Like crack.

I’m once again becoming addicted to City of Heroes. I like my new Hero. She’s a tanker. And she’s cute. And she can take on 10 men all attacking her and walk away with all her endurance and most of her life. Basically, she kicks ASS!

Unfortunately, like my healer, she can’t solo. I need a good damage dealer to dish it out while I have the baddies aggro’d and attacking me.

*counts down the time for Ben to get home so we can play*

I’m a slacker.

I want to post. I really do. I have a bunch of blogs half finished or more sitting in a folder on my desktop at work. For some reason they just don’t seem to be making it HERE.

I want to get a bunch of pictures of the house and post them all but I’m still not done unpacking my clothes and I’ve just begun to whore the printer. I got pictures hung up in the stairway. I want that to be our family/important people wall.

I started to get the shelves over the bar decorated. Printed pictures out for that. I went to Target and walked up and down home decor isles to get idea’s. SO. MANY. IDEA’S. That store is bad. Bad, bad, bad. There are so many things I want to do and I just don’t know where to begin. I want to get the computer room/living room area done first though since thats where we spend most of our time.

Cassidy has SO much homework everyday. She had to write 25 spelling word three times each, read for 20 minutes then write about the story and do math today. SO MUCH. Yesterday she had to write all 25 words in sentences plus reading plus math. 25!!

Ben and I went to Back to School Night last night. I like her teacher. She is very stern but I think Cassidy needs that. She tends to be strong-willed. And that’s a gross understatement.

I really need to get a work blog going. Something you have to register to read. I just have SO much to write about and here is not the space. Not at all.

Liberals in the news lately have been pissing me off. I’ve listened to NPR the last week or more and heard normally smart people say things that make my jaw drop. Stop it people. We are the smart ones, the tolerant ones, the fighters of the good fight. Stop making asses of yourselves. Please.

Somebody give me some links to good blogs you like to read. I have a few that I catch daily. Dooce, Blurb, Busymom, The Blue Sloth, Eu… people who SAY things and I like that. But some of the other blogs I’ve been reading for years seem to be so… bland and mundane lately. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m looking for more. More content. More thought. More depth. More… cowbell?

I’ve been keeping the house clean. Like, in 27 years I’ve never had a place that I’ve been so proud of. I come home everyday and mop, windex, swiffer.. I want the house to be a home. A sanctuary. A place where people feel welcome and cozy. It’s somewhat of an obsession.

I’ve become completely immersed into this book. Marie got it to me for my birthday. It’s fantastic. I haven’t read The Da Vinci Code yet and she said to start with this. I want to start reading more. I love to read. LOVE to read.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna go soak in a hot tub and read. I know I jumped around and nothing really lead to the next. Thoughts seem to come that way right now. See the new counselor tomorrow. Had to get one closer to home. Hopefully the thoughts will be back on track then.

Back to the grind.

I feel like I’ve completely neglected life the last few days. If it didn’t involve packing, unpacking, carrying heavy objects or PAIN then I probably didn’t notice it.

Our internet was down when we got here. SBC said we’d have to buy another modem to replace the one THEY gave us. They did this on a day where Ben was in the middle of moving. Not a good move for them. When I asked Ben if moving was really THAT BAD he responded, “There’s Nazi’s… then there’s moving.” His fuse was cut to about an inch in length, doused with gas and everything around him was a giant match. He was such a trooper though. Did I mention he packed the ENTIRE KITCHEN himself? I think I did but it was worth mentioning again. Anyway, we now have Comcast Cable. Ben is happy. And that is good.

Back on track… life. I checked the news for the first time today. I took a bath last night. An actual hot, scented, kid free hour in the tub. Today I read blogs, I played with Cassidy, I sat in our huge new living room and ate breakfast while watching the Today Show. It was nice.

I got Cassidy all enrolled in the new school today. She gets out everyday at 3:00PM which was WONDERFUL news because that means I don’t have to go into work at 5:00AM in order to pick her up in time which is what I was expecting. On Tuesdays she gets out early. But I can stand going in early ONE day a week.

I didn’t mention this before because I had SO much other stuff going on but Ben got me an Epson Photo R320 for my birthday. Last night I was able to print my first picture on photo paper and frame it. I plan on filling the house with pictures now. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time and I can’t wait to have pictures on the walls and shelves and everywhere you look. 🙂

Today Cassidy was ECSTATIC when she heard the ice cream man coming from at least a mile away. She told me she heard him and I told her she was delusional and when he went driving by the house she gave me a VERY clear ‘I told you so look’ but I think my haggard appearance from spending the prior five hours at the apartment cleaning carpets kept her from actually vocalizing it. She’s learning. heh

I felt bad and she was SO good today while I cleaned so I told her she could have an ice cream and she ran down the street like a crazy child waving her hands like she was trying to take flight.

Back to work tomorrow. G’night all.

Just Exhausted

My entire body is just spent. We are MOSTLY unpacked. I have the entire kitchen done, most of Cassidy’s room, a lot of my clothes. I’m just exhausted.

I’m really glad I took tomorrow off. But instead of spending it recovering from this weekend I’m going to spend it at the old apartment washing carpets and cleaning. We have our initial inspection Thursday and I want them to walk in and say it’s perfect and get the hell out.

I really feel like we are at home here already. This place is just better than I could have ever imagined.

I owe a HUGE MASSIVE ENORMOUS thank you to the best little brother in the UNIVERSE for all his help this weekend. He loaded the truck and unloaded the truck and carried boxes down stairs and up stairs and boxes from the apartment to the garage and the garage to the house and we really would be nowhere near as far along with the unpacking if not for him. He made it easy and fast and even FUN! Thank you Cameron, you are THE MAN!

I snapped some pics Friday after unloading the truck before the camera died. I’ll snap some mope this week with all our stuff in and give a better description of the layout of the house.

Right now I’m going upstairs and soaking in the tub and reading the book Marie got me for my birthday.


I’m working on a way to make it so that registered users don’t have to use a password to see protected posts. If you are logged on it’ll just show up.

I’m realizing that in true WordPress form, this is not nearly as easy as it should be and that the code for the registration tag does silly things like FORCE it to be listed. So instead of finding a workaround for the protected post’s I’m trying to figure out where in the PHP they force that list issue. I don’t dare go to the support forum for this as I value what little sanity I have left and only use them as a last resort…

Anyway, moving has taken over my life so I’ll work on it as time allows. In the meantime, I’ve sent it to everybody who usually asks for the password. If for some reason you didn’t get it let me know via email and I’ll get it to you.

Edit – Well, I messed something up worse. The post is gone till I can look into what the hell exactly WP is doing… *grumbles*

Always thinking of others.

I’m borrowing wireless access from somebody in the complex that is a little to n00b to figure out what “security” is. I figure maybe they’ll figure it out and LEARN. In which case, I’m really doing them a favor. Which is actually very nice of me.


So, I’ve been listening to the Roberts confirmation hearing at work. I really don’t WANT to like him because he’s being appointed by the enemy. But the man seems to be very smart, and very well spoken and seems to know the constitution and law so incredibly well.

I’m liking him. The REPUBLICAN appointed nominee. Let’s all go ice skating in hell, shall we?