Just Sayin’: Carpool Lane Abusers.

In busy areas in California we have carpool lanes, specific lanes designated to vehicles with more than one person created to decrease congestion and coax people into ride sharing. Depending on the area, the laws for the lanes differ. In LA they are designated carpool lanes 24 hours a day and often once you get in one, you have to wait till specific spots to get out or back in. Here in the Bay Area there are areas where you have to have 3 or more people but mostly they are 2 or more. But pretty much everywhere in the Bay Area, they are only carpool lanes 5:00AM to 9:00AM and then 3:00PM till 7:00PM Monday through Friday only. You know, high traffic times. The rest of the time anybody who wants can be in the lane.

No matter where you are in the state, the far left lane, the fast lane, is always the carpool lane. It doesn’t stop becoming a fast lane at 3:00PM, it just becomes a fast lane that cars with more than one person are allowed to be in.

I get really, really, REALLY annoyed when at 2:30PM there is a car with two people doing 68 MPH in the carpool lane with cars flying by them and passing them on the right. Many times it’s old people that probably shouldn’t be driving anyway since they haven’t been able to figure out that it’s NOT A CARPOOL LANE AT 2:30PM EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A SIGN EVERY 50 GODDAMN FEET TELLING YOU THIS IS THE CASE.

The rest of them are just inconsiderate and/or illiterate assholes that think having that extra butt in a seat means they get to drive in the fast lane at 3 MPH over the speed limit blocking traffic and causing cars to play lane tag to get around them. Really, this just slows traffic down and often times leads to rear end accidents that FURTHER slow traffic down and this is exactly why I’ve decided that Carpool Lane Abusers are on my Worst Kind of Human List.

I haven’t exactly compiled a complete list so it’s very short at this point but I plan to add to is as I go along in life. Feel free to offer suggestions! This is what I have so far:

  1. Crack addicts
  2. Carpool Lane Abusers
  3. People that don’t pick up their dog’s poop at the dog park.
  4. People that touch me for any reason unless you are somebody I don’t hate (and even then don’t touch me).