FRIDAY! Isn’t there some really annoying song about this day? I think so.

I kind of hate “here was my day” posts. Except Becca’s. I love her posts. I love her life. I feel like I’m sitting at an adorable little coffee shop and my friend is like GIRL, LET ME TELL YOU when I read her posts.

OH! And Lisa’s. Because she’s awesome and does awesome things and makes awesome jokes and it generally just… kind of awesome.

So anyway, I’m totally going to subject you to one now.

I got up at before dawn, (LIKE EVERY WEEK DAY YOU SO WISH YOU WERE ME RIGHT!?) and found the closest pair of jeans I could grab and put them on because it’s JEANS FRIDAY and I am very happy about that. I also grab a shirt out of the closet in the pitch black and hope it matches. It does. And it happens to be a shirt with a logo from work on it. SCORE.

I wake up suddenly about two hours later. I guess I slept during the hour drive into work. Probably because it was raining and rain makes me sleep.



Work some more.

Come home, there’s teenage drama. This kid, you guys. There is SO MUCH going on with this kid right now but I’ve mostly not talked about it online because I think she deserves the privacy but let me just say, TEENAGERS! GAH!

Melanie texted me and was all DOG PARK! LET’S DO THIS! And YAY! Ben is home early! So we meet Melanie at the dog park and her wife is out of town and she’s like WHERE ARE WE GOING TO DINNER!? I’M INVITING MYSELF TO DATE NIGHT!

And most people would be like WHAT!? Invite yourself!? But Ben and I are like YES! WE LOVE MELANIE! Her wife is out of town and she was so adorable and we love Melanie TO DEATH so we were thrilled to have her along.

Dinner: LAUGH, eat, LAUGH, talk, LAUGH. We have some really awesome friends. I feel lucky and thankful. Mel is telling us stories about her room mate and I’m seriously dying. And then Mel and Ben are making fun of me and Ben has that adorable somewhat tipsy grin and his eyes are doing that thing where they light up his ENTIRE face and I have one of those moments where I’m like I’M JUST SO HAPPY. THIS IS AWESOME. CAN IT LAST FOREVER!?

And now we are home and it’s cold, man! And it might rain tonight. I love nothing more than an open window at night with the sound of the rain outside and the faint smell of clean on the breeze. But it’s cold, man. So I’m going to coax Ben off the couch where he’s already fast asleep and up into bed and fall asleep to the sound of something awesome like a Hoarders rerun instead.

Goodnight, friends! Till tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Friday.

  1. Yeah, I tend to not like “here was my day” posts either but I think that’s because a lot of the time people just don’t know how to narrate their lives in an interesting way. Someone can have a really interesting day and write about it and it can be boring and then someone else can have a really boring day and create a hilarious and interesting blog post to read. It’s all about the blogger.

    Here I am reading your blog. That’s a good sign. 😉

    Hey, and one more day and you beat your NaBloPoMo goal, too. Rock on with your low standards setting, eh?

    Man, I feel bad for my mom now because now I realize what she meant when she used to say that my sister and I had so much drama. She had two teenage girls. That must have been awful. I can’t even imagine because I know what drama filled crap I used to put her through on a daily basis and nowadays I feel like life for teens is even more complicated than it even was just a couple years ago. I don’t know… maybe it just feels that way.

    I love that smell of rain. I thought I was just crazy but there is a smell before the rain, right? I had someone tell me once that it only came after the rain but I knew I was right.

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