Saturday Snapsots.

For the last two days I’ve been in denial about the fact that I feel like crap. Not, period crap, like I’m-going-to-hurl crap. Finally today I took my temp and, YEP! Just under 100 degrees. Great.

I did start a Day In The Life and was doing pretty well till I just felt too bad to care. So here are some shots of my Saturday. Just a few.

Post run stretching. Looking back, going running when I felt the way I did was probably not the best idea.

Post run stretching today. Looking back that probably wasn't the best idea with how I'm feeling.

How adorable is that dimple?

Dimples are cute.

Husband smile. <3

Husband smile. <3

Moments before I took my temp and decided that today was officially over.

Moments before I took my temp and realized the reason I feel like throwing up is because I'm getting sick. Bother.

Took a long nap, Ben and Cassidy brought me some food and now I’m about to lay back down and cuddle with my love on the couch while I fall asleep and try to sleep off this nausea.

Forcing my body to feel better tomorrow because there is STUFF TO DO. STUFF NEEDS TO GET DONE.


Hope you all are having fabulous weekends!

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