‘Lil Blogger

Cassidy made her first blog post yesterday. I typed EXACTLY what she wanted me to say. She knows that either I have to write for her or she has to show me in writing what she’s going to blog first. I can’t wait till ten years from now I when I get to show all her friends what a goober she was. heh

I also got some fantastic video of her dancing like a mad child in her room when she didn’t know I was there. Hopefully you all were Seinfeld fans and can remember when Elaine danced and it was more of a total body spasm because then you’d know what Cassidy dancing looks like. She didn’t get that from me because my name means GRACEFUL and at one year older than her I was in the Nutcracker and CLARA HERSELF told me how talented I was. *gloats a little*

I’ll get some video up later. It’s too funny not to share.

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