Let’s see.

I spent two hours washing my car this morning. It really needed it since it had been well over a month since the last wash. People thought it was a grey car. heh.

In a few minutes we are leaving for a BBQ a little north of San Francisco. An hour drive… in the M3. The new suspension makes it a REALLY rough ride. But fun as hell.

I’m waiting for a shirt to dry. It’s a wife beater style tank top that fade’s from light pink to hot pink from the top tp the bottom. PINK IS SO CUTE!

I’ve comletely switched from IE to Firefox. And I love it.

I think I’ll take a nap on the way up there. I need it.

I also need to put on makeup.

Have a good Saturday, everybody. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s see.

  1. yay for clean BLACK cars! I’ve been hesitating since it keeps raining every other week.. but i’m pretty sure its done now and my car looks brand new. haha.

    Wifebeaters.. I can’t wear ’em, they don’t flatter me 🙁

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