the importance of the Kilts.

Just now she spent 45 minutes on the phone (I’m not kidding, 45 MINUTES) discussing how they were going to coordinate dinner tomorrow. Dinner, meeting, dessert? Dinner, dessert, meeting? Meeting, dinner, dessert? Maybe Dinner, Dessert, Meeting, Coffee? No, Dinner, Coffee, Meeting, Dessert? Yes, that’s it! But who should make coffee? Sally made it one time and it was horrible. Patty made it and it took too long to serve. Mae made it last time so it’s not her turn. Doris has a turn coming up but she hasn’t called in three day’s so she’s just a hag and we hate her so CLEARLY she’s out.

Now, dinner. Chicken or beef? We had chicken last time but I can’t really eat beef so I think it should be chicken again. What about pizza? No, too informal. Ordering Chinese? No, not everybody likes that. Buffet? Yes, that will work. Who will bring what? Should we do an alpha split? How about a sign up sheet? Or maybe we can bring dessert so everybody should bring a main dish. But Sally brought a salad last time that had WILTED lettuce. And Mae thought it was okay to get TWO SERVINGS of spaghetti. Stupid wench. And that Doris again, can you believe she took MY spot at the table?! I mean, I know they aren’t LABELED.. but I’ve sat at that spot for like, 10 years it’s MY seat! Hag.

This entire process would not be so EXCRUCIATINGLY ridiculous to listen to if she didn’t have like FOUR of these meetings a week. It’s like 60 year olds living out high-school-type drama. And I can tell you that at 60, they are FAR more catty than the 14-18 year olds. They’d serve Doris the 14-18 year old’s up at the buffet.

Let’s see.

I spent two hours washing my car this morning. It really needed it since it had been well over a month since the last wash. People thought it was a grey car. heh.

In a few minutes we are leaving for a BBQ a little north of San Francisco. An hour drive… in the M3. The new suspension makes it a REALLY rough ride. But fun as hell.

I’m waiting for a shirt to dry. It’s a wife beater style tank top that fade’s from light pink to hot pink from the top tp the bottom. PINK IS SO CUTE!

I’ve comletely switched from IE to Firefox. And I love it.

I think I’ll take a nap on the way up there. I need it.

I also need to put on makeup.

Have a good Saturday, everybody. 🙂

I’m a Sith.

Star Wars Meme by sailor_phobos
1st 2 Ltrs of 1stname + Last 3 Ltrs of last name
1st 2ltrs of moms last name+Last 3ltrs of city brn
Sith or Jedi Sith
Skin Color Yellow
Eye Color Blue
Light Saber Color Green
How close you are to switching sides: 19%
You’re Random Star Wars Quote: Don’t underestimate the Force.
Your Padawan (if you’re a jedi) kickyou
Your apprentice (if you’re a sith) psyco_dough_boy
You’re Master forsaken4u
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I went to the doctor last Monday for various reasons. One of them being that I had another spot of hard skin. Solar Keratosis is what it is. This is the second one. The last one was on my breast and when I had the mole removed they froze the spot off. I didn’t really feel a thing and it fell off all on it’s own about a week later.

This time. What a freaking dilemma. When he froze it in burned SO BAD. I was really putting on the tough face because Cassidy was there but it was enough to really get me on edge. And I have an extremely high pain tolerance.

By the time I got home I was in so much pain I was nearly sick. Like in the bathroom, over the toilet, ready to lose lunch sick. The spot that he froze slowly grew in size and as it did the pain got worse. Finally about 11:00 I was able to MOVE and get into bed.

The next day I was horrified at what I saw. I kept it clean, covered and drenched in Neosporin and now it’s finally starting to CLOSE UP. Yes, it was an open wound for about six days. It’s the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It looks like part of my flesh had MOLDED. It’s just bad.

If it’s not doing REMARKABLY better in the next 48 hours I’m going back to the doctor and raising hell.

If you have a weak stomach, don’t click this.