The rash is back.

When Cassidy was younger every October she’d get this rash all over her body. It actually looks like chicken pox. Little red bumps all over her body. She scratches till they scab then scratches some more. Every year I’d threaten to cut her fingers off and fear that she’d end up with some nasty infection in one of the bumps.

When we moved to San Jose and out of the Valley Full of Death Spores it stopped. October rolled around and I stocked up on Benadryl, Calamine, and sharp knives and it just… didn’t ever happen. The second year came and went and still nothing.

Then Monday at Star Wars she started scratching her arm. And scratching and scratching and scratching. At one point I took her out to go to the bathroom and washed them with cold water hoping that it would get her to STOP WITH THE SCRATCHING FOR THE LOVE OF YODA! It didn’t work.

I just now (note the time) got her to go to sleep. The bumps are all over her arms face neck and starting to appear on her legs. *sigh* I’m going to take her to the doctor tomorrow and hear the same thing I hear ever year. “What the hell is THAT!? Let’s give her Benadryl and see if it goes away.” Hopefully the school doesn’t have a cow. Twice when she was in preschool they told me she HAD to have chicken pox and sent her home and it’s really frustrating because I can’t blame really them for being cautions. Well, in my lunatic mind I can but I’m trying to be reasonable here.

The worst part is it really was easier to get her not to scratch when she was younger and she actually believed that I would cut her fingers off. Now… not so much.

The night was made much more pleasant by a call I got a few minutes ago saying that the girl that her Dad and Mary are always watching has strep throat and passed it on to Carrielee this weekend when they all played together. You’d think that her dad or Mary would have called to tell me this but that would be like asking for a child support payment after 14 months… ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “The rash is back.

  1. I am bug bait. you know, the person that groups of people hang around because THEY don’t want to get bitten by bugs, and the bug bait person gets their bites instead? Yes, that’s me. It’s been so bad that I’ve been unable to wear pants and stuff because i’ve been so swollen from bites. Plus I’m jumpy and can’t sit still. So I scratch. My mom used to threaten to cut my fingers off too, but…that didn’t stop me. Ever. what she would do is spray me with hairspray (it sounds weird, but the alcohol HELPS WITH THE ITCHING…she did it for chicken pox and rashes I’ve gotten, too. plus the layer of crap it leaves on your skin helps, too.) and then she’d TAPE GLOVES TO MY HANDS. I hate gloves and thought it was the crulest of all torures, and sometimes I’d just take the tape off and scratch anyway. Then she did the most sadistic thing EVER. She’d put tobasco sauce on my finger tips (that was her weapon of choice. she also used it on my thumb when i refused to stop sucking it.) and that…worked. Well. Then it got to where she’d only tobasco my fingers at night, because you scratch in your sleep. It didn’t make me NOT want to scratch, but it did keep me from scratching. It’s harsh and I thought she was the worlds worst mom because of it, but it’s safe and effective and now I know that is was mostly because she loved me and less because she liked to mess with me.

  2. I’ve been really itchy too. Infact, I was thinking tonight on my drive home to finally see a damn dermatologist. It started with my legs.. one night I ended up scratching them raw and have been really hesitant to shave since… them the back of my arms, my neck, under my chin.. even my scalp!

    Maybe something’s going around. Maybe the terrorists are winning.

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