Just Exhausted

My entire body is just spent. We are MOSTLY unpacked. I have the entire kitchen done, most of Cassidy’s room, a lot of my clothes. I’m just exhausted.

I’m really glad I took tomorrow off. But instead of spending it recovering from this weekend I’m going to spend it at the old apartment washing carpets and cleaning. We have our initial inspection Thursday and I want them to walk in and say it’s perfect and get the hell out.

I really feel like we are at home here already. This place is just better than I could have ever imagined.

I owe a HUGE MASSIVE ENORMOUS thank you to the best little brother in the UNIVERSE for all his help this weekend. He loaded the truck and unloaded the truck and carried boxes down stairs and up stairs and boxes from the apartment to the garage and the garage to the house and we really would be nowhere near as far along with the unpacking if not for him. He made it easy and fast and even FUN! Thank you Cameron, you are THE MAN!

I snapped some pics Friday after unloading the truck before the camera died. I’ll snap some mope this week with all our stuff in and give a better description of the layout of the house.

Right now I’m going upstairs and soaking in the tub and reading the book Marie got me for my birthday.

2 thoughts on “Just Exhausted

  1. I’ve moved so many times with my family, and I’ve learned to bite the bullet and pay the $200 for a carpet cleaning service and merry maids to come and clean everything.

  2. i looked at the pics before going to bed last night. i guess i’d dreamt i saw the tub and it was quite nice. because when i rechecked the pictures i saw there was no tub. how silly.

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