I now own a 2000 GTI. Turbo. :mrgreen: Well, if you want to get REALLY technical, Ben and I both own the GTI.

I got a loan at Stanford to buy it for what Ben owed on it. But instead of him SELLING me the car, we just added my name to the title. I’m just now responsible for paying the bill. We did this for several reasons:

  • Ben can still have the GTI on his insurance and we can take advantage of a VERY sizable multi-car discount.
  • We didn’t have to pay $675 sales tax which the loan was not going to cover.
  • It looks good on BOTH our credit. Ben has a paid off car, I have a loan that will be paid off early.

I can’t explain how happy I am about this. I’m going to sell my car and pay my dad back the rest of what I owe him for when he paid it off for me because Troy stopped (he was supposed to be paying the car payment instead of giving me child support).

I will have a sizable tax return that is going to fully go towards paying off debt also. I want to be RID of debt and the tax return will put me within a few hundred dollars of doing that.

The weight is lifting and it feel GOOOOOOOOOD. I’m loving this car too! :hello2:

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