Temporary Splint

Cassidy was walking Nathans bike back to his house yesterday and fell down. Walking the bike, not RIDING it. She fell down. While WALKING the bike. *slaps forehead*

She didn’t tell me about it till almost 9PM so I iced it and gave her some Tylenol for the pain. Today when I picked her up from being with the ffej’s it was still REALLY swollen and bruised so I figured I better at least get it checked out at Urgent Care. The doctor looked at it for all of 5 seconds before she looked at me and said, “We’re going to need an X-ray”. She was a fantastic doctor. Had Cassidy and I cracking up the entire time.

So, we X-rayed. After they took three shots of her thumb, the X-ray tech had us wait there so she could check to make sure they were clear before taking us back to our room. When she came back in the first thing she said was, “How did she do that?” I wanted to slap her. I’m a MOTHER YOU IDIOT. You can’t IMPLY things like that because then I start to freak out and you DO NOT WANT ME TO FREAK OUT IN HERE TRUST ME I AM THE FREAK OUT KIND OF MOM! I think my facial expression said it all and she very quietly showed us back to our room.

The conclusion from Funny Doctor is that her thumb is fractured close to a spot where the bones fuse. Because thumbs are very very very important and you need them to do things (like cartwheels Cassidy says) it’s very very very important that they heal properly. So it’s splinted for now till the swelling goes down. We have to go see an orthopedist in three days and he/she will put a real cast on it. The nurse hinted about hot pink casts and Cassidy’s eyes lit up like roman candles.

For the first hour all she could talk about was her soon to be pink cast. She’s TOTALLY going to have a pink cast and she was TOTALLY telling anybody that looked in her general direction. After about an hour that wore off. About the same time she realized that she can’t color, she can’t cartwheel, or ride a bike, or scooter, or rollerblade, or swim, or go miniature golfing, or EAT PIZZA, or… the list went on and on and on and on. Like, suddenly, because one half of one arm had a temporary cast on it that she was JUST GOING TO DIE OF BOREDOM.

She was funny while there though…

“Mom, take a picture of my thumbs!” “Mom, take a picture while I have an X-Ray.” “Mom, take a picture of me with the ice pack.” “Mom, take a picture of the lungs over there.” “Mom, take a picture of me sitting here reading a magazine being TOTALLY BORED OUT OF MY MIND.”

Finally I told her, “I’m going to take a picture of you while you are completely quiet and reading a magazine and not talking till the doctor comes back into the room!”

She didn’t think that was as funny as I did. *shrug*

5 thoughts on “Fractured.

  1. i am sorry for your babygirl
    i never had “broken” bones in my life but my boyfriend had one every year since we’re together and i know HOW BORING it is because you just can’t do nothing.

  2. Hi Daughter,

    Tell the princess that she can:
    1. Show her cool cast to all of her friends.
    2. Get everyone she likes to sign it, draw pictures on it…
    3. Go stark raving mad trying to scratch that itch that is just out of reach of a pencil!

    Tell her Papa sends her thumb a kiss!


  3. Aww poor kid, i have only broken my pinkie and toes and theres nothing that can be done for broken toes! but to be put up to heal. i hope she gets better soon!

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