Star Wars

We just got done watching Star Wars IV. Of course we had to buy the DVD box set the DAY it came out.

It’s funny how bad the fight scene looks between ObiWan and Darth after watching the Yoda-kicks-ass-and-takes-names scene in Episoce II. And the lack of bras!!! I never noticed that when I was a kid. Of course I’ve heard it talked about but never paid that much attention! WOW!

I have to admit though… as bad as the acting seems and as cheesy as the fight scene’s look, it’s still one of the best movies ever. And I’m not saying that just because I was Princess Leia for four years in a row for Halloween!!! 😳

1 thought on “Star Wars

  1. lol, im not much of an star wars fan, but ethan is he wants the trilogy pack sooo bad! As far as bras, gravity will take its course!:lol::lol:

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