So yeah.

I swear I’ve been working on a layout but I trash everything once it’s about 90% done. And I’m not going to finish coding the content till I have a design somewhat finished. I’ll try to have something rather than dull, grey, blahness up as soon as I can.

Need. Inspiration.

I told you so.

SEE! Pictures! I told you so! I had a really great time. 🙂

Loved spending time with the online girls that I wish I could see more! But we have a good time when we DO get together.

I was also really needing an Amber & Carrielee fix. Bad. It was just an added plus that I also got to spend the weeked harassing Gene too! :mrgreen:

Pictures here.


HA! My site looks like hell in FireFox! FANTASTIC! Should be fixed by the end of the day. In the meantime, there’s City Of Heroes to be played.

Had such a fantastic time this weekend!!! Pictures and recap to follow.

Back to B-town

I had some last minute plans pop up that are going to have me in Bakersfield for the weekend. Taking the Princess down to spend some time with Amber and Carrielee. On Monday I’m taking her to her dad’s and she’s staying there for the week since she’s out of school.

What’s absolutely fantastic is that Eu’s birthday is tomorrow so she’s letting me take her to lunch or dinner or something on Saturday. Her choice. 🙂 Hopefully Kristen will make it up there too. I’m excited.

Under Construction

Things are going live as they are done. I did the guestbook tonight. Mainly because it’s really easy to get up and my head is hurting but I felt like I need to do SOMETHING. And now I’m going to bed.

Seeing my general practitioner tomorrow. I have to get rid of this headache. They HAVE to figure what the hell is going on. 😐


Ben made me wait till we were at dinner saturday to open my V-day gift. Which of course he wrapped in this usual NetGear router box. He has wrapped something in that for the last 3 holiday’s. At least.

Anyway, I did not expect at ALL what I got. I got a ring and matching earrings. The most beautiful that I’ve ever owned. They are just SO me. White gold like I love, and the diamonds in a flower layout. 🙂 It’s something that had I been there myself, I know I would have picked. He knows me well.

Thanks, Ben. For once again giving me the best Valentines Day yet. 😳 *kiss*


This is a very very very rough start to what’s going to eventually be a new layout. There is lots of work to be done but I’ve found that I’m more likely to work on this stuff if it’s live so.. here ya go.

I hope that everybody has a fantastic V-Day. :heart:


-My head is still hurting a tad. I’ve been sticking to my diet but per the nurse I need to take it really easy at the gym. I’m really hating that. I like my biceps. And I can’t make them bigger till I can push them again. Go away nasty headache!!

-The card a day plan has gone off wonderfully. On Wednesday I bought him 12 red heart mylar balloons and took them to nVidia. All the girls there could not believe that a GIRL had done that for her boyfriend. Women can be so catty. They expect the perfect Valentines but they don’t so shit in return. It’s felt absolutley wonderful to spoil Ben a little. And he’s been enjoying it so much that I don’t want to stop!!!

When I came home today there was a box of See’s chocolates on my desk and I got a a bunch of pretty red and white roses**. 🙂 I’m excited about tomorrow. Instead of getitng Ben a present he opted to have some extra parts installed on the car today and call that his Valentines Gift.

-In the last week or two there have been SO many times that I’ve wanted to post about work happenings. Some of the stuff that goes on there and the pettyness of the women just amazes me. I’ve never had to deal with women like that.. let alone that MANY of them and I just shake my head in utter disbelief sometimes. I’m really careful and NEVER even MENTION the fact that I have a personal website but the risk of losing a $20 an hour job with fully paid benefits is just not something I’m too keen on. I might just start password protecting some of the posts. Because seriously people, it’s just too comical sometimes NOT to make fun of them. heh

-Cassidy lose her third tooth and three more are REALLY loose. We are shopping for dentures now.

Have a good weekend all!! 🙂

P.S. – Chris I swear to God I have not forgotten you. I’ll post really soon!! :mrgreen:

**Yes. My desk is an absolute mess. SO WHAT?!


For the last two weeks when I go to the gym I get massive, horrid headaches. As soon as I start to lift weight it’s like this pressure builds up in my head and continues to build until it’s so unberable it literally almost drops me to the ground and makes me get sick enough to vomit. By the end of a set of 12 reps I’m hurting so bad that it takes about five full minutes for the pain to subside enough to do another set. And when I do the next set, since my head is already hurting, I can only do about 8-10 reps AT MOST before the pain is unbearlable again. At that rate it would take me almost three hours to work half of my body. To me it feels like a sinus headache but it never starts hurting till I’m actually working my body. It’s right at the front of my head. behind my eyes.

I don’t know what to do because I can’t work out like that. Tonight I did three full sets of an arm exercise and had to go home. And that was at 6:00 and it’s 9:30 now and my head STILL hurts. It really frustrates me because I get really upset with myself when I can’t complete my workout. It feels like a whole day was wasted.

I’m going to make an appt tomorrow to see a Dr ASAP. I’m not giving up on working out. I *want* to do it. It feels SO good to work my body and I get such satisfaction out of seeing the results I’m getting and all the strength I’ve gained. There’s just only so much pain I can take. I have a REALLY high pain tolerance and up till tonight I was just working through it. But tonight it was finally just too much to take. I was literally starting to tear up on the floor of the gym. And I have to REALLY be hurting to show that weakness.


What a weekend!!

Saturday I got up at 8:00AM (!!!) and did laundry since I knew that I would not have time to do it the rest of the weekend. At noon I drove Ben to pick up the M3. It looks fabulous. They did an awsome job of matching and blending the hood and fenders to match the rest of the car. Then I took The Princess in for a hair cut which she’s been begging me for for over a month now. Got home from the haircut at about 2:30, showered, packed and was out the door at 3:15 to drop off Cassidy at my moms and head to Bakersfield.

Got to Bakersfield at 8:00PM and headed straight to Frugatti’s to meet Charlie and Lisa for Garlic Chicken Calzone DELUX. *starts drooling* Finished up with them and headed over to Dan’s to give him The Granny. We were supposed to hang out with Chris but he had prior plans he could not break so we ended up hanging out with Dan, his new roomate Chris (funny fellow) and Dickie till about 2:00AM when we crashed out on Dan’s couch.

*deep breath*

Woke up at 6:30AM Sunday and had eaten and were back on Interstate 5 by 7:20AM. Got home about 11ish, showered, went shopping for food and headed to Sil’s to watch the big game. Ate too much. Felt like I wanted to never ever eat another bite of food in my entire life and considered possibly giving up free days alltogether. Got Cassidy as soon as the game was over (I was missing her a lot), visited with my mom for a bit, came home, answered some email and passed out about 9:30PM.

I need a few days to recover from the weekend. heh