So I’ve been meaning to start doing reviews of things I love and don’t love here for awhile to get the juices flowing but I haven’t come across anything that I love or hate so much that I feel like I need to write about it RIGHT NOW.

Until now.

For awhile I had been seeing ads on my Facebook feed for the site but for whatever crazy reason didn’t look at the comments or read any of the reviews before ordering from them.

I pretty much fell in love with this top so told Cassidy to find a few tops she liked and I’d order them all at once. She found two tops, I added one more and I placed the order on 6/5/2014 at 6:20AM. The time comes into play later!


Then I forgot about it till 11 days later when Cassidy asked me if they had shown up yet. I checked the status of my order and it said it hadn’t even shipped yet. So finally, I started to google them and read the HORRIBLE REVIEWS (much like this one!) and realized that the chances of my actually ever getting my order were slim to none and that most people didn’t get any response from their customer service so I opened a ticket on their site and also headed straight to Paypal and started a ticket to get my money refunded.

6/16/2014 06:27 PDT – Buyer: I ordered these clothes 11 days ago and they haven’t even shipped them out yet. I want to cancel my order and have opened at ticket with Sammydress

6/16/2014 20:49 PDT – Seller: Dear friend,Thank you very much for your purchase.I am so sorry to tell you that your order has not been shipped out yet. Because of the item YM4281802 is out of stock now. Would you mind we send the rest items which are in stock and refund the difference to you? If so, could you please kindly help me to cancel this dispute? I will arrange the shipment for you. If you don’t cancel this dispute, your order couldn’t be shipped out. Hope you could understand.Thank you very much for your support.Any questions please feel free to let me know, I will be glad to help you.Have a nice dayBest Regards

This actually made my blood BOIL because when I was looking back to see if I had somehow missed an “Out of Stock” notification I realized that RIGHT THERE ON THEIR SITE somebody had asked THE SAME DAY I ORDERED the top, 6 hours AFTER I ordered it in fact, that the shirt was in stock!


How was it that a shirt I ordered six hours BEFORE that comment saying it was in stock, suddenly out of stock!?

6/23/2014 18:44 PDT – Buyer: No, I want all my money back. I placed my order on June 5th and right on the product page for item YMH4281802 somebody asked if it was in stock and you said it was available in the size I ordered. I wanted these clothes for a specific event which has passed. Please refund me the full amount immediately. Thank you.

No response so I escelated my dispute to a claim.

6/28/2014 15:16 PDT – Buyer: I still have not received my items even though the day that I purchased them they clearly said on their website that they were available (I have a screen shot) they are saying now that they are unavailable. It has been almost a month. I just want my money back.

I finally got my money back on 6/28/2014. I can’t even believe a company like this manages to stay in business! When you click on the ads on Facebook it is HUNDREDS of people talking about what a rip off they are. The people that do, RARELY, actually get the clothes say they are either very cheap (which I get, they are CHEAP) but sometimes people get completely different things than were actually listed on the site.

Final word, don’t buy from them EVER. NEVER EVER. Crap. Complete an total waste of time and energy.

Busy Signal.

The other day Cassidy was calling a business where she has a job interview. She held the phone away from her face, looked at it puzzled, then listened again, then hung up and redialed. Then she repeated the entire process again.

Cassidy: Are you sure this is the right number?
Me: Yep, I read it back to her. Why?
Cassidy: It’s not ringing and the phone is making a weird noise.
Me: Like what?
Cassidy: *puts phone on speaker*
Me: That’s a busy signal.
Cassidy: *looks puzzled*
Me: She’s on the phone with somebody else. Hang up and keep trying till you get through.
Cassidy: Can’t she tell that I’ve been calling her over and over?!
Me: It’s a land line!
Cassidy: Who even does that anymore?

I had to think back to the last time that we had an actual land line. We got rid of it when we moved out of the first apartment we shared together and into our rental house in September 2005. So that was almost 9 years ago and Cassidy was just 6 at the time! SIX! So she has NEVER heard a busy signal! In her life! Before last Thursday!

Other things she finds odd but has never really experienced:

1) Pagers
2) TVs without remotes
3) Dialing a rotary phone
4) Mix tapes
5) Answering machines
6) Cameras that spit the photo out at you that you have to then shake to see
7) Machines that only exist to rewind your VHS tape
8) Drive in movie theaters
9) The scratch of a record player
10) Having to roll down the window in the car

And also, I am really old.

Time to cool off via chocolate overload! ;)