The Princess is sick. She threw up in the sink last night and didn’t even tell me!! When I asked her why she didn’t come wake me up she just said because her tummy hurt too bad. : (

Today she kept wanting to sit down when we went to Levitz with my mom to get a new couch. Then at Target she was practically begging me to carry her or let her get in the cart. Normally she’s darting in between racks of clothes chattering away non stop. Then at dinner at Buca De Beppo’s she took one bite of bread and told me she couldn’t eat anymore. The last few months she’s been eating as much in a sitting as I do. After the bite of bread she fell asleep with her head on my lap and didn’t even wake up when the ENTIRE ROOM sang my mom happy birthday. So all she’s had to eat today is a half a serving of a McDonalds fruit salad.

The worst part about being a mommy is the helpless feeling you get when your baby is sick. Normally she’s a very independent child but when she’s sick she tries to attatch herself to me and it hurts my insides when I can’t do anything to make her feel better.

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  1. Aww Poor girl, My niece is sick and all she wanted was to be held and to eat french fries, we let her cause for the past 3 days all she has done is throw up 🙁

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