I’m working on a way to make it so that registered users don’t have to use a password to see protected posts. If you are logged on it’ll just show up.

I’m realizing that in true WordPress form, this is not nearly as easy as it should be and that the code for the registration tag does silly things like FORCE it to be listed. So instead of finding a workaround for the protected post’s I’m trying to figure out where in the PHP they force that list issue. I don’t dare go to the support forum for this as I value what little sanity I have left and only use them as a last resort…

Anyway, moving has taken over my life so I’ll work on it as time allows. In the meantime, I’ve sent it to everybody who usually asks for the password. If for some reason you didn’t get it let me know via email and I’ll get it to you.

Edit – Well, I messed something up worse. The post is gone till I can look into what the hell exactly WP is doing… *grumbles*

2 thoughts on “Passwords

  1. i had that same problem at one point. i guess it “saved” but didn’t “publish”. So you might try resaving as draft, then going back to edit and make sure its set to private then publish again.

    also, you might be able to make the registration in its own DIV and then set its CSS to hidden or covered up. i dunno. just a thought.

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