shit shit shit

I used my Windowns calandar here at work which is a YEAR OFF AND THE SYS ADMINS HAVE ME LOCKED OUT OF CHANGING THE GODDAMN DATE (WTF?!) to set the date for Cassidy’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses. This morning I realized that the 4th is a MONDAY, not a SUNDAY. So I sent out invitations for a MONDAY at 1:00PM. FUCKING HELL!

So tomorrow (no school today) I’m going to send the parents letters telling them that it’s been changed to Sunday ay 3:00PM and hope to God that some of the kids can make it.

I’m a horrible, horrible, horrible mommy. 🙁

7 thoughts on “shit shit shit

  1. Gotta love the IT departments at schools/districts/etc. I had to deal with the same incompetence switching a customer hosted with the Superintendent’s over to our servers. It was like brain surgery or something. These people barely get certification and go out and get these jobs because they have a certificate and somehow manage to just keep things running… but they get away with it because most people don’t know how things work… but when you get someone that DOES, oh you’re going to break their little glass box…

    sorry, now *I* am ranting on your rant! hehehe

  2. I was, but im not supposed to be on the internet:lol:. Typing for an entire hour is boring!!! Now i know ill never be a secertary!:lol::lol:

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