BFL: Day 19 of 84

I had a bad week last week. I missed the gym twice because I had a miserable headache. I’m back on track now though. Did arms tonight and MAN, I can’t believe how much more I’m able to lift after just three weeks. I’m love the feeling after a workout.

Because I missed two days, I was kind of feeling bad about doing a free day tomorrow. I was thinking about just skipping it this week… that thought passed quickly. I’m just gonna go in and do a good cardio session tomorrow to make up for the day I missed.

I’m going to take pictures to mark the 1/4 way point early next week. I’ve only lost a pound but MAN, I can really FEEL muscle in my legs. I can see it too. My calves are getting more defined already and I can SEE my biceps!! I never thought that I’d have results like that so fast. So I’m really not feeling bad about not dropping pounds because I can tell that clothes are fitting loser and I am MUCH stronger. I’ll measure my body fat index too.

3 thoughts on “BFL: Day 19 of 84

  1. It sounds great! Really, don’t feel bad. Bill Phillips himself said put it behind you and move on. He didn’t say this, but don’t sweat the petty stuff, don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

    I’m glad you’re seeing results. Right now you are losing, its probably not as easy to see with your naked eye. But as those muscles grow they’re wanting more calories to burn on a regular basis, so you’re producting the foundation to a fat burning MACHINE. Only 8 weeks left. Ain’t nothin.

  2. Congrats Anna on biceps!! BTW I know you may have posted here before but I was wondering if maybe you could explain how BFL works in simple terms 😉 We’re seeing a dietition soon but in the meantime have been eating a low-fat low-carb diet, making sure to eat 3 meals a day, lots of water, not eatting late, etc.. I’m a little worried that we are not eatting enough fat though. Even though we feel 10 times better and have really cut back on our daily calorie intake the weight is just SLOWLY coming off. Also is it mandatory to join a public gym for this to work? We are walking 4 miles 5 days a week, but I would be totally willing to invest in weights and maybe an elliptical machine or stairstepper! TIA for any advice:)

  3. Hey Chris, sounds like you have the general concept of what BFL is about, low carb, low fat, low sugar, high protein diet combined with Exercise.

    The problem with just doing the walking you’re doing (which is great) is as soon as you stop doing it, the weight you lost will come right back. But, if you build up more lean muscle to replace a lot of that fat, your muscle will eat the new fat for breakfast. The trick there is, you’ll need to maintain the muscle you build for your body to need the higher intake.

    Anna and I have a little gym at the apartment complex, but it doesn’t get all of the muscles (not even close), and there is only one eliptical machine, and that’s the cardio machine of choice for the both of us.

    I’d recommend finding a way to have access to weight lifting machines. You’re already getting some good cardio. Walks will due, but you have to walk very briskly the entire time.

    I’ve been going for 40 minutes on the eliptical machine on our cardio days, doing the interval sessions
    two minutes of higher difficulty followed by two minutes of just fast pedaling, and it cycles like this for forty minutes. Then I do two minutes of cool down. But Anna can attest to the speeds we’re going. You generally don’t reach a really good heart beat just walking, you can, but you usually look funny (speed walker!).

    Anyway, hope this helps chris!

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