Akismet. Scratching. ANTM.

I finally activated Aksimet to get control of some of the comment spam. YOU don’t have to worry about it because you never see it but I was getting 200+ emails a day asking to moderate comments. I activated it today and not a single spambot made it through. Hopefully nothing got sent there that shouldn’t have been. 283 comments were caught between 5:30AM and now.

I’m itching again. Suck. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have some scars on my wrist where I scratched for a month straight and until I had big sores on my arms. I don’t get it. I’ve NEVER had allergies before. This year I’ve had the Attack of the Killer Hives and I’ve spent the better part of two days on the couch dreading the next time my sinus medicine wears off. Today it was so bad that I got flushed and REALLY nauseated. Like, fetal position begging food to stay down nauseated for about 30 minutes.

Cassidy and I are shamelessly addicted to America’s Next Top Model. She tries to explain to them through the TV how to take better pictures and demonstrates her “walk” over and over and over. I think I actually get more of a kick out of her watching it than the show itself. She also thinks that Jade is “really lame” and has a *hands on hips* ‘BAD attitude”.

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