Holy Stollen Bandwidth

I was skimming over my site stats for the first time in a few months because… well, because I was at 127% productivity for the week and I think that means I’m allowed to stop working. It also means I’m insta-bored and watching the clock slowly inch closer and closer to 2:30.

ANYWAY! My bandwidth which normally hoveres around 500-600MB a month suddenly jumped to 1.09GB last month and is pushing 970MB this month. ALL of this has been from hotlinkers. (Well, almost all of it. There are a few people out there who check out the site A LOT while thinking I don’t know but I do know and… *waves middle finger at them*)

I mean, there are about 40,000,000 free image hosters out there according to a simple google search. They host images FOR FREE. F.R.E.E. I do not. I pay for it. And it’s not like I pay any huge amount for it because I’m with the best hosting company in the world run by the best webmistress/web designer in the world and even though I’ve more than DOUBLED the amount of bandwidth I’m supposed to use in a month and she hasn’t said a word, it still bugs me.

To me it’s like tapping into your neighbors water supply. They don’t really feel the effect at first. You conserve. You take 5 minute showers and turn the water off when you brush your teeth and only flush if it’s solid… but after a few months of getting away with it you get greedy. The guilt starts to fade, assuming there was any in the first place, and suddenly you’re letting the kids play in the sprinklers for a few hours while filling up the swimming pool.

I don’t so much mind if somebody takes a silly blinking Santa image and uses it on one blog post to wish all her readers Merry Christmas. To me that’s reasonable. But when you take that image and post it in the comment form of ever single “friend” you have on MySpace, well… YOU SHOULDN’T DO THAT! Or on every forum you post on. Or on every other community blog site you post on. Because every one of those 1,600 “friends” has another 1,600 “friends” and pretty soon 14,367 (actual number of hits recieved so far this month for that one file) people are looking at my picture that’s being hosted on my site that I’m paying for. That’s 10% of my total traffic for the entire month. 115MB! From a .GIF!! And that’s only ONE of the images!

Seriously. I don’t want to have to disable hotlinking because I’d have to spend a stupid amount of time organizing the images I have spread out all over the web into one folder that’s allowable. But PLEASE PEOPLE! Fill your own damn pool with your own damn water. IT’s FREE! Because otherwise I’m about to start hopping from place to place and pissing in them.


The Snot Revolution.

Yesterday was great. Cassidy love ALL her presents. Score one for Santa. We had a REALLY relaxed day. Opened presents, ate cinnamon rolls, Nana came over so we opened more, went to eat at the only place open (Chevy’s. I still like them. Ben still doesn’t.), came home and curled up on the couch and watched Ben play Zelda, got way more into it than I wanted to, Cassidy watched and played, and played, and played, watched a movie, fell asleep in Ben’s arms.

It really was an pretty slow weekend. Which I REALLY needed.

Home early on Friday with a sore throat. Slept till almost 4PM on Saturday with dry hacking cough. Hardly moved on Sunday except to run out and finally get my hands on one of the last copies of Zelda in the WHOLE WORLD. See above for yesterday when the throat stopped hurting but my nose decided to violently protest in what I now have dubbed The Snot Revolution.

Can currently breath out of only the left nostril. At work anyway because two co-workers had today off for PTO. It’s 32 minutes after start time and the other co-worker is MIA. That means everybody with a question/problem today is going to come to ME. Hopefully the cough and the battle cry of the Snot Amry scares them away…

EDIT! – Good news! I can hear out of my right ear now!

Bombay Garden: Death of Pasand

Wednesday, since we were over by the old ‘hood, Ben and I decided to go to our favorite Indian place for dinner. I fell in love with Pasand when I ate there on the very first trip I made up here to San Jose to visit Ben. It might even be the reason that I ended up moving. I mean, Ben is sexy and all… but he’s no Ginger Chicken Tikka Masala. Since then we’ve taken his dad and Kandy, my dad and Cherie, my mom and Cameron, pretty much anybody visiting meant a trip to Pasand which is why I always encouraged visiting. :mrgreen:

So as we got out of the car tired, hungry and frustrated after sitting in Urgent Care for well over and hour to be helped by a quack doctor physicians assistant so old we actually got to watch the last few whisps of hair fall from his head in our 10 minutes with him, it took us both a few seconds to realize that the simple Pasand sign had been replaced with a rather large, rather LOOK AT ME red sign that read: Bombay Garden.

Ben: What’s that Bombay Garden… Wait.. WHERE’s PASAND!?
Me: Lets just go in and eat I’m starving.
Ben: Well, lets go in and see what they have.
Me: I’m STARVING, lets just EAT here.
Ben: We’ll ask first.
Me: And then try it.
Ben: Anna!

We were “greeted” (if you can call it that) by a guy in his mid 20’s who must have just pulled himself from the nearest mirror when he saw us coming in. He looked bothered to have been pulled from basking in all his magnificent greatness and to be dealing with us plain commoners. Seriously, I slipped a little in the trail of EgoSlimeΓ’β€žΒ’ he left behind him.

Ben: So, is this place under new ownership or is it another restaurant all together?
EgoBoy: New ownership.
Ben: So the food is all the same?
EgoBoy: Same. Added more to the menu.

The guy couldn’t even be bothered to throw together a complete sentence with, like, verbs and adjectives or ANY RELEVANT INFORMATION. When we walked in it was instantly clear that this was NOT the same place. AT ALL. From the fancy new chairs that must have been crafted by the same people who make electric chairs, to the plasma screen TV’s playing Bollywood soap operas. The entire atmosphere felt wrong. Tight.

The food was twice as expensive for half as much that tasted half as good. They didn’t even HAVE the Ginger Chicken Tikka Masala. The menu is NOT the same, Pretty Boy. Not at all. The lamb samosas I’ve grown to love were LESS than half the size and we had to ask our waiter (who was a leftover from Pasand) for the sauce we’d ALWAYS gotten before. Not the same, Pretty Boy! Then!! When we ordered our food, we had to CHOOSE between rice or Nan. WHAT?! EVERY other Indian place I’ve EVER been to has ALWAYS included BOTH. BOTH! Now you want me to CHOOSE?! NOT THE SAME, PRETTY BOY!!

Our food was $10 more for Ben and myself than what it usually is when we have Cassidy with us and order extra rice and two more samosa’s. We finished everything in the table. When it was Pasand we’d have enough left over to feed Cassidy and myself lunch the next day.

Worst of all though I’m just SAD! I mean, if it were any other place we’d have probably walked in and enjoyed the meal. But we compared it all to what we LOVED. Maybe that wasn’t fair, but I REALLY loved Pasand. Everything about it. The man who always greeted us seemed HAPPY to see us. EXCITED that he got to share is good food with us. The food was DAMN GOOD and there was LOTS of it.

Pasand was one of the first places that really made San Jose feel like home to me. It was my favorite, a nice treat we got because we were broke back then and couldn’t afford to go out to eat every night. I have lots and lots and lots of places like that now. Lots and lots. San Jose IS home now and when I go to the town I grew up in I always feel a visitor and I can’t wait to get HOME to my familiar neighborhood and streets and restaurants and stores and friends and FAMILY. But a little part of me is mourning the loss of that first security blanket I had here.

Good news… and GOODER news.

The phones arrived. Ben pulled a fast one on me and told me they’d be backordered AGAIN. But when I got home they were sitting on my chair. WOOHOO! We spent most of the night playing with them, getting games uploaded and chat clients to work but the phone is H.O.T. After a few days of playing I’ll write more about my opinion of it.


Ben booked us flights and hotel reservations for Lahaina, Maui for January 6th-14th!!! HAWAII!!! WOOHOO x 209572472347923!!!

I now have three weeks to get skinny and tan. heh πŸ˜‰ And yes, he REALLY IS the best boyfriend of ALL TIME. :mrgreen:

Making a list…

I did the first of my real Christmas shopping last night. I know, I’m a total procrastinator. I do this every year and every year I say I’m never going to do this again. *shrug* I only have to get one more thing for Cameron, some Build A Bear stuff for Cassidy (which is at the mall, which took 25 minutes to find a place to park 2 WEEKS ago, which every person within 50 miles of San Jose goes to to shop, which is ugh), some things for Ben (HA! vague), and my mom. My mom is SO. HARD. To. SHOP. FOR.

I already know what I’m getting from Ben. The Cingular 8525 (Also, know as the TyTn). *drool* I could make hot passionate love to this phone. Windows mobile (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), BlueTooth, 2.0 Megapixel camera, touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, NAVIGATION! The list is so long. Now, if Cingular would just GET SOME IN STOCK! *shakes fist at them*

Since I’ve had a few people ask, I wanted to compile a little wiSh list for Christmas. So here ya gO! These are just examples by the way, if you find something and think WOW ANNA!! Get it! I know I’ll love it. πŸ™‚

From Think Geek:

T-shirt ^–^:

Geek Tags:

Carnivorous Desk Plant:

From Target:

Of course gift cards from any place is welcome. Target, Kohls, IKEA(!), MAC(!), Think Geek or any of them. πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, and if somebody wanted to buy me these I’d be okay with that too. :mrgreen:

Round diamond solitaire.

And maybe this Tiffany’s bracelette and necklace set:

TeeHee. Dream big right?! πŸ˜‰

I like t-shirts.

How did I not know about this site till now?! I love t-shirts. I LIVE in them. 80% of my closet is screen print tee’s in various shades of color and a many different degrees of humor. From my favorite Star Wars tee with the a big Empire logo to my ‘I’m Blogging This’ tee, I just love them all. I’m extatic that they are making such a big comeback because it means when I wear my ‘video games make me do bad things’ tee out I don’t get QUITE as many disapproving looks from parents. (But every time I do I’m SO TEMPTED to tell them that CASSIDY is the one that gave it to me for Christmas. hehe)

So on the way to work today I heard about Threadless Tee’s and I want them ALL! What makes these so great is that all of them are designed by members of the threadless community. Members can submit as many designs as they like and they are added to a voting que. The rest of the memebers on the site then get to vote on them and the big wigs look at the top 300 designs every couple of weeks and pick a top 10 to print. If your design gets choosen you get $2000 and people all over the country sporting your artwork!

I spent my entire lunch break voting on shirts. heh Ones like this that I’d TOTALLY WEAR so you should go vote on it.

They don’t have a wishlist feature but that’s only because they print a limited number of shirts so they sell out pretty quick. But at $10** a pop, there’s really no reason not to buy them as you come across the one’s you like. One’s I plan to buy very very soon:

Bleeding Heart:
(this one is aligned down the left side of the shirt, duh!)


Dark Side of the Garden:

And there are SO MANY MORE. Must resist the cuteness. MUST! RESIST!!

**Edit – Looking now, the $10 price is a holiday sale. I think they go up to $20 once it’s over… So get them now while they are cheap!! :mrgreen:\
**Edit #2 – No this is not a paid post. I can’t stand blog advertisements like Paid Per Post and the such (won’t even link the site here). I ACTUALLY heard about this on the radio on the way to work and researched it and thought it was so cool that I’d blog about it. Sheesh!
**Edit #3 – Funny. Today Heather of dooce.com has on the MEAT IS MURDER. Tasty, tasty Murder. shirt in her daily picture. DOOCE! So that means the site’s coolness factor just went up by about 17,000 points. How come nobody was sharing this t-shirt love with ME?!?!

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

I’m exhausted. I had two of our friends girls Saturday for a sleep over. Cassidy is exhausted too. It was a lot of fun. Arts and crafts, playing video games, watching movies, Chuck E Cheeses… when it comes to that kind of stuff I can really lose myself in the fun with the kids. I really miss that. When I was in Bakersfield we took turns with the kids and I missed being surrounded by boisterous little girls.

It’s cool to see how different two girls can be. The littlest one (five) is just a sweetheart and has SO MUCH SPUNK. Strong willed but loves to sit on your lap and cuddle when watching a movie. Smaller than the other girls but wants to try and DO everything they do. You have to have a lot of Red Bull around to keep up with her.

The other girl is nine and is SO SMART. There are still times that I can fool Cassidy but not her. And it’s not just that she’s older, it’s that you just aren’t going to get anything past her. She seems to be a very analytical thinker. After I give her an explanation she thinks about if for a bit and will come back and tell me how that is not at all possible. It’s awsome. Kept me on my toes for sure.

Anyway, I really am exhausted. I have some pics to upload and post but I don’t even have the energy to walk to the desktop. I’m camped out on the couch with some chocolate Millanos, a warm blanket, an every warmer kitty and the heat of the laptop. So, until the time that I can motivate myself away from all this warmth, you’ll just have to take my word on the absurd amount of cuteness. πŸ˜‰

Tis the Season to spend money…

I asked Ben to start emailing me idea’s for Christmas gifts so he sent me a link to a nice set of headphones for work. Then he retracted with this:

from: Benjamin
to: Me
date: Dec 4, 2006 12:41 PM
subject: I only want one of these for xmas



from: Me
to: Benjamin
date: Dec 4, 2006 12:41 PM
subject: RE: I only want one of these for xmas

I’ll add this to my list of things to pick up this weekend!


Silly, silly man! Although, if I could I totally would. And I’d even let him drive it sometimes!! :mrgreen:

A bath after stuffing Stacy.

Saturday my mom, Cassidy, Cameron and I went shopping… after we spent 25 minutes driving around looking for a parking place. Good. Lord. I love to shop, and I will endure a lot of things to do so, but 258,153 people who have no clue what the hell they are doing or where they are going or what’s going on around them almost kills the passion. Almost. I left my mom busy in Coldwater Creek trying on cruise clothes after about 5 minutes and told her the old people smell was getting to me and she could meet me at MAC. HA! She didn’t look nearly as amused as Cameron did.

After the three of them got done gorging themselves on Cold Stone, my mom told Cassidy that she could get a Build A Bear for Christmas. And since we were already at the mall, we could get it TODAY!

Dressing Stacy with Nana's help.

Once we got there she picked out the doll she wanted and we stood in line for 20 minutes before I started to go a little stir crazy so I headed to the bathroom and Cassidy started looking at clothes for Hello Kitty (which she later named Stacy). When I got out of the bathroom she had just started looking so I told her to hurry up because we needed to get back into line then went to see if my mom was getting close to the front. I left Cassidy for NO MORE than 45 seconds. Seriously. “Hi mom, oh you aren’t that close, I’ll go help Cassidy.”

In that 45 seconds she had managed to grab four outfits, four pair of shoes, a PJ set, slippers, a backpack, a purse, a set of hair bows, a pack of school supplies, a sleeping bag and a pillow.

Cassidy: What?
Cassidy: Everyting she needs!!
Me: I don’t think so. Put this back.
*put back sleeping bag and pillow*
Cassidy: What will she SLEEP IN?
Cassidy: *sigh*
Me: And put three of the outfits back.
Cassidy: What will she wear TOMORROW?!
Me: The same thing she wore TODAY!
Cassidy: *rolls eyes*
Me: And put all this stuff back.
*puts back backpack, purse, school supplies, and bows*
Cassidy: But mom…
Me: You have this EXACT SAME Hello Kitty purse, Cassidy!! She can borrow yours! You have PLENTY of school supplies to share, you have at least 5 mini backpacks in your closet you never use, and enough hair things to dress up 2,000 little girls!
Me: And pick ONE pair of shoes.
Cassidy: ONE PAIR?! But… but. One pair?? Seriously?
Me: ONE PAIR! Nana isn’t going to buy you FOUR pair of shoes today. You can get enough for ONE outfit and maybe Santa will bring you some more, or get you a gift certificate to come get more, or you can spend some of YOUR money on these things. Now, pick ONE pair.

When I was telling my mom about all this Cassidy interrupted me…

Cassidy: And I had to pick ONE PAIR of shoes, Nana.

I could tell my mom was about to give in and let her go back and get more but I gave her that look of SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU’VE SPOILED HER ENOUGH TODAY and she didn’t. Instead she quipped:

Mom: Well, we know where she gets THAT from.
*stares daggers into me*
Me: Yeah, the shopping gene has been passed down from ONE generation to the NEXT for MANY YEARS NOW.
*puts up shield, deflects daggers, gains +2 defense and inflicts +3 damage to enemy*

I like that my mom is a shopping pal now instead of the overbearing mother she was a few years ago. And that she finally is starting to understand my humor.

P.S. – RUN to your nearest MAC and pick up some Glitter Liner. It’s fantastic and only available for a limited time. It goes on perfectly and dry’s quicky to set in place for hours and is SO MUCH FUN.