Vegas bound soon!

One of the awesome parts about Ben working for a tech company is that I get to talk tech and have somebody get equally excited about new gear coming out. Ben and I often talk phones, tablets, laptops, games and computer geek speak over dinner. Even though I am firmly in the Apple camp and Ben is an Android lover, we can love and appreciate the strengths and weakness of both sides of the aisle. BUT! His work has him working for Android devices and as much as I like to make fun of him, those devices mean he get to go to CES this year! In VEGAS!

And I am really excited because that means that I will get to so too! Because I said so! I might not get to go on the floor of CES but there still VEGAS! And shows! And roller coasters! And SHOPPING! And gambling! And! And lights! And water shows! And people watching! And AMAZING RESTAURANTS! And swimming pools with poolside drinks! And clubs with dancing and more drinks!

I haven’t been to Vegas in about 12 years and I am so excited to get to go back. I’ll have all day to explore on my own then the evenings to have fun with Ben.

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