Nobody wants to read dumb words.

When people tell me that I share too much online I send them a link to the photos from inside my colon. I get the oversharing seems to be a new topic still for a lot of people because they think that the internet started when Facebook was created but the archives from this blog go back 18 years. My blog is now legally allowed to vote.

It’s a fully year older than Facebook. A full two years older than YouTube. A full three years older than Twitter.

Where am I going with this? I don’t know. I seriously have no fucking idea. The other day Jem tweeted that she wanted to blog more this year and SAME. I just don’t know where to start or how to get back into it again. It was much easier when we weren’t living in the midst of a global pandemic and we actually, like, DID STUFF. But we weren’t in a pandemic when we went to Germany or Amsterdam or New Zealand or Mexico (many times) and I didn’t blog ANY of that so…

I feel like I lost my voice. People have told me how much they love reading my words and now my words just get stuck in my brain and when I try to get them to flow out my fingers they muddle and seem irrelevant and dumb nobody wants to read dumb words.

I think some of my best writing has been when I’m suffering from debilitating depression. Oddly being socially isolated from all my family, friends, coworkers, and ALL OTHER HUMANS hasn’t spiraled me into a dark hole of despair. YAY! I guess? Not really offering up much self deprecating blog material though.

Anyway, this was just a lot of nonsense words to say I guess I’m going to try more. In the meantime, you can go look at the other set of photos from inside my colon, only with more infection and sores. Quality content, in other words.

2 thoughts on “Nobody wants to read dumb words.

  1. I think that many of us from the blogging “era” have turned to social media for micro updates instead of putting all of our thoughts onto one blog site and page. I personally still love reading blogs, but I know that I couldn’t dedicate myself to creating and maintaining one any more. I’ve also become a lot more guarded with this kind of information, and I don’t know that there’s anything going on in my life that is a) worth reading and b) something I want to share!

    Having said ALL that, please keep blogging. I will keep reading 🙂

  2. One nice thing about your blog is you are not censured by some digital robot. You are free to express your opinion un-throttled. Also, you tend to more fully express your thoughts and how they developed in your blog posts.

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