Friday Five: Superiffic!

1) Which super power would you have, if you could only have one: flight or invisibility?
Invisibility! FOR SURE! You can fly places. Buy a ticket! Hop on a plane! But, and I think this is probably more true for women, the ability to spy on conversations? ALL THE GOSSIPS! Where do I sign up!?

2) Who is your favorite, fictional super-being?
Thor. Because abs.

3) If you could have any, one super-power, would you use it to change the world?
I would change the world by secretly possessing all the awesome things. Like cash and purses and wedding rings and possibly fancy cars depending on how mush I could make invisible with me.

4) Can you see yourself becomming(SIC) either a “hero” or a “villain”?
See above answer. I think I’d do cool things like become a real life Robin Hood/Santa. Steal from the stupid wealthy, leave said goodies for the poor and good people that need those things. But also, fancy cars for me. So I guess a little of both!

5) For your secret identity, what would be your occupation of choice and why?
I don’t think I’d have one! Why have a “normal” life? I’d just tell people that I come from “new money” like that feisty redheaded lady on The Titanic. I liked her.

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