Anybody that tells you that Zoloft is not addicting and that you’ll suffer no withdrawl effects is an *F word* liar.

Cold sweats and headaches so far. Like REALLY BAD headaches. Like I had to stay home from work today. I hate missing work for any reason. I just, don’t do it. I go to work with the flu untill I pass out at my desk for Christ’s sake.

Ugh. It was my decision to quit cold turkey rather than lessen the does gradually because that would have taken two months to do. And after all the rading I’ve been doing, that process is not really any better… just longer.

3 thoughts on “Withdrawl

  1. Oh no 🙁 Try Aleve double dose! I had some pretty bad withdrawal HA’s from all the pills I was taking and Aleve was a life saver! The package will tell you to take one 200 mg tab but an rx of Naprosyn is 500 mg so really you could take 2 1/2 safely. I totally agree with you BTW that that is complete BS that it’s not addicting. The body I have found can become addicted to ANYTHING!! Hope ya feel better soon 😉

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