Questions Answered: LISA!

Tonight’s questions come from the most awesome Lisa. Lisa is so full of funny and I actually get a little giddy any time I see her pop up on my twitter or facebook feed or my feedreader because I know that I’m about to giggle at her fabulous sense of humor.

Favorite feature about Ben?
Physically, his eyes. They really are a window to his mind. I can generally tell what kind of mood he’s in from across the room by his eyes. They look the best though when he’s smiling.

Non-physical would be his passion for everything he believes in. He LIVES life.

Biggest fear?
Death. I’m scared to not be here to watch Cassidy have children and grandchildren. To not see the kind of man and husband my brother becomes. To not see Ben grow more handsome as he get old and wise. It’s something I try and deal with but there are times where the fragility of life hits me and I can’t breathe and I can feel adrenaline pump into my veins as a panic attack starts but I just close my eyes, think of the HERE and NOW and remind myself to be thankful for that, and to live each day like it’s the most important one yet.

Biggest wish for Cassidy?
To know what it feels like to love somebody so much, you’d walk in front of whatever danger might exist to protect them. To know that overwhelming feeling of aww and joy as you look down for the first time at a new life you have created. To know struggle, and what it feels like to overcome, and to persevere and to LIVE. Just to experience EVERYTHING life has to offer.

Favorite healthy food?
It’s say a toss up between Ellie Krieger’s turkey meatloaf and my own homemade turkey chili. I’ll have to post that recipe soon!

Favorite unhealthy food?
Homemade: Fettuccine Alfredo with Parmesan Crusted Chicken!
Restaurant: Hamburgers! I’m a TOTAL red meat eater. Thick, and juicy and rare and smothered in blue cheese, please!
Dessert: Godiva Chocolate Soufflé from Bella Vista

2 thoughts on “Questions Answered: LISA!

  1. Thanks for the nice compliments and answering my questions. I think we could eat together. We pretty much have the same taste in food – both healthy and unhealthy.

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