No eggrolls for you!

While watching the funeral scene in Grand Torino there were people carrying in platters PILED with food on them for the old grouchy guy because his wife died and I guess they assumed that men aren’t capable of making a sandwich or something.

Me: We should pretend like I died. For the food. Then, when people get here we can be all HAHAH JUST KIDDING… but leave the eggrolls.
Ben: I think that’s a good idea. But let’s not pretend.
Me: …
Ben: haha I was kidding.
Me: I am blogging this right now.
Ben: Why are you suddenly blogging everything I’m saying!?

Because, Ben! There needs to be a public record of things like this. Now watch, when I die, YOU AREN’T GOING TO GET ANY EGGROLLS!


3 thoughts on “No eggrolls for you!

  1. No, you can’t end the ruse when they bring the food. That’s silly! You stay dead then come back under a new identity as Ben’s new wife and then kill yourself off for even more free food. Just keep that up until Ben gets arrested for all of his wives mysteriously disappearing. And hey, people will probably bring eggrolls around for that.

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