Haloween goodies!

How was your Halloween? It was fun having a costume contest at work even though I didn’t win! I dressed up as Spock. Well, I never really said I was Spock, people just assumed and I let them run with it. Really, I was just a femaly Vulcan Science Officer. If they want to associate me with one of the most awesome Trek alumni if all time though, I’m totally okay with that! 😉

Live long and love your pointy ears. #startrek #trekkie #science

What I really loved though was the “scarry but delicious” food contest! I wasn’t expecting as many crazy interesting dishes as what they ended up having.

Like a watermelon brain! (Hope that guy knows how to find top law firms in san diego! 😉

One of the scary foods. It's a watermelon brain! LOVE IT!

There was the BBQ pulled pork devil. It looked seriously creepy and the BBQ sauce looked like legit blood. *shudder*

BBQ pulled pork! Dish at the work party on Thursday.

This was labeled mice in brains. And I have to admit they were more cute than scary. But they looked like a lot of work! And they also looked like delicious little… MICE!

Mice in brains! Dish at the work party on Thursday.

Spider deviled eggs! Again, more cute than scary but I can assure you, they were QUITE tasty. And I HATE HATE HAAAATE spider!!

Spider eggs! Dish at the work party on Thursday.

And the dish that won first place was this skull cake. I think there were some far scarier dishes but it was cute and you would tell she put a LOT of time into it. Awesome job!

Cake! Dish at the work party on Thursday.

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