We ate. And we ate. And we ate. And despite the loving doubts of my mother, the turkey I made was juicy and yummy and wonderful. We have enough leftovers to feed us for a week and I sent about half of them home with my mom and Cameron. I guess a 20 pound turkey was a bit overkill for 8 people.

Being back in the kitchen again with Amber was better than I could ever have imagined. I really missed being in the kitchen with her and gabbing and laughing and working around eachother like a well oiled machine.

I’m going to go watch some TV and try and convince myself I’m not STARVING WITH A REFRIGERATOR FULL OF GODDAMN LEFTOVERS. Ultrasound is at 3:00PM and I can’t eat till then…

I’ll leave you with the cuteness of Best Friends Forever:

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Best Friends Forever

2 thoughts on “It was TRYOTOPHAMTASTIC!!

  1. 20 pounds for 8 is a lot? My mom cooked 24 for five!! Of course we take a good chunk of that and vacuum seal them so we can have turkey periodically throughout the year.

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