And The Lame Excuse of the Year Award Goes To:

This moron who ran a red light and killed somebody:

Some communities began installing cool-burning LEDs more than a decade ago, and it wasn’t long before drivers started complaining about the problem.

Illinois authorities said that during a storm in April, 34-year-old Lisa Richter could see she had a green light and began making a left turn. A driver coming from the opposite direction did not realize the stoplight was obscured by snow and plowed into Richter’s vehicle, killing her.

“Would the accident have occurred if the lights had been clear? I would be willing to bet not,” Oswego police Detective Rob Sherwood said.
(Full to MSNBC article: here)

You didn’t REALIZE it was OBSCURED BY SNOW!? I mean common sense: you didn’t LOOK AT IT! It’s not the snow’s fault you’re a moron.

This entire article is WTF worthy. You can’t blame a stoplight not working for causing accidents. You STOP, LOOK, THEN GO when you’re clear to. Heaven forbid we all start taking responsibility for our own actions.

And this concludes my premenstrual rant for the day.

11 thoughts on “And The Lame Excuse of the Year Award Goes To:

  1. So… You’re correct in that this is WAY STUPID. We had our stop lights go out one day during morning rush hour traffic. What do you do? You treat it as a FOUR WAY STOP when you can’t see.

    The fact that you can’t see a light does not mean you’re clear to go. Ridiculous.

  2. What the hell kind of stupid story was that for the news to cover?! Seriously? If the snow hadn’t covered the light there wouldn’t have been an accident? Maybe the moron coming to the intersection that didn’t see any light at all shouldn’t have assumed that it was clear to go! Man I hate stupid…

  3. Okay, here I go to ask a dumb question. The lady who had the green and was making a left-hand turn — was it a protected green? Or was it a “yeild” type left turn and the car that plowed into her actually had the right of way? I’m totally lost on the story, its retarded. Plus it starts out with “Wouldn’t non-LED lights have saved this woman?” and then says snow was blocking the light. Umm.. hi? That correlates about as well as saying, “LED lights are just not safe for drivers. Because of them, a driver ran a stop sign.” PARDON?

  4. That’s ridiculous. Why would you NOT stop at an intersection.. or at least SLOW DOWN. Especially when you live in a place where it snows.. it’s not like it’s a new occurrence. People are stupid. 🙁

  5. Wow. That is absolutely ridiculous. Like someone else said, stoplights/intersections become FOUR WAY STOPS when obstructed. I thought that was common knowledge. I feel so bad for that other family. It is horrible to lose someone but for THAT to be the excuse must be even more horrible.

  6. I think, that every 5 or 10 years EVERYONE who wants to drive needs to re-take a road test before getting drivers license. It would cut down on idiot drivers and have a lot more safer ones on the road.

  7. Goddamnit – if the Stop light was obscured by ANYTHING, it would be common sense to STOP ANYWAY, and check it was clear before proceeding.

    Fuckin’ numbnut assholes. Oh well, now he has to live with the fact he killed someone.

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