Questions Answered: AMY!

I’ve decided after seeing the questions from my last post that it will probably be easier to answer them each in separate posts. You can still go ask questions here if you want and I’ll get to them all eventually.

First up is Amy who is pretty damn awesome. She’s been a huge inspiration to me in my weight loss battle. You should go check her out!

What are your tattoos of? Will you get more?
My 1st one is on my lower back and is blue daisies and a sunflower. It reminds me of my Nonnie (my dad’s mom).

020/365 - Tramp Stamp

The 2nd one I got because one night my dad served us entirely too much wine and somehow my step-sisters and I talked ourselves into tattoos. We each got a lotus flower in a different spot. Mine is on my ankle. My step-mom calls us the Lotus Sisters.

130/365 - lotus

The 3rd one is on my wrist and is a hibiscus which is the Hawaii state flower. I got it a few days after Ben proposed to me next to a waterfall I’d just swam in in the middle of a beautiful tropical fain forest.

044/365 - Last year.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get another one and as soon as I have the money (and the design) I will. I already know what I want and it will be something special for Cassidy. πŸ™‚

I know that people are either totally PRO or AGAINST tattoos and I fall pretty much in the pro category. I’ve heard girls say before “Why would you try to dress up a Bentley” and other equally narcissistic bullshit and WHATEVER. Pretty much every girl I’ve heard utter those word has more in common with a used up busted Honda than a Bentley. Also, the answer is: for the same reason you put makeup on, wear perfume or keep scrapbooks. Memories and beauty. Nothing wrong with that.

Where did you meet Ben?
I met Ben streetracing. True Story. He had friends that hung out in the same circles I did and he posted on a local streetracing message board that I moderated. We had a lot in common and would hang out if the group all happened to be together. I was still married at the time and it wasn’t until a few months after Troy and I had separated that Ben started showing “interest”. We have SO MUCH in common that it was hard not to like him right back! Everybody ASSUMED I liked another guy so I think people thought I’d end up dating him. They were wrong. Ben was so nice and sweet and really sensitive to my feelings being a new single mother struggling to make it on my own. I knew within a month or two that I never wanted to be without him. <3 How did you name Cassidy? (Love her name! You don’t hear it often.) What are other names you considered?
My first Cabbage Patch doll was named Cassidy. I’ve known since then, probably around 7 or so, that my first daughter would have that name. For a week or two I considered Breann but at night when I’d dream about her, it was always Cassidy. So she became Cassidy Breann Stacy.

Do you think you’ll have more kids? πŸ™‚
I want one more, yes. The timing just hasn’t been right for it to happen. I imaging a baby with Ben’s eyes and smile and my heart swoons.

5 thoughts on “Questions Answered: AMY!

  1. I’m not a tattoo person! But if people choose to do it, I’ve got nothing against that! There were little blips on my radar when I think something would be cute, pretty or flattering as a tattoo but ultimately I know I’m not the kind of person that should do it! I’d change my mind, just like I do my hair color and cuts! I think the meaning behind yours are all great, but for me.. it’s too permanent, I’d change my mind quickly. Bobby Holland (RZST clothing) does tattoos.. beautiful. Look him up on my MySpace, it has his most elaborate gallery of beautiful tattoos!

  2. I can see how some people just aren’t into them and I totally get that. It’s just the people that call them tacky or whatever that is lame to me. Especially from people who preach how “self aware” and “open minded” they are.

    You should totally get a garlic head on your shoulder this weekend! πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner… You know all the happenings of these past couple weeks though πŸ™ Thank you for replying to my questions!

    It made me smile SO BIG when you said you want a baby with Ben, with his eyes and smile. (Thank you for making ME smile! Hehe.) I’ve always wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to be nosey… Until you gave us permission in your question post! You guys will make a beautiful baby when the time is right! πŸ™‚ And Cassidy will be a kick-booty big sister.

    I’m a tattoo person, too, and I love yours! I remember seeing the flower on your wrist and thinking how COOL it is. It’s just bright and out there, and I love the meanings behind all of them. I never knew about the Lotus one! I have the Wicked Witch on my back because I’m a huge Wizard of Oz/Wicked the Musical fan and I lost all my weight listening to a song from the soundtrack over and over again on the treadmill. For real! I also have my grandpa’s name on my inner left ankle. I got that years ago. I’m getting another one dedicated to him on my wrist soon. (It’s a Latin phrase that means “Life ends, but love doesn’t die.”<3)

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