The Princess is sick. She threw up in the sink last night and didn’t even tell me!! When I asked her why she didn’t come wake me up she just said because her tummy hurt too bad. : (

Today she kept wanting to sit down when we went to Levitz with my mom to get a new couch. Then at Target she was practically begging me to carry her or let her get in the cart. Normally she’s darting in between racks of clothes chattering away non stop. Then at dinner at Buca De Beppo’s she took one bite of bread and told me she couldn’t eat anymore. The last few months she’s been eating as much in a sitting as I do. After the bite of bread she fell asleep with her head on my lap and didn’t even wake up when the ENTIRE ROOM sang my mom happy birthday. So all she’s had to eat today is a half a serving of a McDonalds fruit salad.

The worst part about being a mommy is the helpless feeling you get when your baby is sick. Normally she’s a very independent child but when she’s sick she tries to attatch herself to me and it hurts my insides when I can’t do anything to make her feel better.

Hives. Day 26.

When you take medicine that says “May Cause Drowsiness” what they really mean is “You Will Snore”. This isn’t so bad. Unless you snore while still in your cubicle at work. THAT could be bad. I can’t decide which is worse, constant scratching or feeling like a walking zombie.

They went away for about two days but as soon as I was off the Prednizone, they started to come back. This paragraph is mainly for my info. So just in case I’ve taken medicine before I go in to the doctor and start rambling incoherently I can point to the computer and tell him to read. heh Technology is fantastic.

Cassidy has a project due on Monday. We’ve been reading all about Benjamin Franklin. She’s also started multiplication. I swear I was a junior in highschool before we started learning multiplication. Not SECOND grade. I use a calculator to check her homework every night. Okay, maybe technology isn’t so great…

*falls back asleep*

Akismet. Scratching. ANTM.

I finally activated Aksimet to get control of some of the comment spam. YOU don’t have to worry about it because you never see it but I was getting 200+ emails a day asking to moderate comments. I activated it today and not a single spambot made it through. Hopefully nothing got sent there that shouldn’t have been. 283 comments were caught between 5:30AM and now.

I’m itching again. Suck. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have some scars on my wrist where I scratched for a month straight and until I had big sores on my arms. I don’t get it. I’ve NEVER had allergies before. This year I’ve had the Attack of the Killer Hives and I’ve spent the better part of two days on the couch dreading the next time my sinus medicine wears off. Today it was so bad that I got flushed and REALLY nauseated. Like, fetal position begging food to stay down nauseated for about 30 minutes.

Cassidy and I are shamelessly addicted to America’s Next Top Model. She tries to explain to them through the TV how to take better pictures and demonstrates her “walk” over and over and over. I think I actually get more of a kick out of her watching it than the show itself. She also thinks that Jade is “really lame” and has a *hands on hips* ‘BAD attitude”.

Editors Pick

I had a bit too much coffee to drink this morning and realized it had been awhile since I’d taken a vanity shot. I guess I got kinda bored of them for a bit. Or maybe bored of ME? I tried to make a cute face. Then I remembered it was 6:00AM. Then I tried to make a smoochy face. But that’s never been my “thing” and my ‘smoochy face’ looks more like ‘trout face’. Then I tried cute and hand gestures. That just looked stupid because I don’t to peace signs, I do middle fingers. Then I got tired of trying and went for “total moron”. And whadda you know? We have a winner!!

A few minutes after I sent it to the flickr and textamerica accounts, I got this email:

Click here for a full-sized image
Hello… This is a little note to let you know that you’ve been selected as an editors pick for your moblog named “Sidekick Love”. You may view it on the front page of textamerica.com.

Apparently, the editors at textamerica are blind.

Spam is whack, kids.

The comments are getting spammed like a mofo. 200+ yesterday, 70+ today. It seems as if every once in awhile some spambot comes around and starts hitting all the posts in pretty much sequential order. It’s now on this post from November of last year so hopefully the bastard will go away soon. If you post something and it gets deleted in the mess I’m very, very, very, very sorry. You should only be moderated the first comment you make anyway unless you use a new email addy.

Traci, I found your comment. It was #74 from yesterday’s mess. It’s there now. : )

I’m happy to report that I’ve only itched about 10 times today and it was only during a stressful conversation. I am officially on the road to recovery. So, if you are here from some search engine ‘hives are teh suck’ hit or something, push away from the computer and RUN to the nearest doctor for some Prednizone.

Also, something totally bloggable happened at work today that would have made you all laugh and would have proved my “kinda bitchy-ness” but I’m really skeptical about posting work stuff here anymore in the off chance somebody would happen to stumble across it. Ben and I kinda broached this topic at dinner last night and really, the job/pay/free health benefits are more important to me than making you all laugh. So, till I find some more convenient way to post them, you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you how fun it is to work with 350 retarded monkeys women. heh

Subscribe!! All the cool kids are doing it…

To make it more convenient to listen to my bitching, I’ve added a subscribe button up there under the title. *points up*

Enter your address and you’ll be sent an email whenever I post so you’ll never miss out on anything brilliant I have to say!! Oh, and if you visit and read, don’t feel shy to comment. I swear I don’t bite. Especially the people I like.

*points to The Bean*

Kinda bitchy

It has recently come to my attention that I come across as “kinda bitchy” online. I’d like to clear this up…

I come across as “kinda bitchy” online, offline, and any region in between. Telling me this is not likely to change that but since it’s been addressed I’ll now clear it up for anybody that might choose to whine about it in the future.

You can choose to deal with a girl who has an opinion or an answer to a question or a FUCKING CLUE in two ways. You can be one of the girls I tend to not associate with that just sits back and slings mud and cries and creates undue drama* (SEE: If you’ve ever been called an Attention Whore you probably fall into this category). Or, you can accept the girl for what she is, an assertive girl who knows more than a lot of guys about cars and computers and isn’t afraid to voice an opinion or let herself be heard.

This is not to say that my opinion or answer is always the right one (although it is more than it isn’t HA!). But if you can’t take or handle criticism, or knowing that if I don’t agree with you I’m going to let you know that then your best bet would be to climb back under that rock from which you came.

By the way, the Prednazone worked. So expect me to be back to my regularly posting, bitchy self as of… NOW!!

*This is not to say that I don’t have fun watching/partaking in drama. Especially E-drama. Watching girls (or guys as the case may be but they are not NEARLY as catty) piss all over themselves over a blog post, or a forum post is too fun to not pay attention to.

Hives. Day 18.

Worse than ever. All over chest, hands, arms, neck, jawbone, knees, thighs. Absolutely miserable.

Had a shot of steroids yesterday. Taken today: 3 Atarax, 1 Singulair. No better now than BEFORE 3 Atarax and 1 Singulair. Need to pick up from pharmacy and take today: 1 Prednazone, 1 Tagamet. Don’t have high hopes about the state of hives afterwards because the SHOT of steroids didn’t work, don’t see what a lower dosage in PILL form is going to do other than make me MORE moody and bloated.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a doctor. Third doctor in two weeks. Will walk in and demand referral to allergist. Don’t talk, don’t look, don’t tell me you’ve seen worse, don’t give me more drugs that are going to make me irritable and tired and bloated and NOT ANY FUCKING BETTER. Just referral to allergist, please/thank you.

Now, I’m off to pick up all perishable food from refrigerator and drive it to my moms house so it doesn’t spoil before Friday when they can bring us the new WORKING one. Don’t have much to take… only about $200 worth of food I bought Monday to feed the little brother all week.

Hope your week is going better than mine.

The End.

*scratch* *scratch*

(Wrote this yesterday.)

I fully intended to come home today and clean, clean, clean because my dad will be here to see our new house for the first time tomorrow…

But I had to go to urgent care because I broke out in hives. All over my body. Also to the cable company to pick up a new box for the new TV. Then Ben had Ivan over to move the old TV out of the way and the new monster TV in. Then we treated him to dinner for the help. Then to the pharmacy. For the SECOND time. During all this I somehow managed to get The Princess to get her homework done.

And now I just want to go crawl into bed and scratch the hives. All over my body. But instead I’m confined to the bathroom (medicine is making me SPRINT to the bathroom.. often) reading blogs on the Sidekick and trying to come up with excuses to tell my dad about the state of the house. I have a few good ones too! Heh.

I did get two loads of laundry done. And that’s something.