Happily Ever After

I left for Bakersfield on Friday at about 2:30PM. I got back at 3:00AM last night.

I was there go see my cousin get married. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding despite the downpour that started as the wedding was about to begin. I’ll write more about it in the next day or two. After the wedding we pulled The Reid Family Room Raid on the wedding couples hotel room. It’s a Reid tradition that whenever something big happens (weddings, graduations) we ‘decorate’ their rooms. Jarrett and Katies hotel room was decorated with 9 rolls of toilet paper, 3 cans of silly string, 3 rolls of streamers, 1 ton of confetti, 2 bags of assorted chocolates, a short sheeted bed & 1/3 of a tub full of ice. In a later post I’ll also get into what an anal, neat freak my cousin is. HA!

It was really a lot of fun. I got on the road at midnight last night for two reasons 1) To avoid traffic today from the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday and 2) My Benjamin needed me to come home.

So, that’s where I’ve been for two days. After I’ve fully recovered from the trip I’ll post the rest of the details.

Happy Gorge Yourself on Food Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m now posting the obligatory Thanksgiving Blog Picture. You’ll see one on every blog you go to today. 😉

I’m also posting a link to what was going to be my Thanksgiving layout but I never got up the gumption to break the image down to code it. You can look at it the image and imagine how cute it would be to be reading this post on that layout. HA!

Anyway, I’m off to shower and then head to my moms for the all day cooking/eating fest. Hope you all have wonderful days!!

Random Bits of Randomness.

I’ll edit and post them throughout the day as they pop into my head.

10:15AM – I have a canker sore on the roof of my mouth. I think I got it yesterday when I was taking my test at work. I brought some peanut M&M’s to munch on. My mouth is REALLY sensitive to rough stuff like that. I suck on them and then the roof of my mouth gets really raw. Sour patch kids do the same thing. It hurts to eat… and drink my Diet Pepsi. Damn M&M’s.

10:48AM – My co-worker has been on the phone yacking with her “friend” (SEE: the man that’s not her husband that she talks to all the time that her husband does not know about) for 30 minutes. Generally she hangs up with him then has the exact same conversation with her husband. Let’s see if I’m right…

11:26AM – I was right. She’s now on the phone with a girlfriend.

11:27AM – Back on with her husband!!

12:51PM – Girls, even if you weigh 100 pounds and have legs that are five feet long… panty lines still look like crap. There are enough panty lines around here to make Victoria break the Secret. I feel like pulling one aside into a dark room and saying ever so quietly, “The secret is g-strings. Pass it along.’

4:53PM – I was trying to track down a computer issue about two months ago and one of the problems that I had was whenever I tried to burn a CD, my computer would blue screen. I took my burner out and put Cassidy’s CD-ROM into my conputer to troubleshoot. So when Ben built my new machine (because he’s such a wonderful boyfriend with the surprises like that) he just put the ROM in because that’s what was in my old one. Well, it was actually a memory issue.. so now I REALLY need to burn a new CD because the one in my car took a total crap and I CAN NOT listen to the radio anymore when I could have my 130 FAVORITE songs right there at my fingertips on a new CD if I could FIND my damn burner!!!

If whoever took it out of my bedroom and hid it from me (which was SO MEAN) would kindly return it I’d be ever so thankful.


I’m ready for a new layout. I have a Thanksgiving layout all designed it just needs to be coded which takes like no time using the same layout format… BUT I’m thinking that I want something totally different. *sigh* With the Holiday’s coming up, I don’t want to design a holiday layout then have to design a totally new layout right after Christmas.

Maybe it’s just a mood. I like this layout. For some reason I just feel the need for change. Maybe if I get the Thanksgiving layout up that will go away??



Post passwords can be found at the forum if you have access.

I recently wiped out all my @annastacy.com addresses so if I was emailing you passwords or you want it mailed to you let me know at antigone78@gmail.com .

More food talk

Last night: BBQ chicken, garlic mashed potato’s, peas and rolls.
Tonight: Steak Fajitas w/ red and green bell peppers, onions and all the fixings (cheese, avacado, lettuce, tomato, etc…)

When it’s hot outside I hate to have to cook. Now that it’s like 30 below here in San Jose I’m SO in the mood for home cooked meals. Mmmmm.

Conversations with me!!

Last night, laying on the couch with Ben watching the Swan… which we both think should be called the Butterfly, not The Swan because The Swan makes no sense at all. Anyway:

Me: *scratching my head* My head is getting really bad again. I’ve had to use that head medicine three times today.
Ben: *trying to hold in the laughter and NOT doing a good job*
Me: *thinks for a second* The external head medicine, not the internal head medicine.
Ben: *not able to hold in the laughter anymore*
Me: Ass!
Ben: YOU said it!

Damn scalp is driving me crazy again.. and I’m crazy enough as it is!!

Full to the max.

I made the most YUMMY dinner tonight. I really love to cook but when I went off the Zoloft I started to get back into that lazy slump. Last night Ben and I had a long talk and I realized that I he and I had both been spending so much time trying to get ME better that his needs had all but fallen off the map of the realtionship.

Now that I’m back on some medicine and starting to get some motivation back, I want to start filling some of HIS needs because Lord knows that he’s been here for me and done more than any boyfrined should be expected to do.

So today I asked him what he wanted for dinner so I could make him a nice meal. We had chicken grilled on the Goerge Forman grill then broiled with mozarella cheese and to top it off I made some sauteed mushrooms. We also had fresh pasta with Pesto sauce. AND.. he REALLY wanted fresh bread from the bread maker but the Safeway by us doesn’t sell the box mix. I was NOT coming home without the means to make him fresh bread so I went to the bakery and convinced the nice lady to give me a loaf of sourdough that had not been baked yet and she did. I brought it home, slathered it in olive oil and baked it. Man it was yummy. To top it all off I got him grape soda! 😉

I’m very greatful for everything that he’s done for me and I could never put into words how much it’s helped me and kept me from the brink of absolute distruction. I’m going to start doing more for him. I figure if I just do one small thing for him a day that by the time we’re 60 I’ll have made up for everything he’s done for me in the last two years.