Chicken Noodle Soup

I’ve had a pounding sinus headache for two days now. Last night it was so bad that at the gym I was reduced to almost tears every set I did. Every. Set. The pressure would build up SO bad if I didn’t REALLY breathe whole lifting.

Then I ended up sleeping about 3 hours total because it would just not.. stop.. hurting. I came home tonight and passed out in the couch after driving Ben to San Mateo. I slept WAY past the time to go work out. 🙁 Got on the computer to check my email, then went back to sleep.

Ben just went to Safeway and got me more sinus medicine and some HEALTHY chicken soup that actually was relly good. Now I’m going to bed.

I feel horrible about missing my workout. But there was just no way I could raise my heartrate that high for that long. The pain is just to unbearable when the blood starts pumping that hard. I just need to get really good rest tonight and feel better so I can kick ass on legs tomorrow.


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