I hope everybody watched the debate tonight. If you didn’t see it you will have two more chances before the final vote. Make it a point to catch at least one of them. You owe it to your children, parents, friends, etc to make an informed decision.

I’m sure you can tell who I’m voting for!!

And do your part. VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!!


Anybody that tells you that Zoloft is not addicting and that you’ll suffer no withdrawl effects is an *F word* liar.

Cold sweats and headaches so far. Like REALLY BAD headaches. Like I had to stay home from work today. I hate missing work for any reason. I just, don’t do it. I go to work with the flu untill I pass out at my desk for Christ’s sake.

Ugh. It was my decision to quit cold turkey rather than lessen the does gradually because that would have taken two months to do. And after all the rading I’ve been doing, that process is not really any better… just longer.

Pray for Benjamin.

(Warning:In an attempt to help some other people fighting depression I’ve decided to be very open about my struggle with it. This post contains words like ‘sex’ and ‘hell’ (but no ‘shits’!!). You have been warned. (Daddy, I swear I’ve never had sex. EVER!! ;)).)

When I first started taking the Zoloft there were some minor side-effects. At first it made me REALLY tired so I had to take it at night. Then as it got into my system that stopped so I was then able to start taking it in the morning. And that was it. I was really relieved.

I’m now months into it and it’s become very apparent to me and to Ben that there is one other, often untalked about side-effect that I’m most certainly experiencing… A side-effect of the sexual kind. Like any word containing the letter s, e or x in it that order have dropped completely out of my life.

I’m 26 years old. Not even THINKING about it is just not right. And poor Ben… he’s a male you know, so he thinks about it. SO I had an appointment today to see what can be done about the s, e and the x.

I have to stop taking the Zoloft. The Dr is going to do some hormone testing that should have been done before I even started taking the damn things in the first place. So, as of tomorrow, I’m off the Zoloft. I have to be off of it for at least a week before the test and longer before I can starte taking a new drug. I’m off the Zoloft. OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOCTOR THINKING TAKING ME OFF THE ZOLOFT.

*startes to shake a little*

Work out she says. Gets lots of sleep she says. Do anything I can to produce extra ceratonin she says. Well, I need the Zoloft to sleep, I need the Zoloft for motivation to work out, I need the Zoloft to BREATHE!

It’s only a week. I can do a week right! RIGHT!?

But hey, the plus side is that, you know… there will be s’s, e’s and x’s.


shit shit shit

I used my Windowns calandar here at work which is a YEAR OFF AND THE SYS ADMINS HAVE ME LOCKED OUT OF CHANGING THE GODDAMN DATE (WTF?!) to set the date for Cassidy’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses. This morning I realized that the 4th is a MONDAY, not a SUNDAY. So I sent out invitations for a MONDAY at 1:00PM. FUCKING HELL!

So tomorrow (no school today) I’m going to send the parents letters telling them that it’s been changed to Sunday ay 3:00PM and hope to God that some of the kids can make it.

I’m a horrible, horrible, horrible mommy. 🙁


What do I have to show for the weekend? Hmm…

I leveled my primary City of Heroes character to 22. Started a new one that’s an archtype and power combination that I’ve wanted to try for awhile to level 8. Did 5 loads of laundry. Watched all three Star Wars movies (Episodes 4, 5 & 6) with Cassidy. She’s all Star Wars fanatic right now. Mini Geek.

Ummmm… let’s see. Yeah, that’s about it. Back to the grind tomorrow.

*yoda* The grind at 4:30am tomorrow starts. Off to bed with me I am. */yoda*


Ben and I use that now when we are in public and a cashier/waitor/random tard is being stupid. We just look at eachother and say ‘O.M.F.G’. We’re bad geeks.

Anyway, thanks to the talented, beautiful, incredible Mrs. EU I finally managed to get the blog to look the way I wanted it to. Now getting it to PERFORM the way I want it too… in time people.

CSS Hell

So, I’ve been trying for 10 minutes to undestand why there is a GODDAMN SPACE between the title and the catagory and for the life of me I just can’t figure it out. And 10 mintues was long enough in my book for one night.

Tomorrow when I’m not so tired and the Daily Show is not about to start I might take another shot. If somebody want’s to GIVE me the answer in the meantime.. Well, I wouldn’t be against that. 😉

EDIT: HAHAHAH I managed to somehow break the paragraphs too! So there is no space between any of the paragraphs!!! I’m on a roll!!

When I grow up:

When walking from the garage to the house after a long moment of silence in the car because she was stuffing her face with English Muffin Pizza:

Cassidy: Mom… when you grow up you’re gonna be just like me, huh?
Me: Exactly.
Cassidy: I thought so.

Star Wars

We just got done watching Star Wars IV. Of course we had to buy the DVD box set the DAY it came out.

It’s funny how bad the fight scene looks between ObiWan and Darth after watching the Yoda-kicks-ass-and-takes-names scene in Episoce II. And the lack of bras!!! I never noticed that when I was a kid. Of course I’ve heard it talked about but never paid that much attention! WOW!

I have to admit though… as bad as the acting seems and as cheesy as the fight scene’s look, it’s still one of the best movies ever. And I’m not saying that just because I was Princess Leia for four years in a row for Halloween!!! 😳