Mostly it’s the endorphins.

I don’t know if you know this but I’ve started running. Specifically, I’m on Week 3 of Couch to 5K. If you follow me on twitter and Facebook you know this because every time I do a run I’m like HEY EVERYBODY I RAN LOOK HERE IS HOW FAR AND HOW LONG AND HOW FAST AND I AM SO AWESOME YEAH!

Mostly it’s the endorphins posting.


It’s also partly that I just want the acknoledgement that I actually went out there and moved myself forward in a fast pace. Faster than my normal pace which is NO PACE.

There seems to be a lot of bloggers that have found a love of running and my most favorite by far is Miss Zoot. I LOVE her attitude. She’s REAL about how HARD it is to run. And I understand there are people out there that just have a body that RUNS. It just WORKS. I do not have one of those bodies. I get HORRIBLE shin splints if I don’t wear my neoprene wraps on my legs. If I don’t hydrated REALLY WELL and make sure I have a good amount of calories in me, I bonk hard on the last sprint or two.

I might be there one day. I’ll strap on my shoes, plug my headphones in, hit the trail and be zen. For now every step is a battle, every sprint is a war and at the end I feel like the motherfucking badass that stormed the castle, killed the giant lizard and wins the heart of the princess.

Mostly it’s the endorphins. They are totally awesome.

Also awesome? The tan lines…

This running thing is going to create some really silly ran lines.

6 thoughts on “Mostly it’s the endorphins.

  1. I think you’re awesome and even if all you talked about was running I’d be like “YAY GO ANNA! FUCK YEAH AWESOME!” and it might motivate me to run.

  2. Man, I give you SERIOUS props for doing the running thing. I’m just like you with the do-not-want-ing of running… only I block myself more mentally too lol. So… GO YOU!! I do hope you get to that zen place while running. It seems like such an awesome and magical place hehe.

  3. I think it’s awesome that you’re running =D! I’m jealous too. I used to LOVE running, but playing soccer so competitively through my earlier years has just destroyed my feet, ankles, and shins and even with those type os wraps I get debilitating shin splints =(. I so wish I could find a way around it to start running again, because I totally miss that zen.

  4. It is tough. In part your difficulties may be hereditary. I’ve never been able to stick to running. My body just doesn’t like it. My knees revolt and cause me much agony. That is why I like to ride. It is good exercise as well and much easier on my body. Good luck with your quest dear daughter. I hope you are able to push through the leg issues and achieve the Zen state.

  5. You are awesome. I admire you so much for your perseverance with this running regime. I have decided that I want to be a cyclist for my exercising because I fell in love with that and just hated running for various reasons but when you find something you want to go for then you just have to go for it. Running is great because you don’t need much except for your body! People say you don’t need anything but that’s totally untrue because you need good running shoes and other gear too so that always made me upset when I tried running and people used to tell me that I picked a good exercise because I needed nothing.

    I ramble a lot. GO TEAM ANNA! *holds up pom poms*

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