No eggrolls for you!

While watching the funeral scene in Grand Torino there were people carrying in platters PILED with food on them for the old grouchy guy because his wife died and I guess they assumed that men aren’t capable of making a sandwich or something.

Me: We should pretend like I died. For the food. Then, when people get here we can be all HAHAH JUST KIDDING… but leave the eggrolls.
Ben: I think that’s a good idea. But let’s not pretend.
Me: …
Ben: haha I was kidding.
Me: I am blogging this right now.
Ben: Why are you suddenly blogging everything I’m saying!?

Because, Ben! There needs to be a public record of things like this. Now watch, when I die, YOU AREN’T GOING TO GET ANY EGGROLLS!



Ben is pretty awesome at a lot of things. LOTS! Like, he’s very good at never EVER leaving a toilet seat up. He’s a champion cookie eater. And he’s the best dog cuddler you will EVER MEET.

But one thing he’s far above average at is driving. We joke back and forth quite often (mainly I joke) about who is a better driver but he is hands down one of the best drivers I’ve ever gotten into a car with. And I don’t just mean every day driving around town. I mean like, get him on a track and he will give you a ride like you have never had before. The times I rode with him I often hopped between THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME and OMG WE ARE GOING TOO FAST TO MAKE THAT TURN then followed that up by I AM GOING TO HURL GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR!!

Watching these videos often makes me nauseated. When you are in the car, those high speed turns, the force of the car fighting against what all the laws of nature say should not be possible… the video just doesn’t do it justice. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Ben hasn’t driven like that since his accident. I know he misses it. It’s in his nature.

So Monday when he sent me an email about going Karting with some of the guys from work I was like YES! GO DO THAT! Because Ben after driving fast is the best kind of Ben to be around.

Win or die.

I was totally kidding.

Kind of.

But I had no doubt that he’d come home with these:

My husband is #WINNING.

It’s a good thing too because he’s also an excellent source of heat on cold nights. I can’t imagine how much it would cost me to have to try and stay warm if he wasn’t around.

Happily married for 1367 days.

Tonight as Ben was explaining something to me:

Ben: It’s happening consistently and regularly.
Me: Consistently and regularly is redundant.
Ben: You aren’t contributing to the conversation.
Me: I’m contributing to your education.
Ben: You are contributing to my hand to your face.

<3 This is normal. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I blame Edward Cullen.

So yeah. NaBloPoMo. Fail.

I blame Edward Cullen.

Thursday was crazy. I bought tickets for The midnight premier of Breaking Dawn Part 1 at the beginning of the week online and had planned on coming home, taking a nap, then heading over to the theater around 7:00PM to get in line. I figured showing up 5 hours early would be a bit overkill but it would give us time to sleep and eat dinner before going and still be one of the first people in line.

I really underestimated just how much crazy teenagers love their vampires.

On the way home from work I decided that it might not be a bad idea to get the tickets early since we’ve had problems before getting tickets there after buying them online. So after running upstairs to change, Cassidy and I headed off to the theater and got there around 4:00PM and there were already people in line. At 4:00PM. 8 hours before the movie started. So as we were getting the tickets I asked the girl working there and she said that the people in the front got there at 8:30AM. In the morning. SIXTEEN HOURS EARLY. She also told me that they had sold over 820 tickets for the movie.

Cassidy was like… we need to be in line RIGHT NOW.

And so here is an interesting fact about me: I have to be the first person (group) into the theater. Second in is okay but if there are three people (groups) in there that means that the selection of BEST SEATS has now been taken by people that were more prepared than I was and during the entire movie I will be annoyed that the second people in there have BETTER SEATS THAN ME. And it will ruin it. And we might as well just go home because the movie sucks.

The End.

I want good seats!

We were back in line around 5:00PM with chairs, blankets and carnitas burritos from the Taco joint next to the theater. And then about 15 minutes later I was like HOLY SHIT IT’S COLD WE NEED BETTER GEAR. Cassidy’s Twilight blanket was just NOT cutting it.

Wrapped up in her Twilight blanket waiting in line. Only 6.5 hours to go!

After Cassidy’s friend got there I left them to discuss Edward & Bella vs Edward & Jacob and ran back to the house to grabbed scarves, gloves, a few down comforters and some hot chocolate for the girls and a coffee for me. It was about 7:00PM when I got back, the time I had PLANNED on getting there, and the line was down the front of the building, down the side of the building, around the corner and half way down the back of it. I am REALLY GLAD we happened to stop by at 4:00PM. I would NOT have been the 1st (or 2nd or 14th) person in the theater.

I settled in for the long wait with my coffee and a Sookie Stackhouse book on my Nook while the girls ate candy to “stay away” and did laps around the building to let me know how much the line had grown as well as take MANY trips to the bathroom. I think it was warm in the bathroom.

We were finally let in around 10:45PM and they had five theaters open. You got to choose which one you wanted to go into and I choose the one more out of the way thinking the group of 40 in line in front of us would have gone into the closer, bigger theaters and I was right. We were the third group in. And although it cause a slight heart palpitation, we ended up getting the seats I wanted with the bar in front of us instead of seats so we could put our feet up.

Ben showed up at exactly 10:45PM and waited in line long enough to hand his ticket to the attendant to get in the door. He was the clear WINNAR.

So that’s why I didn’t blog on Thursday. We got home about 2:30AM, I was asleep by 3:00AM. My alarm went off an hour and a half later to get up for work. It was brutal.

When I got home from work on Friday I wrote the previous blog and Cassidy and I fell asleep. Woke up long enough to go to dinner with Ben then came home and fell asleep again for the night. I didn’t realize till today that the previous blog had never posted. So basically now I’m TWO days behind. I’m done with NaBloPoMo but that’s okay. I’ve had a good time and feel like I’ve gotten my “blogging legs” back. I also think that when I don’t feel like I have to post EVERY day that my posts will be better. Better quality, a little less often.

Starting tomorrow. When I write a review of the new Twilight movie. Basic synopsis: MEH.

Again, I blame Edward Cullen.


So I technically missed yesterday’s post but I’m back dating this. I’M CHEATING. But because I literally had NO CHANCE to post yesterday. I’ll explain this in a few hours when I’ve had some sleep. 1.5 hours of sleep is NOT ENOUGH. In a nutshell yesterday (today if you’re going by the date of this post) this happened:

This is why I'm tired. NAPTIME!



Question and Answers with Cassidy. Two years later.

February of 2009 I shot this video of the Cassidy. She said something funny and I was like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? So I grabbed the camera, she grabbed her Hannah Montana microphone, and I peppered her with questions. We happened across it today while watching videos and we were laughing SO HARD it just seemed like the perfect time to do it again!

So here we go. No Hannah Montana this time, no Jonas brothers, instead it’s Paramore and Edward.

The end killed me. The end is literally Cassidy, channeling me. Except with no cuss words.

(PS – Not sure why it’s not defaulting to HD, choose 720P for less grainy goodness. *shakes fist at YouTube*)

Ummm, yeah.

I really hate to do this, HATE, but I’m kind of phoning it in today. I’ve been trying to find a new theme to put up here and I’m like WHAT IS ALL THIS STUFF!? There are a TON of really awesome themes out there but really? They are… too much. Snippets on the index instead of full posts, images required for EVERY POST title, flashy shit everywhere. I just want a simple, uncluttered, SIMPLE THEME.

I’m starting to realize more and more that I’m going to have to take something I can find that’s close and modify the hell out of it. Ideally, I wanted to have something that required little to no coding but that’s just not going to happen. I spent a few hours tonight playing around with a few contenders and ran out of time to post something worth saying.

If you all have any themes that you OMGLOVE and aren’t OMG OVER THE TOP FLASHY let me know.

Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday and have an even better Wednesday.

Fire list.

Most people who know me know that I’m agnostic. I have a science mind. I believe proof. If you can prove to me that Santa Clause is real, I will believe it. I believed in Santa Clause when I was a child, but I stopped a long time ago. For the same reason, I do not believe in a higher being.

Show me proof! Show me the REINDEER! Show me the bunny that lays Easter Eggs! Show me the pot at the end of the rainbow.


Sorry, I got carried away.

So most people who know me would probably be really surprised to know that these two things below are two of my most prized possessions in the world.


One is a Bible given to me by one of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. It was a Christmas present. Less than a year later she was gone forever.

After her funeral I collected all the funeral programs I had and tucked them in there. Since then I’ve added a few more. One for her husband, Gerald. One for Julie’s amazing father.

I still look to this book every once in awhile because while I think a lot of it is bullshit diatribe, I think if you look to it with the right perspective and in the the right light, it can be a good source of wisdom.

The Rosary was a gift from my dad and step-mom when I was in high school. It’s made out of rosewood and smells DIVINE. As good now as it did the day I got it. I remember in my private Catholic school learning about the mysteries of the Rosary. I remember how I hated that class even though I found the study of religion somewhat fascinating. I remember how EASY life was back then even though in my 16 year old mind I was certain that life would NEVER BE MORE COMPLICATED THAN IT IS RIGHT NOW.

When I see it now, I remember to take a deep rose scented breath and that no matter what, life could be harder, life could be easier, but life is just life. It’s never so bad that you can’t handle it.

Everybody has their “fire list”. What would you grab out of your house if you had 1 minute. And yes, my cell phone and my laptop are on that list, so are my favorite clothes and my camera but just above all of those other possessions are these two things. With these two things I will always remember where I’ve been, who came before me and that the future is always out there in front of you, full of promise and more people to love you along the way.

1 year with Samus.

The day we bought Kumo and brought him home was an awesome day… to everybody except Hans. Hans thought it was THE WORST DAY EVER and proceeded to try and eat Kumo’s face off. After that if a cat came within 50 feet of Kumo he’d try and climb your leg to get away from the scary cat who weighed 50 pounds less than him. Hans has NEVER taken to the dogs and because of the way that Kumo met him, he’s always been scared of cats. So for a long time Ben and I threw around the idea of getting a kitten and trying to reintroduce Kumo to cats with something a little less threatening and FACE EATING.

So a year ago today our friend Lisa posted to Facebook that the San Jose animal shelter had WAY TOO MUCH CUTE of the kitten variety and was giving them away fixed and vaccinated for $10. On a whim, we drove up to see if we could find our zoo a new member.

At first I really loved these two all black kittens but they were really skittish and Ben was unreasonably against bringing two cats home. MEANIE!

Then they brought in this tiny grey female. She scampered across the bench, crawled into Ben’s lap and started to purr so loudly I’m pretty sure the windows shook a little. We wanted something calm and cute for Kumo and that is exactly what this little girl was.

So Samus came home with us.

When we introdued her to Kumo this time we did it through a crate door, calmly and for longer times slowly. A few hours later we placed Samus next to Kumo as he laid on the floor and Kumo SHOOK. He was like GET IT AWAY FROM ME I AM SCARED. SO WHAT IF IT’S ONLY AS LONG AS MY NOSE!?

But he got over it quickly. Especially when Danica was like WOOOOHOOOO WE GOT A NEW PUPPY TO PLAY WITH YEAH! From about the second day she’s been home, she’s been one of the pack… of dogs. I’ve never SEEN a cat that acts so much like a dog.

Eats when the dogs eat, wants to go out when the dogs go out, sleeps on the floor with the dogs, she is a kittydog. She also liked water which we realized about three days in when I was in the bathtub and she jumped in… then just hung out in the water.

When we had her about a week, this happened:

I think I'll sit RIGHT HERE!

So while Hans still very much wants to eat Kumo’s face for dinner, he can be around cats now without laying on the floor and convulsing. Plus, we got this crazy kittydog that plays with Danica, Kumo and all the dogs that come over to visit.


Samus has no concept of personal space.


Samus makes an excellent pillow.

Saturday Snapsots.

For the last two days I’ve been in denial about the fact that I feel like crap. Not, period crap, like I’m-going-to-hurl crap. Finally today I took my temp and, YEP! Just under 100 degrees. Great.

I did start a Day In The Life and was doing pretty well till I just felt too bad to care. So here are some shots of my Saturday. Just a few.

Post run stretching. Looking back, going running when I felt the way I did was probably not the best idea.

Post run stretching today. Looking back that probably wasn't the best idea with how I'm feeling.

How adorable is that dimple?

Dimples are cute.

Husband smile. <3

Husband smile. <3

Moments before I took my temp and decided that today was officially over.

Moments before I took my temp and realized the reason I feel like throwing up is because I'm getting sick. Bother.

Took a long nap, Ben and Cassidy brought me some food and now I’m about to lay back down and cuddle with my love on the couch while I fall asleep and try to sleep off this nausea.

Forcing my body to feel better tomorrow because there is STUFF TO DO. STUFF NEEDS TO GET DONE.


Hope you all are having fabulous weekends!